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i7 8700+1050ti=160-260 fps
Europe iamcaramba 
How cant i have stable 300+ fps with this setup? How fix it?
2018-12-22 15:38
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Had 200-250 fps on i5 4570+1050ti btw
2018-12-22 15:38
because csgo runs on cores, not on threads. and i5's cores stronger than i7's
2018-12-22 15:43
4 gen i5 > 8 gen i7 are u srs?
2018-12-22 15:43
don't feed the troll
2018-12-22 15:46
Albania Fleeperi 
no man its real...a quad core performs better than an 6 core cpu because most of the game use 4 cores not 6.
2018-12-22 22:02
Are u retard? This is a fkin 8th Gen.... Holly fuck typical 3rd worlder
2018-12-22 16:46
Chile strong221 
Lmao true
2018-12-22 23:51
have 400 with 1060
2018-12-22 15:47
Rofl gpu has nothing to do here
2018-12-22 16:46
? i have the same cpu and 1060 and i get 200 more fps be quiet u retarded dog
2018-12-22 20:33
typical turkie with no education....the difference between 1050ti and 1060 isn't that big you moron
2018-12-22 20:55
the difference between them is pretty big lol the problem is that it doesn't matter in cs
2018-12-22 20:57
its not that big, I have too a 1060 and a 4th gen i5 cpu and have mostly 300fps, in inferno drops a bit, but like you said in csgo gpu doesn't really matter that much, but morons like the Turkistan above thinks otherwise
2018-12-22 21:01
i never said it was any difference i simply said that i get 400fps with a 1060 with the same cpu u mentally impaired toddler
2018-12-22 21:58
Brazil Vitor_IS 
the 1060 has 400 cuda cores more, higher clock speeds, +2gb of vram this is a big difference.
2018-12-22 23:00
Finland lasarus 
Not in cs. Cs just doesn't use the GPU that much, I have a friend with gtx 960, I have gtx 1070 and I have worse fps, since he has like i7 8700 and I Ryzen 5 2600x. CPU matters in Cs, not GPU.
2018-12-22 23:53
Turkey Futyy 
i7 8700 with 1050ti????
2018-12-22 15:49
Yeah i thought the same exact thing, coult it be a case of bottlenecking?
2018-12-22 16:40
THIS!! haha
2018-12-22 16:44
Professional + playing in 1080p?
2018-12-22 16:58
Finland lasarus 
Bottleneck is 100% lmao
2018-12-22 23:57
Omg this feeling when the processor costs almost the same money as videocard. Just giving you know that u fucked up...cuz such proc. doesn't give any advanatages in CS:GO and you need change ur videocard for sure.
2018-12-22 15:51
my friend playing with 770+i7 4gen K version and got stable 240+ fps(he has 240 hz mon). It is not videocard trouble,need to fix some ingame settings but dont know how
2018-12-22 16:05
kUSH | 
Macau ILoveWeed 
All low?
2018-12-22 16:33
HenryG | 
Finland no_man 
do you love weed
2018-12-22 16:38
kUSH | 
Macau ILoveWeed 
2018-12-22 16:39
HenryG | 
Finland no_man 
2018-12-22 16:39
kUSH | 
Macau ILoveWeed 
ok, cool (Fortnite default dance)
2018-12-22 16:42
HenryG | 
Finland no_man 
2018-12-22 16:47
Croatia mds818 
did you try setting everything on high/max?
2018-12-22 16:38
Ahahah typical ukrain brains rofl, omg I can't really believe you said that. Gpu isn't as important on csgo as the cpu is, while in other games gpu is more important ofc, Holly fuck just better shut up before you say shit
2018-12-22 16:48
Lol u r barking like a real agro kid. I gonna say it one more time since a lot of info in internet is saying that u are fooking braindead and CS GO is using only one thread of CPU and it would be enough even dual core 2.8 in boost mode to open all advanatges of videocard. And now shut up and go to ask ur mom about pocket money since u need to buy some lunch in Monday at school.
2018-12-22 20:19
How the fuck can you say csgo uses "one thread of CPU" when multicore rendering is an option that's enabled for nearly everyone?
2018-12-22 20:28
ahahah that moment when you try to show that you know some but in the end you just go learn from google and youtube ahaha, csgo clearly can use more than 1 core, sure it can run in a shit pc but then fps is also shit, don't talk shit before you know! if you are smart enough you can check cpu info when game is opened, and you will see that all 4 cores of cpu will be like 90-100%, in this case in an i5, ukrain moron! and like the other guy said, there is clearly in the options of the game multicore rendering option, but he nice showing your 10iq! but if you still go to school then hey good for you, but its been long time since I don't leave with parents and also finished school, but again nt showing ur 10iq
2018-12-22 20:59
dude u r simple retarded kid. only u can say it's ukrainian ukrainian etc. multicore rendering - did u ever read about this option animal? Do you know what it gives for the player? omg by default it's one core game and when u enabling this option u are getting a huge input lag and u won't get a much from the good proc. cuz it utilise the cores only on 50% and it doesn't really gives a boost. I have 8700k and I've overclocked it to 5.1 and I don't see any differnce between stock and boosted modes. if you ever read Reddit you can find out that CS:GO just splitting the graphic on the threads and thread != cores. and about IQ if I have 144 MHz monitor and 1 ms input lag in it but ur game would give you even 300 fps but huge input lag tell me please who u gonna be? two options: retard or retard? thank you
2018-12-22 22:18
ur life must be pretty shit, you just proved my point, ur whole info comes from google aka reddit omfg dude go jump through a window
2018-12-22 22:43
lol u just showed me ur 10IQ cuz everyone should develop yourself by the getting all actual information through: reading the books, magazines, technical sites, forums etc. typical retard
2018-12-22 23:13
Multicore rendering doesn't add input lag you moron. Searching on reddit shows a thread by someone who tested it with a 1000fps camera. How the fuck can you say having muticore rendering enabled is useless when 3kliksphillip has a video showing it does give a big boost in fps.
2018-12-24 18:48
Ukraine AnarchyInHLTV 
lul 1050 ti + i7-8700
2018-12-22 16:10
Poland Kagor 
2018-12-22 16:14
Finland v3tu 
You dont need a better videocard för cs if playing on low resoluution. Cpu on the other hand can't be too powerful
2018-12-22 16:43
fnx | 
Brazil DroidNTC 
I have i7 8700 and gtx 660 and stable 300+ :)
2018-12-22 22:22
Ukraine AnarchyInHLTV 
Don't you care about other games?
2018-12-22 22:27
fnx | 
Brazil DroidNTC 
not at all, i used to play some Battlefield 4 but at the time i still had i5 3330 + 660, and for some years now i only play csgo and with that config i was getting 120-200 and I had bought a 144Hz monitor so i decided to get a better cpu so i could use my monitor at its full potencial, and i knew csgo is basicly only about cpu so i didn't bother getting a new gpu
2018-12-22 22:34
Poland bakusiell 
i3-8100 1050ti and smth about 300-400 fps on 1024x768 stretched :P easy man
2018-12-22 16:14
Do you have alot of Workshop maps? Because i had and i had around 110 fps (i5-7400 and GTX 1050) and then i deleted them all and now i have 200+ fps
2018-12-22 16:14
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
wtf are you kidding me
2018-12-22 16:35
Turkey ao1 
really wtf? does that help?
2018-12-22 16:46
I mean it boosted my fps. If it doesn't then just download the workshop maps again. Or atleast the ones you probably need (aim botz, etc)
2018-12-23 10:14
What are your video setting for csgo?
2018-12-22 16:15
Slovakia exomor 
i7 7700k+ gtx 770 300-600fps :D
2018-12-22 16:16
Brazil Vitor_IS 
2018-12-22 23:01
Slovakia exomor 
ye in certain situations i have 600 ;)
2018-12-22 23:44
i7 8700 + RTX 2070 here low res 400-500 fps 5v5 high res 300 fps 5v5
2018-12-22 16:18
Croatia mds818 
I have higher fps on high settings than on low -.-
2018-12-22 16:37
CIS skruxie 
i5 8600k(5ghz)+gtx980 400-800fps
2018-12-22 16:20
check your settings in game copy this into your vid settings in steam>userdata>PROFILE ID>730>local>cfg I've got i5 8600k overclocked to 4.8GHz + 1070 Ti and I have stable +350-400fps
2018-12-22 16:23
i have 200fps with i5 3gen +1050ti
2018-12-22 16:30
Netherlands Polakva 
300-350 fps i3 8100+1060 3gb
2018-12-22 16:32
ryzen 5 2600 1050ti stable 250 fps with some drops down to 200 on certain maps
2018-12-22 16:34
Croatia mds818 
idk I have i5 4440 and r7 260x getting ~200fps
2018-12-22 16:36
stupid combo u got there,don't dump most of your money on one part or you'll get shitty performance. I have Ryzen 5 1500x and 1060 6gb and i get 220-250 fps, it might not be a problem for cs go but your 1050ti will definitely a problem when playing heavier games, get a 1060 at least or a RTX equivalent.
2018-12-22 16:40
Ukraine No_u_Fuck_U 
GTX 750Ti and i3 6100 250-270 fps
2018-12-22 16:40
kUSH | 
Macau ILoveWeed 
Wtf how Edit : only on aim redline?
2018-12-22 16:42
Ukraine No_u_Fuck_U 
minimal settings and 1680:1050
2018-12-22 16:42
kUSH | 
Macau ILoveWeed 
Such high res and not under 100 fps wtf I think ur lying
2018-12-22 16:44
can confirm this is legit, i have 750ti and 3350 and get the same fps
2018-12-23 10:27
EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
stupid combo but try to oc your gpu by a big chunk
2018-12-22 16:41
I have a gtx 1050 and core i3 and I get about 200 fps
2018-12-22 16:44
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
probs drivers problem
2018-12-22 16:47
Ukraine No_u_Fuck_U 
why not rx 570?Same price
2018-12-22 16:52
CIS Ga2z 
aga da i eshe svyazka 1050ti + 8700, tochno raskroet xD
2018-12-22 23:03
Ukraine No_u_Fuck_U 
xD Stalkash negoduet
2018-12-22 23:23
i just wrote fps_max 999 and got my 400+ thx for help
2018-12-22 18:50
Brollan | 
United States imred 
Also make sure csgo is using all your cores when its running.
2018-12-22 20:37
Brazil xpn :) 
Dude you are wasting your cpu with this gtx 1050 , omg
2018-12-22 20:37
Radeon HD 7870 AMD A8-3870 16GB Ram Battlefield 1 = 70fps CSGO = 25 fps (var 60 btw)
2018-12-22 21:00
Romania ASTiX 
i have 4th gen i5 4460 and i have like 250fps, rarely goes under 200 in competitive and often stays near 300
2018-12-22 21:03
North America 37h4n 
Pentium g4560 1050 gtx 100-200 fps
2018-12-22 22:02
1050 TI with a i7 8700 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your i7 probably performs as a i5 7400, your GPU is fucking shit and bottlenecks your CPU, get a 1070 or a 1080 NOW, TODAY
2018-12-22 22:20
fnx | 
Brazil DroidNTC 
Make sure your "multicore rendering" is enabled ingame, cuz when i got my i7 8700 i forgot to turn that on and was getting the same fps than you, but after enabling it i got 300+
2018-12-22 22:29
cs go
2018-12-22 22:44
Ukraine  Pasha 
On my old PC i got 150 fps AMD Athlon II X4 645 ; geforce 650 TI LOL
2018-12-22 22:53
Norway ludvik33 
how much fps would an i7 7700k, 1080ti, 16gb 3200mhz ram get?
2018-12-22 22:55
300+ even while streaming
2018-12-22 23:01
easily 300+
2018-12-22 23:48
United States Fihdem_Kihdem 
I have a 1080ti and 8700k 16gb 2400mhz and can get about 280 fps @1440p and stream 1080p 60fps easily. So if you are playing at lower res easily over 300fps
2018-12-22 23:51
i7 8700k @4.8ghz + 1050ti + 16gb 3200mhz = 300 - 1100fps
2018-12-22 23:59
I have i5 8400 + 1070 8G, run at about stable 300 fps
2018-12-23 10:23
Jame | 
Belarus RedScreed 
2018-12-23 10:39
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