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Last comment And people still think that ronaldo is better than messi? Unbelievable.
2018-12-25 00:33
HEN1 | 
Poland maxiu 
still :)
2018-12-25 00:34
China LewsTherin 
They both good. Lets just settle at that
2018-12-25 00:34
both good and Ronaldinho Gaucho bestest
2018-12-25 19:35
Pre injury real Ronaldo>>>>>all
2018-12-25 19:38
fer | 
Brazil raoGOD 
1st time Milan Kaka > pre inury real ronaldo
2018-12-25 19:39
loooooooool kaka hahahha
2018-12-25 19:42
Kaka is a fuckin legend
2018-12-26 05:12
+1 the god of the strikers.
2018-12-25 19:43
Romania themightyflea 
true he was a monster
2018-12-25 19:46
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
agreed, I think if he wasn't prone to injuries he would probably be considered the best footballer ever
2018-12-26 00:59
+1 best ever
2018-12-26 05:11
Whoever thinks Ronaldo is better never watched a football game.
2018-12-25 00:35
Agreed. I also agree to your username.
2018-12-25 00:39
ZywOo | 
Malta hexiii 
2018-12-25 12:19
2018-12-25 17:34
2018-12-25 17:37
not expected from that username.
2018-12-25 18:00
shox | 
Norway ozoyo333 
acutally expected from that username, he understands cs and football at least
2018-12-25 19:39
yeah but there are many good reasons why ronaldo is better and why messi is better. its hard to tell who really is. who argues about it are just biased fanboys
2018-12-25 20:12
2018-12-25 21:11
2018-12-26 01:29
Penaldo 5 ballon d'or Deal with it germanistan.
2018-12-25 00:35
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
the award lost all his credibility after somebody other than messi won it in 2013
2018-12-25 12:47
The award lost all credibility when sneijder was placed out of top 3 in 2010 while he should've won
2018-12-25 15:53
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
would ve been one of the biggest heist in history if this bald twat had won instead of messi
2018-12-25 16:57
xavi ffs
2018-12-25 21:11
Brazil JustSadness 
Xavi and Iniesta +1 anyway
2018-12-26 05:16
Europe deVulse 
you mean just like messi won 2012 and 2015 when those were clearly for cr7? LUL
2018-12-26 01:21
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
2018-12-26 03:02
Romania haifafutete 
Im a CR7 fan but their era is almost over, we should focus on the future stars like Mbappe or Sancho
2018-12-25 00:37
Sweden Beaneater 
messi probably has this + 2 more seasons left as a top footballer
2018-12-25 00:42
Poland drammar 
messi has much better vision of the pitch and amazing playmaker there is hardly any goals scored without him having a part in of all time!!!
2018-12-25 21:56
Europe deVulse 
cr7 has better vision and makes more creative plays, he's more intelligent player u can see it ez on field when u take a look at his offensive short passes defenders never expect them. I think u're confusing their role in team and playstyle and thats different story, messi passes more because thats his role + barca generally plays with more passes
2018-12-26 01:23
mbappe will never be as good as either of them. sancho doesn't even deserve being mentioned in the same breath.
2018-12-25 12:52
Romania haifafutete 
do you even watch football?
2018-12-25 17:06
longer than you have, clearly
2018-12-25 17:32
2018-12-25 17:37
+1 lol this dude thinks jadon sancho is near to messi and ronaldo
2018-12-25 18:01
Romania haifafutete 
i said we should focus on the future stars of football, i dont said sancho is near messi or ronaldo wtf dude
2018-12-25 18:28
Ești fan Cr7 și vorbești despre fotbal, ce plm joacă ăla? =))))))
2018-12-25 20:49
Portugal nakbarone 
sugi mi pula
2018-12-26 01:35
more than you thats for sure
2018-12-25 18:01
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
even ronaldo fangirls realise now that a comparison between messi and ronaldo is a joke so now u try to argue mbappe at 19 against messi 19 hahaah
2018-12-25 16:58
your comment proved you are max 15yo
2018-12-25 18:01
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
the irony
2018-12-25 18:07
sorry for not using perfect grammar online
2018-12-25 18:52
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
do you have to wear a helmet in public so you don't hurt yourself`?
2018-12-25 19:34
thats what 10year olds do now?
2018-12-25 20:10
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
you should ve
2018-12-25 22:21
Ok its that funny?
2018-12-26 00:51
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
2018-12-26 01:15
i see
2018-12-26 02:04
Europe deVulse 
mbappe is trash he'll disappear after 1-2 seasons i tell you, he'll keep decent level but he'll never be at the top
2018-12-26 01:24
ballon d'or winner imo, he just seems so good at such young age
2018-12-26 02:04
Sri Lanka Coman 
Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GOAT.
2018-12-25 00:43
Turkey StVincent 
Messi is above Ronaldo, the best of all time whether Ronaldo travels to Jupiter taps in as much as he can to look as if he is on Messi's level. Let him keep traveling n calling Messi's name cos he knows his relevancy depends on his name being tagged to Messi irrelevantly regardless of his inferior quality to him
2018-12-25 22:10
Poland wiktorex 
2018-12-26 05:11
Ronaldinho Gaúcho > Fenômeno > Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>> CR7
2018-12-25 00:45
2018-12-25 00:48
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
ronaldinho himself at his peak in 2006 said that the 17yo messi is way better than him
2018-12-25 12:40
he was talking bullshit, Ronaldinho is best player ever
2018-12-25 12:49
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
2018-12-25 12:51
Ronaldinho wasnt at his peak in 2006.
2018-12-25 17:35
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
2003-2006 was def his peak
2018-12-25 17:50
He was already too much of a drunk in 2006.
2018-12-25 18:27
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
not early 2006 when he won cl
2018-12-25 18:32
Yeah but it was the beginning of the end. Also, no way Messi was better than him then lol
2018-12-25 18:37
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
his and xavis words not mine
2018-12-25 19:35
who cares what they said about a loved teamate who they wanted to hype. only fools believe that.
2018-12-25 19:41
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
u hear teammates praise each other non stop thats true, but you usually don't established pros saying that one kid is better than themself after one training session
2018-12-25 22:20
Better potentially is one thing. But actual ability at that time, no way.
2018-12-26 05:07
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
idk watch the 17yo messi. already better in dribbling tha any one. passing at iniestas level at least, maybe xavi, ut his vision wasnt very good yet. his shot was also pretty good. the problem with young messi was that he always missed about 5 months due to injury and thats why he hadnt those incredible numbers already, because he always needed time to find his rythm. first season he didnt got injured, he became ballon d'or and everyone in barca knew that this would happen. the whole team, the whole staff with president laorte etc watched his youth training and games because he was that amazing.
2018-12-26 13:44
Yeah but all of that is part of his ability as a player, he didn't have that yet, that's why he just had potential. And even technically he still had to develop.
2018-12-26 14:12
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
party yes, partly no. i mean he din't had just the potential to be the best dribbler, bacause he in fact accomplished the best dribbles. if he beats regulary 2-5 people than imo you cant speak about potential, because he practically does it. for me messi was the best technical player since he was 18,19 yo, the only thing that he had to improve on (massively) was his decision makin. back than he didn't excactly knew when to pass, to dribble or to shoot, which why he wasnt as efficent
2018-12-26 15:39
yes, i can say you are better than messi... Does it mean its truth?
2018-12-25 22:18
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
well its about the context. the opinnion of world class players is usually pretty close to the truth if its about football
2018-12-25 22:21
for me Ronaldinho was better player cuz he was fun to watch, since they rid of hi and, deco and etoo i have never ever build any relationship to barca again.
2018-12-25 22:23
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
it hurt so much losing ronaldinho and deco when pep came. i was pissed as well but it was the right decision, barca played the best football in history for a few years. pls watch this video, maybe u can find ur love for barca back because of this genius. btw watch with headphones cuz the commentary is kinda important for the flow of the video
2018-12-25 22:26
i have 5.1 bro. For me that trio was barca, i hate when big teams get rid off great players, thats why i lost respect for barca and especially for chelsea. Back to messi, i am not saying he is not great player, but for me he is not the best, but in term of talent Ronaldinho is greater than him for me.. In term of hard work Grande Paolo and CR7 is greater than him. In terms of loyalty Maldini, Totti, Buffon, GP are greater than him. Who was that guy who came after Messi to Barca and they called him second messi and just disapeared in two years?
2018-12-25 22:39
Most goals from outside the box - such a relevant statistic
2018-12-25 00:48
Yep, messi is even better than ronaldo in the irrelevant statistics.
2018-12-25 00:49
Ronaldo is playing in whole new environment so you cant really expect him to do same as in real madrid already. He is usually better in spring as well
2018-12-25 18:03
I don't care which one is better messi fangay, I just say there are many statististics being created by journalists that are irrelevant and doesn't mean shit.
2018-12-25 18:28
And I am just saying that messi is even better in the irrelevant statistics. Nothing but a fact.
2018-12-25 18:29
How about most goals scored vs galatasaray in away matches playing as a substitute when under 20yo?
2018-12-25 18:37
Romania haifafutete 
Most dribbles - Messi Most chances created - Messi Most free-kicks scored - Messi Most key passes per 90 mins - Messi Most goals from outside the box - Messi all of them are irrelevant statistics, nothing is important than assists and goals
2018-12-25 00:51
Thing is, he still wins in those categories too, so in fact these 2 posts are irrelevant too ;)
2018-12-25 00:54
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
its not about the stats, its about the whole picture.. messi is the best in literally anything. btw how incredibly studpid do you have to be to say that only goals and assists matter? how you create assists and goals? through passes, dribbles, possesion won etc. how you stop goals and assists? thorugh tackles, positioning, team work. but yea only tap ins and assist are important because you cant manipulate these stats at all... i bet you are a ronaldo fanboy otherwise you cant be this dumb
2018-12-25 17:54
Romania haifafutete 
you call me ronaldo fanboy, how old are you?
2018-12-25 17:56
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
there is no better term for you wannabe football experts
2018-12-25 17:58
yes I wanna see the real stats, give me the numbers and and concrete stat not something like "MOST CHANCES CREATED" who the fuck defines a good chance
2018-12-25 17:57
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-12-25 22:11
Spoken like a true pleb who doesnt understand football.
2018-12-26 05:10
2018-12-25 00:53
this constant messi/ronaldo discussion is the most retarded thing ever conceived. please just stop
2018-12-25 00:55
France oldman 
agreed. ps: s1mple > device
2018-12-25 12:10
France FanchD 
2018-12-25 01:03
France TheArchitect 
2018-12-27 00:54
2018-12-25 12:03
Oh wow 1 year=whole career, i see german logic not as strong as engineering.
2018-12-25 12:10
If you would have any clue, then you would know that it‘s by far not the only year where it’s like this :)
2018-12-25 12:11
Honestly i havent seen anything else different that messi fans have said. All of you are the same. So arguing is like talking to a wall.
2018-12-25 12:12
Yes, because having the best statistics is so irrelevant. Please stop replying to me with your low iq fanboy brain.
2018-12-25 12:15
Ukraine Valarnirmirgt 
you didn't even see penaldo fans(mb you are). they will say everything possible to humiliate Messi. and Penaldo>>>>>>>all world
2018-12-25 17:04
Last year it was the same thing as well
2018-12-26 05:14
United States ImFat 
2018-12-25 12:18
Poland Totali_ 
Great player, love when he scores hat tricks against such teams as huesca or levante
2018-12-25 12:23
I prefer that one against Real Madrid. Penaldo disappeared as always
2018-12-25 12:53
Poland Totali_ 
At least ronaldo dont miss penalties that often LUL
2018-12-25 15:32
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
The only reason he's close to Messi's scoring numbers. Nice self-rekt toileto.
2018-12-25 18:04
Messi GoAT #cryisfreeforpenaldofans
2018-12-25 12:43
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
its pretty simple. every one who know football says that messi is the best there ever was. people who dont watch 90+ min per week are clueless and therefor have to get their football oppinnion somewhere else from. so they think fifa rating is relevant or some stupid 3min highlight video. even real madrid fans who watch every barca and real game usually admit that messi is way better, its literally the 10yo ronaldo fans or stupid real madrid fans who dont even watch every game, who are making a debate out of this shit, while its not even close.
2018-12-25 12:46
Poland wiktorex 
Bullshit, hah even messi fans admit man stop lying and fave the truth ronaldo is way better than messi lol
2018-12-26 05:14
NiKo | 
Germany LXJ88 
the "lol" in the end poofs my point that only braindead people think that ronaldo is better
2018-12-26 13:39
Denmark RAULMVP 
Messi is the best eod!
2018-12-25 15:37
North America AlanSmith 
so tired of these ronaldo vs messi and device vs s1mple threads just enjoy their plays. what's the point of insulting each other as it is trying to elevate his idol?in the end it all comes down to sympathy
2018-12-25 17:06
NAF | 
Korea jeonseol 
ofc the striker is the best in the world... just put a defender to strike and you can see how he is "top1 in everything"
2018-12-25 17:08
Ronaldo is more successful, stats mean shit honestly. It's same with Device vs s1mple debate you will keep crying stats cause that's all you have at the end of the day your competitor is way more successful than you and makes more money than you so nothing else matters.
2018-12-25 17:15
Turkey ChPLI 
Mate shut up. Ronaldo is not on the same Level as Messi. Messi is indeed a level above Ronaldo. COmpare it to when Ronaldo played in La Liga won 2 La Liga tittles and did shit all in the years he played there in La Liga. Messi dominated La Liga with ease. Ronaldo won 4 CL Tittles while never playing Barcelona in the process. How can you compare the two...Ronaldo lost 1 CL final against Messi. Ronaldo never won a major tittle while playing with his team against Messi. His passing, His Dribbling, his Vision. If i compare the two i come to one solution and that is. Messi is the best player with the ball at his feet. While Ronaldo is the best without the ball. His positioning in front of goal is excellent, his one touch goals are great just as his header. His movement without the ball. As well as playing in counter attack team. Always plays with teams who can provide the goals for him. It was so at United at Madrid and now at Juventus. Where he took the challange to go and play for the one team that won the Serie A 10 times in a row (i know it's 6 or 7 times )
2018-12-25 21:51
Everything you said literally also applies to Messi meaning this argument is stupid af. Honestly like them both they are both good in their own ways and they have really different play styles and abilities but Ronaldo was better overall in recent years and Messi was better like 10 years ago or smth like this when he had the entire Spain national team on Barca feeding him free goals.
2018-12-25 21:54
Russia Sugawara 
2018-12-25 17:36
Ronaldo is on a new team, he is playing as a winger again, just stfu lol, you know jack shit
2018-12-25 17:40
you guys realize that saying ronaldo > messi is just the dankest meme ever. it's like people who argue that trump is better than obama, they're just hardcore meming and they know it
2018-12-25 17:56
trump is way better than obama, are you retarded? Trump isnt perfect but he has done much more good for his country.. Btw Obama fucked up the middle east, just one of the bad things he did...
2018-12-25 21:58
It is his year for sure but there was also times when C. Ronaldo was better.
2018-12-25 17:59
Denmark zink 
When was he ever better? If you looked at statistics, sure, there were times where he could compare. But if you watch the actual games, there was never a question.
2018-12-25 19:41
question about what ? C. Ronaldo sometimes what monster but as a pure 9. It is a completely different position. Also ronaldo change his playstyle later on. You will also enjoy messi plays more because he was created to do magic things. But sometimes Ronaldo was more useful for his team and its how we should compere them.
2018-12-25 20:17
Denmark zink 
I think we're looking at it from two very different perspectives. In terms of raw talent, ability to do incredible things on the pitch and just the general understanding of the game - Ronaldo was never close to the level of Messi. Maradona was the only person who ever actually came close to that. We're not talking numbers, we're talking actual skill level.
2018-12-25 20:26
in this case what about Ronaldinho ?
2018-12-25 20:51
Ronaldinho was magic, nothing less. But he did not put up the numbers while doing it.
2018-12-25 20:55
ronaldo was never """better""" than messi, he just went ham in important games and shit, but he is just a human playing good football, messi was always on another level, doesnt matter how barca does in the season, if you actually watch football, you will understand that kids that never followed football or dont care enough, or dont watch etc, they watched real win UCL and they think CR7 has a chance next to messi cuz of that lol those kids nowdays clearly dont understand how football works, nowdays you only have value if you have more titles than the other guy or whatever da fuck zZZzzzZzz guys like romario or ronaldo(r9) never won an UCL for example, for kids, when they go and research history, they will think those guys were 'nothing special' based on titles etc, without watching anything lol messi > abism > cr7 (cr7 still insane tho)
2018-12-25 17:59
1) Romario and Ronaldo won WC, which is even more important than UCL. 2) Romario played in a top European team for like 1 year and a half. Imagine if Romario and Ronaldo didn't spend their prime days in PSV or Inter, but playing with Xavi, iniesta, Puyol, Busquets, Ronaldinho, Eto'o etc
2018-12-25 19:41
ronaldo destroyed his knee, nobody knows who he could be if he didnt get hurt so many times with such insane injuries... romario on the other hand, he was going ham in barca, he won WC with br (94), he had strong personality, didnt gave a fuck, and just went back to BR to play in the br internal scene, and never went out to europe again, to me, and to people who love football in br, romario is the goat in terms of making goals, he was way better than ronaldo but I agree, they spended their prime on lesser teams, ronaldo won best in the world while playing in inter, he didnt even play the UCL that year, they played europe league (whatever name this league had in the time) and he won the prize anyway... and I agree, if they had the same carreer ethic they could be way better in history, too much party, womans, etc in the way lol but to me and to real football lovers, this make them even greater, acts like romario, who talked mad shit about CBF and got kicked from all the world cups only cuz his personality, cuz at the time he was at same level or better than ronaldo, this is hilarious and make us love him even more, romario could play 98 and 2002 easily, he got kicked by politics
2018-12-25 20:45
yet you are the same guy who would shit on niko / s1mple for not single-handedly winning in a team based game and overhype other players who are worse individually but whose team is better and won a bunch of tournaments. how does that work for ya? oh shit i've forgot you are just a shitty baiter on hltv. my apologies, what i meant to say was: cr7 > messi > random na player >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ronaldinho = r9 = plebs there a comment worthy of your intelligence :)
2018-12-25 20:48
really? are you comparing football (11 players in a field with many rules, following a ball) with counter strike (5v5 videogame, simulation of terrorist against cts) really? nt mr triggered #znajder_1_major_s1mple_0_major #neverforget
2018-12-25 20:47
really? you comparing a teambased game to a teambased game? holy shit my cpu can't process that insanely complicated and unrealistic analogy. cr7 >>>>>>> all br players though, right? :(
2018-12-25 20:49
2018-12-25 20:52
don't be mad, after all brazil is just a portuguese colony. it is expected for a portuguese guy to be >>>>>>>>>>>> any br plebs. so cr7 easily >>>>>>>>>>>>> anyone from brazil especially plebs like romario and r9 who hardly won anything and got carried by their team. cry is free my dude
2018-12-25 20:54
zzzZzzzZZZzzZZz its hilarious how triggered u got LMAOO #luizão_1_WC_cr7_0_WC #devilwalk_1_major_s1mple_0_major
2018-12-25 20:55
and now projecting, what happened, the troll can't take some trolling? must be painful to be a low tier baiter getting all agitated when your precious sport is getting trashed. be honest though, trolling aside, you do realize that r9 and romario were just overrated below average players due to a few flashy plays and cr7 is easily better than anyone ever produced in brazil, right? i'll leave you to foam at the mouth some more. don't forget to have a #ferGOD in your next reply or you'll leave me disappointing, ty.
2018-12-25 21:04
zzZZZzZZZzZzz not even going to read #vampeta_1_WC_cr7_0_WC #RUSH_1_major_s1mple_0_major #thesaltytears
2018-12-25 21:07
only read the bottom line and didn't see #ferGOD. im very disappointed. just remember cr7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> brazil scene and reply with #ferGOD for approval, ty.
2018-12-25 21:09
IarentReadThatz nt trigger boi
2018-12-25 22:07
2016 RONALDO LUL look a these December stats > wins the UCL 2017 RONALDO LUL look at these December stats > wins the UCL 2018 RONALDO LUL look a these December stats > wins the UCL 2019 Ronaldo LUL look a these December stats while Ronaldo is adapting to a new team, a new league and playing at the wing > ?
2018-12-25 19:38
Denmark zink 
Do I understand it correctly if I read it as you implying Ronaldo wasn't a winger in Madrid? Because he was. He just didn't have to be the wide man he does in Juventus, because he had Marcelo doing an excellent job for him. Marcelo allowed Cristiano to cut into the field, instead of having to go to the cornerflag. The position didn't change, his team did.
2018-12-25 20:28
Messi all the way.I always see different and great art in messi's football playing the speed,footwork,maneuvering,assist and a scoring machine.brilliant skill...
2018-12-25 20:17
We saw how good Messi was at WC
2018-12-25 20:31
Yes Ronaldo is better He will win Champions League again
2018-12-25 20:47
Ronaldinho > Maradona, Pele, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo
2018-12-25 20:56
Thinking stats are important in football OMEGALUL!!!!! this ain't basketball my friend. Messi IS better than Ronaldo though, but he should leave Barcelona to cement his legacy, but i guess he's too afraid to leave and be exposed.
2018-12-25 21:16
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Ronaldo had more power, Messi is the best footballer Skillwise.
2018-12-27 00:42
Turkey plagueis 
any objective opinion will say messi is the best, that's obvious. of course ronaldo is great, amazing player.but messi is in different level, level of anime
2018-12-25 22:04
Europe champion 4 UCL winner 5 balones Says it all
2018-12-25 22:05
Norway supremoxd 
and Ronaldo is still better xd
2018-12-25 22:50
cadiaN | 
Belarus MIZ1AN 
and this guy are 5place golden ball . feelsbad :(
2018-12-26 00:55
Europe deVulse 
2018-12-26 01:25
Ronaldo is a more complete player.
2018-12-26 01:26
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
You can decide that. Ronaldo had power and strength, but messi's footwork and football skills are better than Ronaldo (even though he is already superb!).
2018-12-27 00:41
Ronaldo is also a true team leader while Messi..
2018-12-27 00:42
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
It does not mean that Messi is not that open and loud on the field like Ronaldo, that he is not a leader. They are both the best players in the world at their own manner.
2018-12-27 00:45
Just compare Portugal and Argentina national team results and you will see whos a real team leader, not to mention that Argentina have a way better players but also a way worse results than Portugal.
2018-12-27 00:48
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
How do you go from a discussion about who is the best footballer out of 2 to a discussion about who has the better national team out of 2? Learn to use decent arguments kiddo. Thereby, I don't know if you follow a lot of football, but if you do you should know Portugal has the better players. And even if Ronaldo is considered to be the better leader (which really can't be proven that easily), Messi still had the best skills. Ronaldo is pure power and good ball control which makes him a scoring monster
2018-12-27 00:52
Since I mentioned Ronaldo is a team leader unlike Messi, comparing Portugal and Argentina national teams would be a logical thing since Ronaldo play for Portugal and Messi for Argentina u know? Also calling someone a kiddo is always a good argument, well done, u won. And no, I dont follow a lot of football because Im a kiddo.
2018-12-27 01:00
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Expected ggez
2018-12-27 10:00
Brazil hsk- 
i would love to see messi playing in premier league... to see how he would perform outside his barcelona shell..prolly not that great
2018-12-26 21:48
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Why would he? In champions league he played enough against PL teams and has proven to be able to beat them as much as Ronaldo did. What a poor effort to make Messi look bad hahah
2018-12-27 00:40
Finland satkis 
Ronaldo > Messi > C. Ronaldo
2018-12-26 21:53
2018-12-27 00:35
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Ronaldo has great stenght and power what makes him like a machine on the pitch. But, TBH, I have always been a Messi fan because his football skills are far better than anyone else. There were Ronaldo has more power to beat an opponent, Messi has the best skills to do that
2018-12-27 00:38
D0cC | 
Netherlands stevelul 
Anyone who thinks ronaldo is better is straight up delusional
2018-12-27 00:53
Finland siloquez 
There's only one Ronaldo.
2018-12-27 01:05
Yes, the brazilian one
2018-12-27 13:56
Finland siloquez 
2018-12-27 13:57
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