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brazil will prevail
oskar | 
Brazil jonnycorreia 
old sk is back old immortals back soon #1 and #5 ez
2018-12-17 22:59
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ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
It didn't worked back then, why would it work now?
2018-12-17 23:00
7 titles for old sk major final and top 6 for old imm and u think that didn't work ok
2018-12-17 23:06
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Mate, why did felps leave then?
2018-12-17 23:06
Because he missed Brazil and wanted to stay there with family
2018-12-17 23:10
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
I don't trust a word of that
2018-12-17 23:10
Why? If they kicked him, they could've easily done so by "benching" him instead of building a whole story of him wanting to leave.
2018-12-17 23:12
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Snake "TwoFaced" Toledo signed his kick personaly
2018-12-17 23:11
bad bait from toxic kid
2018-12-17 23:14
he is right,felps in that time dont wanted to play more,and he wanted to go back to brazil
2018-12-17 23:23
No FNX, no Major.
2018-12-17 23:07
Brazil junera 
We will prevail #RUNMIBR But FURIA > LG
2018-12-17 23:09
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