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new mouse
Australia RealMrVirus 
I went from a corsair mouse to a razer. Is there anything i need to do to swap one out for the other smoothly, or can i just plug it in, download the software and go
2018-12-26 05:42
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Panama Cyain10 
Why'd you buy razer?
2018-12-26 05:45
i think the question should be why did i stick with the corsair so long
2018-12-26 05:48
Panama Cyain10 
I've never had corsair but I have a razer and I gotta say it's not the best. It's probably just that my mouse is old tho
2018-12-26 05:50
Had this problem with the corsair mouse that the DPI would reset to default (15 000 LMAO) randomly. Imagine DPI going from 400 to 15 000 multiple times every day while in game. Tons of reports on it for their forums for years. Their software hasn't been updated since 2014. Would not recommend May i ask whats bad about the razer? I just want a basic mouse that could be used at a high level of CS with good accuracy and precision
2018-12-26 05:54
Panama Cyain10 
Every single razer mouse has different hardware problems, but on the software side I'd say it's about flawless (as long as you are okay with the limited presets)
2018-12-26 06:12
well theres a good chance my hardware will be flawless too right? Not trying to be a fanboy lmao, but ik that kennyS uses a razer death adder. Even though hes had a shit year, it cant be too trash if its used at the top level like that? Im sure many other pros use it too. Havent found a single pro using corsair though. The razer might not be the best mouse, but i got it quite cheap, it has the buttons and settings i want, and i am 90% sure its gonna be better than the corsair
2018-12-26 06:14
United States n3h 
Yea throw the razer in the trash then buy a new mouse thats actually good
2018-12-26 05:48
Australia A_Tasty_Mango 
Yes you can just plug in and play but I would download razer synapse to control lighting and DPI
2018-12-26 05:48
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