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Happy > Maj3r
Norway ejzzirhc 
Would be a terrible swap for Vitality.
2018-12-23 14:00
Croatia Makz_CRO 
Happy is not even the IGL what are you talking about
2018-12-23 14:01
maj3r x10000 times better than happy both fragging and igling wise /close
2018-12-23 14:02
NBK is IGL in Vitality tho
2018-12-23 14:04
well happy is useless whil not igling and nbk isn't that good at it and it drags his fragging also.
2018-12-23 14:10
Well if we don't count Mak3r then: Happy is shit IGL Ex6tenz washed up strats Shox IGLing = no comments Turns out NBK is the best IGL in French scene :D
2018-12-23 14:12
best in france doesn't mean good, btw maj3r can speak french so no problem.
2018-12-23 14:13
I'm pretty sure that g2 are way better than vitality even though they had much less time together as a team
2018-12-23 14:42
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Happy can play every role he is a better allrounder than anybody else in Vitality why swap with a tier 2 zero major champion.
2018-12-23 14:14
sure happy can't play shit without baiting someone
2018-12-23 14:18
flag xDDDDD
2018-12-23 14:17
Biased Turk! 0 is the amount of people that took you seriously.
2018-12-23 14:41
f0rest | 
Turkey kadirw0w 
nope :D
2018-12-23 14:13
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
at least maj3r doesn't bait
2018-12-23 14:18
I R think thatz
2018-12-23 14:37
Happy > shox, Ex6TenZ too.
2018-12-23 14:41
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