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What is something that shouldn't have happened?
Vietnam Onomatopoeia 
In history. Something bad. What would you reverse if you could go back in time? Think carefully, because reversing some bad things might have worse effects. -Like stopping WW2 could have meant an even more devestating war in future years as countries got stronger. -Stopping slavery could have hindered economic growth for 200+ years. -Stopping 9/11, like no.1, could mean an even more devestating terror attack, because after 9/11 in USA anti-terror measures were stepped up loads. So what is something that was just plain bad and shouldn't have happened, as it contributed nothing?
2018-12-25 23:48
ozzy | 
Korea Ozzy! 
I shouldn't have drink last night..
2018-12-25 23:49
-mibr should have never won a major -coldzera should not have won #1 hltv
2018-12-25 23:50
flusha | 
Spain kroosw0w 
Stopping olofmeister's injury so there would be no SK
2018-12-25 23:50
2018-12-25 23:51
NBK- | 
United States Jammin800k 
Raising the players in French scene to not be whiney bitches
2018-12-26 00:08
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