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First ever top 20 apperance
Faroe Islands Ez4Olof 
To those looking for clues, we can say that eight players make their first-ever appearance in our top 20 selection and that there was only one non-Major event this year with all of our 20 picks in attendance." I think valde glaive twistzz naf tarik electronic magisk and sunny made first time in top 20 Ur opinions?
2019-01-02 16:15
Finland no_man 
2019-01-02 16:16
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
Magisk already made it in 2016.
2019-01-02 16:19
Sorry i forgot
2019-01-02 16:20
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
I think ropz, or nahte can make it, also I think that tarik won't be in the top 20. Anyways we'll see.
2019-01-02 16:23
Portugal P1nt0 
tarik valde gla1ve eletronic twistz ropz cerq naf
2019-01-02 16:22
ebot | 
Europe Baitzera2k 
Valde, autimatic, ropz, suNny, gla1ve, NAF, electronic, twistzz
2019-01-02 16:26
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