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Kio in manchester
United Kingdom DelusionalThomas 
Just walked past kio lmaoooo Casually going to work and this familiar face appears, took a minute to realize it was him lol Btw i know where ur gf lives now kioshima!!
2018-12-24 14:24
haha nice did you speak a little bit with him ?
2018-12-24 14:25
Slovenia Josip09 
since you can't comprehend english. no he didn't
2018-12-24 14:27
Nah i didnt
2018-12-24 14:28
That’s unfortunate, I wish I could meet a csgo player IRL... the closest I’ve gotten to doing so was meeting Skadoodle in a 1v1 server.
2018-12-25 04:50
I have played MM with NIP Dennis & also met SpawN irl
2018-12-25 11:47
Is he considered a celebrity now or what
2018-12-24 14:27
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Why would he? A friend of mine meet up with Scream in brussels, he was very happy about it, guess it's just fun to meet the real person you like to see behind a screen every tournament
2018-12-24 14:29
+1 I met pkl former LG player, was cool and we re friends now Would love to meet someone like simple. Yeah, they are sub-celebrities
2018-12-24 15:21
Indonesia fRoX_ii 
Yes it’s just nice to see people you’re watching on the screen in real life. Ps: i mean like famous person
2018-12-24 16:01
2018-12-24 14:32
What would the real celebrity be then? God among you mortal?
2018-12-24 14:32
Exactly, in other words Denzel Curry
2018-12-24 14:33
Denzel Curry is good men)
2018-12-24 15:56
I know men he goat
2018-12-24 16:07
Babe when u hear the siren sounds.....
2018-12-24 16:35
When the karma come back round..
2018-12-24 16:38
Ta13oo AOTY
2018-12-24 17:19
2018-12-24 17:36
Yes they're? At least sub-celebritiea
2018-12-24 15:22
Not quite, for game addicts maybe.
2018-12-24 15:23
you are sad
2018-12-24 15:35
Truth really hurts.
2018-12-24 15:38
your logi hurts my brain
2018-12-24 16:20
I feel like I'm having a chat with child.
2018-12-24 16:24
thats beacause you have autism also, if i'm some footballer's fan, am i a football addict?
2018-12-24 18:28
What question is this? No? Why do you imply logic in here if it was a singular case with that statement? Define logic idiot. Maaan, you're quite dumb.
2018-12-24 18:44
why was it a singular case then? if e-sport players can be considered as "celebrities" only by game addicts, can chess-players be considered celebrities only by chess addicts? quite simple, logical assumption. maybe too hard to understand for you tho
2018-12-24 18:57
That was said about kio exclussively, I didn't grasp the entire pro scene community, to cut it shortly I wonder I have to break it down to you.
2018-12-25 04:27
alright, keep avoiding telling me why kio EXCLUSSIVELY can't be considered a celebrity
2018-12-25 14:48
I think he hasn't achieved enough and not participated in the most prestige tournaments enough, as well as not won that much of a prize money. You rarely saw him. He won two majors but he was invisible the rest of the time.
2018-12-25 14:51
Ok as expected your goal there was just to try and trigger people about video games on a video game site, get a life retard
2018-12-24 16:21
2018-12-24 16:24
You always need to be mentally weak to consider people like theyre some gods, no matter the sport or activity they do to gain such reputation, the only thing you were trying to do there was to trigger some people with that classic "hahaha nerds" while using an excuse to look less like a pathetic hater, dont even know whats the point of comming there if you hate what this site stands for but I'm now sure that you must be an ugly depressed fuck irl
2018-12-24 16:28
Oh, how wrong can you be. You never talked to me, you never saw me, literally nothing you do know about me but now "you're sure". You can't be sure of anything kid. Grow up and don't assume things.
2018-12-24 16:30
Comming from a guy that literally sees all "gamers" as nerds and goes to a gaming site to insult and trigger a community, I think youve grown the wrong way and your logic is incredible
2018-12-24 16:34
Far not all, just told you not to assume things. Comprehend the post you're replying to, before actually replying. I'm a gamer myself and I never considered him a celebrity so your statement went wrong straight away. I don't feel like I want to prolong this any more but I'll see.
2018-12-24 16:36
You didnt even read my past comment yourself , here is a reminder for you: "You always need to be mentally weak to consider people like theyre some gods, no matter the sport or activity they do to gain such reputation", and this has Nothing to do with being a gamer so your first comment "Not quite, for game addicts maybe." was just stupid and done to trigger people, btw your first question : "Is he considered a celebrity now or what" was done to make sure people answer it and you could back up with that kind of stupid sentence, stop lying it doesnt work
2018-12-24 16:39
I never wanted it to be working this way and still it does? You went far with your schemes and suspcious minds. You're the one who casts evil over here, I'm for the sake of humanity. Gaming is doing harm in a greater proportion than it's ever done good. So you better behave with me!
2018-12-24 16:42
lmao stop with your trump sentence, you just attacked a community stupidly, maybe it wasnt really intended but thats what you did, + you clearly did it on purpose to me since you answered with that shit "Truth really hurts." sentence, try to tell me it wasnt on purpose after it
2018-12-24 16:45
My intentions are good and I will repeat it again and again, if needed and I'll do it on purpose for my word shall be heard. Truth, no matter how bitter and raw, should be out. I don't mean bad by anything I do but I have to do it.
2018-12-24 16:47
Doesn't change a thing.
2018-12-24 17:07
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Did you say "hi, nice to meet you monsieur probleme"?
2018-12-24 14:28
Aint nobody got time for that
2018-12-24 14:31
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Come on mate, you didn't even said "hi" ? well that sucks
2018-12-24 14:33
No :(
2018-12-24 14:38
Go bang his gf
2018-12-24 14:32
2018-12-24 14:33
Im not really interested in her, but in case you are, i can give you the exact building shes at, the number of the flat youll have to figure out yourself unfortunately
2018-12-24 14:34
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Prove it
2018-12-24 14:35
Well i cant really, but i know kio is reading this thread, so dear kio pls come here n confirm that youve seen a guy looking like a roadman dressed in black tracksuit walking past you while drinking coffee 20mins ago
2018-12-24 14:41
I can confirm
2018-12-24 15:09
confirmed. I'm ki0. This is my smurf account btw.
2018-12-24 15:19
Thank Fabien
2018-12-24 15:32
making threads like "overrated s1mple" "fixing teams" kioShiMa pick one
2018-12-24 15:55
Faroe Islands |imperator 
2018-12-24 16:33
Norway Crush<3 
Love ur name. Just absolutely love it.
2018-12-24 16:43
Faroe Islands |imperator 
thank , i love u
2018-12-24 16:50
Norway Crush<3 
Bro <3
2018-12-24 16:58
where do you work to dress like that lol
2018-12-24 16:34
On the road obviously
2018-12-24 17:14
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
2018-12-24 17:21
Aint coming back till i make hunnid stacks
2018-12-24 17:37
nah im fine mate thx
2018-12-24 14:36
SS | 
France ponche 
She is waiting for you in the bath
2018-12-24 14:33
2018-12-24 14:37
Israel t1ao 
name? phone number?
2018-12-24 15:05
oh shi~
2018-12-24 15:57
Brazil g4laxI 
2018-12-24 15:58
put a nsfw alert
2018-12-24 18:48
United Kingdom KieranFR 
Anyone with a brain that read his comment would probably know it wasn't going to be safe for work.
2018-12-25 14:49
Its hltv every link is nsfw but still u should
2018-12-25 14:55
jla ken
2018-12-24 19:43
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
Where did you find this friend
2018-12-25 04:36
Lekr0 | 
Peru firey_ 
2018-12-25 05:04
North America alej250 
uma delicia
2018-12-25 05:15
wtf name?
2018-12-26 14:39
Netherlands @Deji 
What he's doing
2018-12-24 14:35
Seemed like he was waiting for somebody as he had phone in his hand and was looking around like headless chicken
2018-12-24 14:35
Lekr0 | 
Peru firey_ 
why u didnt talked to him?
2018-12-25 05:05
2018-12-25 11:22
creepy bro
2018-12-24 14:38
Not creepy at all mate
2018-12-24 14:52
"Btw i know where ur gf lives now kioshima!!" Totally not creepy btw :D:D...
2018-12-24 15:08
that was clearly a joke dude
2018-12-24 15:11
Typical joke creepy guy does...
2018-12-24 15:12
Creepy confirmed
2018-12-24 15:15
should have told him to join faze
2018-12-24 14:40
2018-12-24 14:45
Germany Fabbsen 
Why should he join a worse team that kicked him?
2018-12-24 17:32
good point
2018-12-24 18:22
if kio dont confirm this till the end of the day i vote for OP to get 10 years
2018-12-24 14:58
Give bit more time, its christmas so he might be busy with the loved ones pls
2018-12-24 15:03
Guess no ban huh
2018-12-24 22:26
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
Should have said something to him mate :(
2018-12-24 14:59
Ill tell him to join faze next time i see him, my flats only 5min away
2018-12-24 15:04
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
No just tell him hi lol
2018-12-24 15:31
Kio no good for faze?
2018-12-24 15:32
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
2018-12-24 16:10
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
kio you manc cunt!
2018-12-24 15:04
2018-12-25 11:33
"hey kio, yo fakin wanker"
2018-12-24 15:15
NiKo | 
Belgium ZxTox 
2018-12-24 15:17
Just walked past s1mple lmaoooo Casually going to work and this familiar face appears, took a minute to realize it was him lol Btw i know where ur gf lives now s1mple!!
2018-12-24 15:17
who ?
2018-12-24 15:39
Dont act like you dont know the man, the myth, the legend kio
2018-12-24 15:43
i have no idea who is fucking kio man
2018-12-24 15:51
Korea DadaDahyun 
The most famous French pro player on a well-known video game called CounterStrike
2018-12-24 15:55
good to know
2018-12-24 16:00
2018-12-24 15:58
2015 user called me newfag lul. I don't care about shity scene like csgo thats why I don't know him
2018-12-24 16:00
Then dont ask stupid questions
2018-12-24 16:08
World breezy0 
Why would he not be home in France on Christmas day?
2018-12-24 16:00
Maybe cause he with gf instead?
2018-12-24 16:12
World breezy0 
2018-12-24 16:31
His real family disowned him after he got kicked from faze
2018-12-24 16:36
Hungary Griffisz 
nice b8
2018-12-24 19:10
2018-12-24 19:40
because he's got a girlfriend who lives in Manchester, no?
2018-12-24 16:13
France TheArchitect 
Maybe he was picking his girlfriend to go to the airport and spend Christmas in France. Or maybe his family is coming to Manchester tonight
2018-12-24 16:18
Romania TheWizard741 
he's been living in the UK for a while
2018-12-24 16:27
World breezy0 
But Christmas is family time
2018-12-24 16:31
actually thats his twin brother, problemsolvernagasaki
2018-12-24 16:50
He works cleaning floors on his free time
2018-12-24 17:16
u just got mentioned in the stream lmao
2018-12-24 18:27
For real? Lol
2018-12-24 19:04
yeah chloe said she is now afraid that she is going to be killed lmao
2018-12-24 21:00
2018-12-24 22:20
2018-12-25 04:36
ozzy | 
Japan Fides 
Haha yes i saw you too I'm kio btw
2018-12-25 04:39
that last line is pretty creepy sounding my dude
2018-12-25 04:46
U should smash his face say kio watch ur fkin stats and WAKE UP
2018-12-25 05:08
North America alej250 
bang her gf ez
2018-12-25 05:16
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