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Girl problem
D0cC | 
Europe Vlad_is_love 
I am not ugly, i have money and some charisma as well. But when i am chatting with girl and trying to help her its getting even worse and she hates me now. I did biggest mistakes in my life 2 times in 2 weeks. What way of suicide should i try?
2018-12-30 01:44
Grow a pair kid
2018-12-30 01:45
2018-12-30 01:48
Try holding a toaster and jumping in a bath.
2018-12-30 01:45
2018-12-30 01:47
Ty mate
2018-12-30 01:53
Eat some baguette, drink some lemon balm and chill
2018-12-30 01:45
Don't suicide man. Stop getting into her business and just say talk to me whenever you need emotional support instead of always asking.
2018-12-30 01:46
you should always listen to girls problems and just understand, they rarely want solutions to their problems. "dont save her, she dont want to be saved"
2018-12-30 01:47
Why girls are so illogical...
2018-12-30 01:53
they are programmed by nature to be different. its not anyones fault that you dont understand eachother at first. communication is the main key to retain a happy relationship and understanding eachother perfectly, but nothing is perfect at start you have to put time and effort into it :)
2018-12-30 02:14
Just move on.
2018-12-30 01:47
She said, "Oh, you rich rich?" Bitch, I graduated, call me "Big Fish"
2018-12-30 01:50
paid sex is cheaper than free sex, think about it
2018-12-30 01:54
United States Merk0 
Just get another girl dude it's ez for u
2018-12-30 01:56
Nah, it is actually a problem for me cuz i am very shy and i know only few girls from my uni group
2018-12-30 01:58
United States Merk0 
I recommend playing super seducer and super seducer 2 then. It will teach you the basics on how to get mad pussy
2018-12-30 02:00
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