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German passport
felps | 
Germany remind00 
200 IQ Play from ismailcan to get german passport
2018-12-23 02:57
expected from turk
2018-12-23 03:00
yes he goes H4 after 6 months, and invites all his 283 cousins to germany, like all turks do together they will lend a big bmw and live the thug life while hanging around in sport bet bars
2018-12-23 03:03
why is this so accurate
2018-12-23 03:05
because it`s nothing but the truth!
2018-12-23 03:05
they literally give those to anyone
2018-12-23 03:03
you mean turkey 2.0 passport?
2018-12-23 03:03
I know this is supposed to be funny but he really needs to live more then 8 years hear to be capable.
2018-12-23 03:22
not necessarily there are other naturalisation requirements that may make it 3 years (if u are married to a german), or 7 years with a integration course, etc
2018-12-23 03:32
Ok thanks didn’t know this. I think even 3 years is a lot of time in csgo.
2018-12-23 03:48
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