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Why Astralis Will not play at WESG?
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Easy 750K for them Or 700K I don't how much they will pay for the winner this year.
2018-12-17 03:28
because it is not worth their time
2018-12-17 03:28
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Is it true? Because the tournament is like 3 days right ? Or smt like that, and high prize pool, is it not worth the time traveling to China and jetlag etc this kind of things in your opinion?
2018-12-17 03:41
I dont think they necessarily play for money otherwise they would attend lower tier tourneys
2018-12-17 04:05
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Hmm.. I don't know man, in my vision professional players "work" for money, I don't think they play for glory or smt or just want to win tier 1 tournaments But I respect your point.
2018-12-17 04:10
It is obviously the 2nd part of your statement they might not find satisfaction in winning low tier tourneys
2018-12-17 04:35
damn if 750k aint worth 3 days then they must be shitting in a gold toilet on a gold plane that lands on a gold runway with golden airport
2018-12-17 03:53
It isnt worth interrupting their practice schedule for online qualifer after online qualifier
2018-12-17 04:37
s1mple | 
Ukraine olahyiev 
because gla1ve is banned for cheats
2018-12-17 03:30
Yugoslavia malikurac69 
Because wesg doesnt allow VAC bans in csgo, unlike majors
2018-12-17 03:30
Because they don't know any admin to buy and let them cheat
2018-12-17 03:33
they are humble and give money to low teams
2018-12-17 03:35
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
2018-12-17 03:41
Denmark Stylepoint! 
Because look at the hotels where Fnatic and etc stayed at last time WESG was played. Even the admins were absent, JW roasted them. And the the hotels, they were falling apart. It were a shitshow to be honest. I don't think any major team would join that tournament again.
2018-12-17 03:43
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Oh, I Didn't know it, thanks for the info
2018-12-17 04:11
Brazil Mirekz 
lmao what a bunch of snowflakes back in the day players would pay for their travel and hotel just so they could play at tourneys.
2018-12-18 05:20
United States PHVRMA 
Their pimp slapping hands are tired
2018-12-17 04:25
probably got a direct invite cause of how beast they are
2018-12-17 04:27
coz wesg anticheat too strong
2018-12-17 04:35
magisk haven't finished counting his money yet so he doesn't need to add this prize pool
2018-12-17 04:51
trying to farm the next 1m obv
2018-12-17 05:21
Belgium AKANorth 
Because it's china event.
2018-12-17 05:33
wesg gave astralis a direct invite to the grand final victory party anyways
2018-12-17 05:34
They made millons all of them this season, not only all the price money but also merch and sponsors, all Astralis players are RICH + 5 mil dollars each.
2018-12-18 05:27
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