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I just finished Alan Wake
PLEASE MAKE ALAN WAKE 2 YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT REMEDYYYYY NOT RIGHT NOW I recommend to play this game. It is awesome.
2018-12-31 22:39
alan wake 2 is not happening
2018-12-31 22:40
;.; whyyyy
2018-12-31 22:45
there are currently no plans and the story is finished
2018-12-31 22:49
it is not lol
2018-12-31 22:53
Other xrist 
i remember years ago when everyone on steam had some stupid alan wake avatar, caner imo.
2018-12-31 22:40
idk about that but game is still nice
2018-12-31 22:59
Europe pencilvester 
I just download it...i mean.. bought it I just bought it
2018-12-31 22:57
2018-12-31 22:59
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