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American traditional food
Albania jamboo 
Do americans have a traditional food?
2018-12-17 18:35
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France Uexo
Fat ppl
2018-12-17 18:36
Albania jamboo
Nt frog eater
2018-12-17 18:40
No we don’t because everyone here is an immigrant. So everything is adopted from another culture Edit: Buffalo burgers ig is american
2018-12-18 16:53
Ice cream if you mean by invented in America. If u mean other stuff French fries, burgers, hotdogs, and steak are popular
2018-12-17 18:36
Albania jamboo
Aby dish food not fast food?
2018-12-17 18:37
2018-12-17 18:39
Albania jamboo
I arent think steak is american xd
2018-12-17 18:40
barbecue steak is, ask any texian
2018-12-17 18:44
Cooking meat on fire belongs to the human race not Only USA my dear!
2018-12-18 07:42
Technically none of the stuff he listed is fast food, it just comes in fast food form depending on where you get it.
2018-12-17 19:21
Yeah you can get a good burger from a lot of places, not just fast food
2018-12-18 16:25
French fries american? Enough
2018-12-17 18:47
ice cream invented in america????????????????
2018-12-18 01:38
2018-12-18 16:29
Russia deadforest
Ice cream is invented in China, French fries is invented in Belgium, hot dog is inveted in Germany and steak is invented in Ancient Rome, dude.
2018-12-18 02:28
He said only ice cream invented in America. Read baby.
2018-12-18 07:12
Hot dog i(s) invented in Denmark?
2018-12-18 07:37
Icecream was invented by the chinese
2018-12-18 07:22
Sorry I was mistaken, it was soft serve icecream. Though I looked at the type Chinese invented and it's pretty different from modern ice cream
2018-12-18 16:28
burger and all with grease. 60% of population overweight. make america fat again
2018-12-17 18:42
At least we can eat without having to kill someone for it.
2018-12-17 18:50
2018-12-17 18:54
nt fatso.
2018-12-17 18:55
2018-12-17 23:43
Hey they don't need to kill each other to eat all the rats in every one of their favelas, they just do that for fun
2018-12-18 04:51
Oh snap!
2018-12-18 07:23
Kazakhstan tomik0
oh spicy
2018-12-18 07:31
2018-12-18 07:49
Burger is german dish.
2018-12-17 19:23
United States Karusoh
Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers are American
2018-12-18 02:32
ozzy | 
Japan Fides
You just added cheese and called it yours.
2018-12-18 03:00
United States Karusoh
Cheeseburgers are american. We didn't "invent" cheese however hamburgers as they are today in either McDonalds or that fancy hipster pub down the street are an American creation, and an American way of preparation. If you think that I was insinuating that Americans invented cheese then either you're busting my chops, or are just that stupid.
2018-12-18 03:15
ozzy | 
Japan Fides
#32 you just modified a certain dish and called it yours.
2018-12-18 03:17
United States Karusoh
What culture created the burger as it appears in the mcdonalds form? None, its an American invention. If you would like to read up on the history of the hamburger in the United States then be my guest, and I would implore you to do so, however one thing you might realize is that the suspected creators of it all come from the United States. Not only that, but an American invented the hamburger bun aswell.
2018-12-18 03:28
that hltv user is fat
2018-12-18 13:14
United States Karusoh
More like a stick
2018-12-18 14:43
United States ThisNephew
there's traditional food, but people will always say it was taken or inspired by another culture's traditions. that makes sense because that's what america is. if you live in a metropolitan area, you can get traditional foods from just about any major culture. It's pretty awesome.
2018-12-17 18:44
+1 in most European places, especially the eastern part, u can't find so many food places that are in a 5 minute drive from your house. Like just in m suburban area I can find Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian, and Korean food in a few mile area
2018-12-17 18:49
United States ThisNephew
right? I live next to a few sushi places, a brazilian steakhouse, korean bbq, vietnamese sandwiches, teriyaki, mexican, pho, and a ton more I can't even think of
2018-12-17 18:55
Ye so many I forgot tbh
2018-12-17 18:56
Belgium Miiyata
Well in europe most families prepare their own food so nobody cares if there are 200 diff types of foods in a few mil area.
2018-12-18 03:22
They don't call America the melting pot for nothing
2018-12-18 16:30
that hltv user is fat
2018-12-18 13:14
not at all lmao that hltv user is pooooor
2018-12-18 18:26
Probably traditional English food.
2018-12-17 18:45
Make America Great Britain again.
2018-12-18 02:09
Great britain tried to do that twice but we said beat them both times
2018-12-18 02:15
2018-12-18 13:14
Extra bacon extra everything
2018-12-17 18:45
Yeah but your bacon is shit
2018-12-17 18:51
Peru devbot
Hot dog
2018-12-17 18:46
They don't have a "tradition" so they don't have a traditional food.
2018-12-17 18:48
They do, their whole culture is rooted in Anglo culture. It's just not as prevalent anymore due to changing demographics.
2018-12-17 18:52
They have English, Irish, Chinese, Jewish, Italian, African culture but they don't have their own culture called "American". That's what I meant by "they don't have a tradition". They just take other culture and claim it as their own.
2018-12-17 19:08
They do have their own, only after the late 1800's did the U.S really get many different types of ethnicities. It was originally an Anglo country, intended for Anglos. You can read up on what the founding fathers of the U.S said about immigration.
2018-12-17 19:10
Russia Kamunist
Just as Turkey claimed Greek/Arabic/Caucasus dishes as a part of their cuisine
2018-12-18 02:54
2018-12-17 18:53
Albania jamboo
Look who is talking lul
2018-12-17 20:44
2018-12-17 23:41
ya we have burgers n hotdogs
2018-12-17 18:54
2018-12-17 18:56
Austria db42
not providing for OP but is it true that americans use way different way of deodorant? in eu we use spraycan or rollerball? I've heard about it in a podcast today and i want to know xd
2018-12-17 18:57
Use it either spray can or in a deodorant stick where you twist the bottom and it comes up
2018-12-18 01:34
United States Nellie^
I guess Thanksgiving food
2018-12-17 19:07
Brazil g4laxI
2018-12-17 22:14
lmao i should probably play this game
2018-12-17 19:29
wolfenstein the new order & new blood are perfect
2018-12-17 21:37
hopefully winter sale will have everything i want on sale)))))))))))))))))))))))))()()()()()))
2018-12-17 21:45
2018-12-17 22:11
canadian internet 2 slow
2018-12-17 22:14
Fried chicken i guess, it's the only one i can think of that isn't inspired by another culture.
2018-12-17 23:47
Sloppy Joes?
2018-12-18 01:40
2018-12-18 02:28
Is it really that bad?
2018-12-18 02:30
Its literally just messed up ground beef with something like ketchup or worcestershire sauce and other seasonings on a fucking burger bun which can easily get fucked up and end up tasting like shit or if prepared well, good.
2018-12-18 02:42 I'd rather have an actual burger than a sloppy joe
2018-12-18 04:36
I bet these fuckers are from the North, they are more popular down South... I like them at least...
2018-12-18 07:29
I think just pizza Edit: pizza was Egyptian so just burgers. Obvious
2018-12-18 01:40
ozzy | 
Japan Fides
Pizza was greeks bro
2018-12-18 03:01
Pizza was every one
2018-12-18 03:30
we wuz pizza n shit
2018-12-18 07:30
Kale salad
2018-12-18 01:41
Name checks out
2018-12-18 02:17
United States Windy_C
In chicago we would consider itialian beef sandwiches, cheese fries, pizza, hot dogs,(you never ask for ketchup in chicago) steak as traditional foods. Someone from Texas might consider smoked brisket, pulled pork, etc. Whereas the south maybe jambalaya, gumbo, chicken and gritz, etc... just depends where you live.
2018-12-18 02:20
Not really any traditional food except maybe fried chicken as this country has immigrant backgrounds from everywhere in the world like Latinos giving us options for things like Mexican cuisine, Alot of italian and german descended over here, and asian immigrants from China to Japan giving us asian food that this country loves to this day.
2018-12-18 02:26
United States Karusoh
Cheesesteaks, Hamburgers, American Pizza, Southern Food, Eggs Benedict, a whole bunch of pies/sandwiches, Clam chowder, American Barbecue, thanksgiving style food, Grits, Potato Chips, many different snacks/candies, American meat loaf, Oysters Rockefeller, etc. Theres really a bunch of different foods, some created entirely by Americans and some inspired by other cultures but changed significantly by Americans. I could go on but at that point id be wasting my time.
2018-12-18 02:42
Australia .depuTy
dog balls on toast
2018-12-18 03:25
Canada puzzle925
2018-12-18 04:55
fat with salt and sugar.
2018-12-18 05:04
pizza, burgers
2018-12-18 06:55
delicious tears of natives
2018-12-18 07:09
Ooh! Real American awakes! Gimme shelter!!
2018-12-18 07:17
I'll give you shelter if you give me Finnish national dish. Snowballs mmmmmmmmmm
2018-12-18 07:21
Served along with traditional brownies... Straight outta toilet!
2018-12-18 07:25
Lol all traditional food is burgers, hotdogs, French fries, and fried foods More homestyle foods are casseroles pretty much Glad my parents are Peruvian and cook good food while my friends eat spam OMEGALUL
2018-12-18 07:17
we made Pizza, Wiener Schnitzel, Belgian waffle, Frites, Poutine, Bratwurst, Kebab, Curry, Croissant. I could go on and on. World's best chefs, no doubt.
2018-12-18 07:20
Chcken wings are an american origin right?
2018-12-18 07:23
2018-12-18 07:25
Mmm inferno wings and bluchzzzz
2018-12-18 16:46
the usa is way too big for all of us to have the same traditional foods most areas have their own traditions, for example in new orleans they got shit like gumbo and in philadelphia they got cheesesteaks. the south is also pretty well known for their food like chicken and waffles, chicken fried steak, grits, biscuits and sausage gravy, etc.
2018-12-18 07:27 Global warming. American media has been feeding everyone his bullshit for past 20 years so that’s a American dish. With billions of yards eating it up. Yum yum
2018-12-18 16:40
Rofllll eurotards think they're educated but don't know anything about the world outside their lil gutter
2018-12-18 16:48
Albania jamboo
In the way off who is smarter Europe is mile away from US boddy
2018-12-18 17:18
Yes fat glazed in fat, fried in raffinated oil.
2018-12-18 17:27
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