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Can you be racist against white people?
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Europe UnModDimitri 
Is it possible to be racist against white people? Some leftists think that racism exists only against blacks and Asians but you can't be racist against white people. What do you think ? Imo you can be racist against white people as well /discuss
2018-12-16 18:00
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short answer: yes long answer: i think a yes
2018-12-16 18:01
Poland sitarskee
short answer: +1 long answer: plus a one
2018-12-17 21:49
lmao that was hilarious
2018-12-19 17:00
+1 ty for tldr btw i dont like to read these long answers 😎😎
2018-12-18 22:55
Europe Jacob_xD
Short answer +1 Long answer + one
2018-12-24 08:58
tl;dr : +1 long : positive number one
2018-12-24 10:12
yes obviously. racism applies to everyone of any race.
2018-12-16 18:02
Impossible because white people are far superior to other races. Only CUCKS would cry for racism.
2018-12-16 18:03
+1 Stupid question. There's no such thing as: 1- homophobic with straight people 2 - racism with white people please, making a stupid thread like that, shows me that you need a brain transplant.
2018-12-17 18:18
Why is that ?
2018-12-17 18:20
I rate either 8/8 bait or just dumb third worlder
2018-12-17 18:23
nt prokda czech republic 1st world? LUL
2018-12-17 18:23
Czech rep 2nd world, not living in minecraft dirt houses
2018-12-17 18:37
Are you aware of the meaning of 1st/2nd/3rd World terminology? I don't think so....
2018-12-17 18:41
Are you aware of the meaning of hobophobia/racism terminology? I aren't think so... You said: Homophobic with straight people doesn't exist. That doesn't make sense, since homophobia is a term for hating homosexual people - that's right in the name HOMOphobia. Then you said racism against white people doesn't exist. Now, that's bullshit too, because whites are a race, same as blacks or asians. So you CAN be racist against white people, people who are saying you can't are delusional and ignorant. Have a good day.
2018-12-17 19:16
2018-12-19 13:59
Russia og_loc
2018-12-17 18:31
Australia |bruh|
I've seen gays linch "straight whites" for existing i am gay and i see it all the time on my twitter ffs
2018-12-17 18:26
they are straightphobic then
2018-12-17 18:27
You are racist against Brazilians.
2018-12-22 12:44
Europe martwica
You can be racist against all of the people
2018-12-16 18:03
except for martians
2018-12-16 18:07
fuck martians
2018-12-16 18:11
elon musk disliked this comment
2018-12-16 18:13
You made me laugh, and I feel bad for laughing at this
2018-12-18 22:53
2018-12-17 18:13
im crying now thanks
2018-12-17 18:23
Omg im so sorry bro! Ill send a message to Jonathan E, so you dont get banned.
2018-12-17 22:15
That Made Me Feel 20x Better Bro Thanks
2018-12-17 23:57
Np man <3 Happy xmas
2018-12-18 00:00
2018-12-18 00:02
No. Only white people can be racist.
2018-12-16 18:09
Yes, white people are a minority on planet earth.
2018-12-16 18:09
Yes and you’re being racist when you ask that question
2018-12-16 18:10
How am I being racist ?
2018-12-16 21:15
2018-12-17 18:07
What ?
2018-12-17 18:13
Iceland fatboislim
they think you are a racist because you are white.
2018-12-17 18:37
Yes, look at South Africa for example.
2018-12-16 18:16
+1 that shit is fucked up and no one is talking about it
2018-12-17 18:01
What are you talking about you whiteknight whitebreaded SJW?
2018-12-16 18:17
if it was up to big money laundromats, i think, they would want people to be racist.
2018-12-16 21:21
Black people are more racist than white people. White people just don't get offended.
2018-12-17 01:08
2018-12-17 17:58
Sweden Beaneater
obviously because white are the majority in our countries
2018-12-17 18:20
White people are just less sensitive They don't have to start fights every time someone calls them something rude
2018-12-17 18:26
Sweden Beaneater
LMAO its the complete opposite, white people are always on the lookout to be offended and put themselves in the victim chair despite being the majority, pathetic to be honest lol.
2018-12-17 18:27
So are you telling me, that as a white kid, I can go up to a black guy and call him the n-word and he won't get offended and freak out? Because if one word is all it takes to make a black person mad, they are very sensitive. There is no single word of phrase that would piss me off, as a white kid.
2018-12-17 18:29
Sweden Beaneater
i should not have to educate you on american history and race-relations, but i guess thats what it would take huh. flag checks out once again for burgerland the home of the free and stupid /closed
2018-12-17 18:32
We aren't talking about history bud. I'm talking about black people being more sensitive than white people in 2018. Since white people don't freak out all the time, people think you can't be racist against them
2018-12-17 18:32
Calling "Fuckin white" a white guy does not affect him as much as "Fuckin nigger" does for a black guy. Duuuude they both know who had the chains on and who was (is..) the boss.
2018-12-24 09:16
you are so fucking dumb holy shit lmao bruh xd
2018-12-20 21:27
Nice try completely avoiding his point, hahaha. Flag checks out
2018-12-21 16:59
when do white people look to be offended?
2018-12-17 22:27
Russia og_loc
lol, swede educating people on racism while sucking migrants dicks xD
2018-12-17 18:33
Lmao Tell it to natasha who suck chechen/dagestan/uzbek dick
2018-12-18 22:16
Russia og_loc
The only diff is that natasha sucks uzbek dicks if she wants to and i don't see anything wrong here and in Europe, the whole white community sucks migrants dicks regardless of whether they want it or not I know russia is considered racist and i don't like russia at all, but at least here migrants are placed in the same position as natives: they either work hard, or go back home, or simply die
2018-12-18 22:28
Russia og_loc
i eshe ne stoit srazu perevodit' strelki na druguyu stranu, ya govoril tolko pro evropu ya kstati tozhe armen
2018-12-18 22:30
Russia og_loc
2018-12-17 18:32
2018-12-21 16:56
yes, racism applies to all races. Idk who made up the idea that you can't be racist towards white people, it is the most embarassing thing I have ever heard LOL
2018-12-17 01:13
2019-01-23 13:14
Report this article. Reverse racism would imply that racism is directional, which it isn't.
2018-12-17 18:21
From the article: "There is little to no empirical evidence to support the idea of reverse racism.[3][4][5] Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States generally lack the power to damage the interests of white people, who remain the dominant group.[6] Claims of reverse racism tend to ignore such disparities in the exercise of power and authority, which scholars argue constitute an essential component of racism.[2][7]"
2018-12-17 21:49
how do you want to be racist against white people. " Hey you are rich" "hey you look good" "hey you are intelligent" cant front white people because they are superior
2018-12-17 01:32
Europe Vallon2
+1 Exactly this.
2018-12-17 18:21
Russia og_loc
by saying that minorities have more rights than whites because they are minorities, that's how
2018-12-17 18:34
Russia og_loc
and by calling whites racists if they don't want to lick blacks/muslims/etc asses
2018-12-17 18:35
As if there isn't middle class/ poor, obese, crackheads, ugly, unintelligent white people on this Earth.
2018-12-17 23:09
2018-12-17 17:59
"Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity" (Wikipedia) Obviously applies to any race
2018-12-17 18:09
Also from Wikipedia: "Scholars, also, commonly define racism not only in terms of individual prejudice, but also in terms of a power structure that protects the interests of the dominant culture and actively discriminates against ethnic minorities.[43][44] From this perspective, while members of ethnic minorities may be prejudiced against members of the dominant culture, they lack the political and economic power to actively oppress them, and they are therefore not practicing "racism"'
2018-12-17 18:20
2018-12-17 18:26
These "scholars" are what's wrong with our society. I doubt anybody capable of thinking would define it like that.
2018-12-17 19:19
United States Ironwolf21
Once you involve the highly educated actual intelligence goes out the window and word vomit follows that has no common sense.
2018-12-18 22:13
Why would this need any discussion. Just look up the definition of racism.
2018-12-17 18:19
There is the old saying: no one is as racist as black man.
2018-12-17 18:29
2018-12-17 21:47
"Can you hate white people based on the colour of their skin?" ( The most basic example of racism ) Nah man. Clearly impossible smh
2018-12-17 18:29
The real racists are black people. They are the ones that always bring race in a discussion. Also check out the situation taking place in South Africa right now. Long story short blacks want to kill all the whites who helped them develop their country
2018-12-17 18:32
2018-12-17 21:44
Greece Poor_Noob
white people are awesome
2018-12-17 18:33
United States hellboy^
yes but white people don't care cuz we are s******r
2018-12-17 19:22
Lithuania arres
of course you can't be racist against white people. Haven't you seen any videos on youtube explaining that?
2018-12-17 23:58
of course you can, but it will not be considered crime, thats the only difference but in general the rule should be, dont be an asshole to a different type of group, when you are in your own group but in my opinion piece of shit heads will be assholes doesnt matter the circunstance, so just ignore if someone act with racism towards you, doesnt matter if is color of skin, natonality, rich/poor, etc
2018-12-18 00:04
answer that the media wants u to beleive is only whites are racist Real world answer everyone got some type of racism in them. Especially the way they cry racism for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ANYMORE. The world is a shitshow anymore. Sorry to all the libtards/femms/snowflakes and soyboys I offended with my reply and statement.
2018-12-18 13:20
2018-12-18 16:18
we can say the n word but not here in hltv because nazi
2018-12-18 16:21
who is "we" white people?
2018-12-18 16:50
2018-12-18 17:38
oh OK
2018-12-18 17:45
Haha a week ago I heard two of my classmates were discussing something relevant
2018-12-22 11:32
United States Ironwolf21
Racism is choosing to discriminate against anyone based solely on race. Bigotry is to discriminate against some one based on country, religion, sexual preference or most other issues. Yes, what race they are means nothing if you hate on them based on that race.
2018-12-18 22:12
Yes for example Will Smith is.
2018-12-18 22:15
2018-12-18 22:18
Canada Skadiddle
2 balck guys and a black girl kiddnapped a white guy who was mentally handicapped in the U.S. and they tortured him on facebook live while yelling out fuck trump and fuck white people. The police didnt charge them with a hate crime and the chief said they were just teens who made bad decisions lol
2018-12-18 22:41
You can definitely be racist against white people, this kind of racism exists I think that what leftists say is that this kind of racism is weak in terms of consequences in society In Europe, racism against all other races can prevent people from getting a job, whereas racism against white people sucks, but it is usually just about getting insulted for being white.
2018-12-18 22:49
2018-12-18 22:52
Brazil CaioOlive
Of course black people can be racist against white people. It's a crime!
2018-12-18 22:52
2018-12-20 21:23
No, havent you heard? Whites aren't people
2018-12-19 14:00
De Jure: Yes. De Facto: No.
2018-12-19 14:01
why no (de facto) ?
2018-12-19 16:37
Of course
2018-12-19 14:02
not expected from you
2018-12-19 16:38
2018-12-19 16:57
you are leftist
2018-12-19 16:58
Yea... but I think people who believe that you can't be racist/discriminate against whites are rather far left
2018-12-19 17:09
White is not a race
2018-12-19 14:04
is black a race then ?
2018-12-19 17:13
let me ask you something: ''Is being white a race or not?'' It's a straight up yes or no question. If you say no, the very definition of racism is ''the belief in the superiority of one race over another'' if being white is not a race, then white people can't be racist, which you've just said is true. If you say yes, you agree that being white is a race while also saying that you can't be racist towards them, that's an inference where the logical conclusion is that racism does not exist. When you've processed all this, answer my next question: ''Can you be racist towards white people?''
2018-12-22 11:39
"there's really no such thing as the white race — or any other race — in the first place. At least, there's no scientific basis for race. Human DNA is about 99.9 percent the same across the full spectrum of skin colour and ethnicity."
2018-12-22 17:55
Spain datudas
Short answer yes. Long answer(TLDR mode): yes but ussually the discrimination doesnt affect the lifestyle of that person
2018-12-19 16:53
Italy CHEBBOxxx
black people are racist more than whites.
2018-12-19 16:59
2018-12-19 17:19
Brazil JMB_17
Of course yes. Just yesterday I was playing cs with a guy that was screaming things against white people. That is discrimination by race, and nun definition, it is racism
2018-12-19 17:02
2018-12-20 15:21
Racism is always part of the system of a country. So no, you can't.
2018-12-20 21:23
AHAHAHAHAH good joke
2018-12-21 16:55
I haven't added your new acc to the leftist list yet btw. Time to do so
2018-12-21 16:55
2018-12-20 21:24
2018-12-21 16:54
yes but it's socially acceptable
2018-12-21 17:00
Does that make it right, though?
2018-12-21 22:58
Yes racism is racism. Doesn’t matter who it’s towards and it doesn’t matter who you are
2018-12-21 17:09
ofc yes
2018-12-21 17:11
Netherlands @Deji
technically yes but it doesnt look like it is
2018-12-21 23:03
Yes but i think it's disrespectful to offend inferior races
2018-12-21 23:31
2018-12-22 11:24
2018-12-22 11:25
no wtf white people are superior not inferior
2018-12-30 13:36
when I was called a "cracker" I nearly broke down crying. Well I actually did cry, for a few nights. Spiraled into depression. #metoo
2018-12-22 11:26
Japan hirohito
of course, and, since white race is becoming extinct, shouldn't be ignored
2018-12-22 11:26
Is it possible to be racist against white people? Some leftists think that racism exists only against blacks and Asians but you can't be racist against white people. What do you think ? Imo you can be racist against white people as well /discuss
2018-12-22 11:33
2018-12-24 08:28
yes you can be racist to white ppl, not much really offends white people though. Like if someone called me a cracker i'd probably laugh.
2018-12-24 08:44
true, blacks are kinda sensitive
2018-12-30 13:39
Yes. For example, calling "redneck" to someone is racist.
2018-12-30 13:42
look at it this way: if you are not white, and you hate white people in general for some reason, you are racist agaisnt white people...1+1 logic.
2018-12-30 13:42
2019-01-23 16:30
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