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looking to make a team
s1mple | 
United States a1varoJESUS 
i want to play with a team againts other teams add me if interested
2018-12-25 01:46
you don't want to
2018-12-25 01:47
id love to actually
2018-12-25 01:52
Making a good team is pretty hard, hours of a trainings, making new strats, watching demos, then playing same map 8/9 times in row just to make everything perfect. It was a pretty hard time, when i used to have a team. I'm happy, that I'm free agent now, and I can play cs, when I want to do it, not everyday 5:00-11:00pm.
2018-12-25 02:03
Brazil RIPInPiece 
Are you global? I only play with globals.
2018-12-25 01:48
im mg2 just got ranked
2018-12-25 01:53
Brazil RIPInPiece 
Not good enough for me. Sorry :/
2018-12-25 01:55
Denmark oskarsports 
2018-12-25 01:48
im s1, i think i'am a very good player.
2018-12-25 01:54
Brazil baldok1 
I'm a supreme, and still feels like shit...
2018-12-25 02:06
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