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Fenerbahçe - Real Madrid
Turkey deathofangel35 
What a game :)
2018-12-28 20:33
mch | 
Brazil sindico 
Only in basketball
2018-12-28 20:34
What's going on with Fenerahce football team btw?
2018-12-28 20:35
Armenian talking about
2018-12-28 20:37
Turkey PutinBlyatoglu 
They are 17th...on a 18 team league
2018-12-28 20:42
and poor as fuck 600 mio euros debts
2018-12-28 20:47
Nah, that's normal on Turkish football. Because teams buy players older than 30 then sell them when they become too old to play so they can't earn money.
2018-12-28 20:50
instead of trying to push young turkish talents or buy young talents from smaller leagues, you sign players like drogba van persie pepe and other old players.... do it like the teams in germany... sign talents from all over the world, form them, and sell them for big money dortmund paid 15 million for dembele and sold him for 150 one year later and look at all the other names who played for dortmund over the last 10 years
2018-12-28 20:57
Top team just figured that out, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor gives young players a chance(and it works). But other teams(we call them Anatolian teams) still doing the same shit.
2018-12-28 20:59
well besiktas is still playing with washed up or overpaid players like babel quaresma medel etc
2018-12-28 21:01
They sold Pepe and Babel will also leave. I don't know about Medel but Quaresma stays because he is the favorite of Beşiktaş's drug addict ultras.
2018-12-28 21:03
yeah but sometimes its better to do a huge cut even with the risk of failing over the next couple of years
2018-12-28 21:04
2018-12-28 21:04
all of your "stars" are over 30 years old
2018-12-28 21:05
United Kingdom oMallo 
Lets be real tho, Quaresma was so underrated when he was younger
2018-12-28 21:08
yeah but he is 35 now and gets shit tons of money,,,
2018-12-28 21:09
United Kingdom oMallo 
Oh yeah I agree, he should've retired years ago, god knows how he still got in the Portugal WC Squad
2018-12-28 21:09
65-63 yeah pretty high scoring europe bbal plebs Only German Cs scene is worse
2018-12-28 20:41
Your national pride disgusts me.
2018-12-28 20:42
Turkey PutinBlyatoglu 
That's not national pride. Galatasaray and Beşiktaş fans don't give a shit.
2018-12-28 20:46
Fenerbahçe - Real Madrid SK | Turkey What a game :) DAAAMN MAN YOUR NATIONAL PRIDE DISGUSTS ME
2018-12-28 20:49
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