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when guardian retires
D0cC | 
Australia skadoodle1major_s1mple0major 
if guardian retires faze should grab w0xic and issa idk who else they get rid of on the team but could be a serious solid move
2018-12-22 16:10
Russia McN1k 
after win major
2018-12-22 16:11
Just keep Niko IGL, get Issa and Woxic instead. Just have a stand in until guardian is pissed off and leaves xd
2018-12-22 16:11
but niko is a trash igl
2018-12-22 16:13
why would guardian leaves ??? faze is his last team he will play and he will retire on it, why braindead ppl like you even commend on hltv ???
2018-12-22 16:18
I don't understand what you're saying but either way it was a joke
2018-12-22 16:19
FaZe disband 2k19 ,fans go cheering for the top1 team
2018-12-22 16:17
2018-12-22 16:18
nt senorita
2018-12-22 16:18
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