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Danes come here, please :)
France d1ppel 
What is the cost of living in Koge, comparing it with Copenhagen and Aarhus, for example?
2019-01-05 17:14
say "device top1" and you will have it for free
2019-01-05 17:15
he indeed is top1, dude
2019-01-05 17:15
leave me out of it, i dont want to be on either side
2019-01-05 17:16
all good, brother :)
2019-01-05 17:18
2019-01-06 23:08
Denmark Enggaard 
If u want bo be shot by gangsters its a great city
2019-01-05 17:20
u talking about Koge? it seems like nice and peaceful city
2019-01-05 17:22
Denmark Enggaard 
In some parts its very peaceful, but it has been victim to alot of gang violence
2019-01-06 00:18
"Gang violence" That means if you get into it, you will be in trouble, but if you don't get into it then its all good, nothing to worry about.
2019-01-06 12:41
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
theres often 'collateral damage'
2019-01-06 13:23
no there is not if it isnt a terrorist attack, gang members always fight with other gang members so dont act like they kill innocent people
2019-01-06 14:15
Denmark Enggaard 
But innocent people can get hit? And even though they are not aiming for non-gang related people, i still wouldnt feel safe in such areas
2019-01-06 19:45
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
Innocent people have been hit multiple times.
2019-01-06 23:06
United States _AN_yB_detiaB 
go figure a muslim is backing muslim gangs LUL
2019-01-06 23:25
Israel unsolid 
Danish gangstars? Will they throw notebooks at me?
2019-01-06 14:55
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
no they only kill 16 y/o kids
2019-01-06 23:06
Other Mukade 
I felt the same. Can’t really see how denmark has gangsters.
2019-01-06 23:18
Spain iamF1XEN 
2019-01-06 23:23
i will suck em off too just get me out of this place pls
2019-01-06 23:07
very peaceful, closer to copenhagen = more muslims = bad prices are pretty low in koge compared to the other 2 u mentioned the more south the cheaper
2019-01-05 17:24
thank you for the detailed reply
2019-01-05 17:33
plus in the south you can drive to germany to buy groceries
2019-01-06 13:25
Hvem køber grøntsager i Tyskland xdddd??
2019-01-06 19:47
this is probably the most awesome thing i've ever heard in my pathetic life.
2019-01-06 23:08
it means "who buys vegetables in germany?"
2019-01-07 08:08
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina snowyy1 
Lul if you want peace then live at Aalborg/Silkeborg. Not at like Odense, Copenhagen and Aarhus etc.
2019-01-06 00:25
so smth like the more northerly the more peaceful?
2019-01-06 12:36
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina snowyy1 
2019-01-06 13:16
in the north its very peaceful, but it might be hard to get a job
2019-01-06 13:25
Naestved is best city in denmark
2019-01-06 00:27
is it easy for a foreigner to find a job there? /who does not speak danish/
2019-01-06 12:40
for working as a foreginer in denmark you should live in one of the big cities, or atleast work in them
2019-01-06 13:21
Bump 💕 Have a good night!
2019-01-06 00:32
appreciate it, buddy
2019-01-06 12:37
Denmark Jehova 
køge is a shithole
2019-01-06 00:34
could u argument yourself, please
2019-01-06 12:37
Denmark Grunskulle 
An appartement with 100 to 110 m2 and 3 to 4 rooms / DKK Copenhagen 30k - 95k avg 43k Arhus - 18k - 50k avg 38k Køge - 30k - 48k avg 33k Copenhagen and Aarhus is tricky, there are some areas that are REALLY expensive. But depends on your line of work also, do you need a car, thats around 3 to 6k a month, depeding on how far you drive, and so on and so on.. Shopping is pretty much the same, going out no so much :D - If crime is something you want to look at, google - search for "crime statistics denmark by zip code" Just bare in mind "ghettos"
2019-01-06 13:05
Køge is kinda cheap, but its on "sjælland" living on sjælland cost more than living on "jylland" live on "fyn" or "jylland" is my suggestion
2019-01-06 13:19
Aalborg, Silkeborg, Svendborg, Sønderborg, Faaborg Very good places
2019-01-06 13:20
2019-01-06 13:21
Israel unsolid 
Yarl borg
2019-01-06 14:57
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
Frederikssund squad
2019-01-06 13:25
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
Free if you're toxic on faceit
2019-01-06 13:26
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
2019-01-06 23:07
Horsens is a good city aswell and rather cheap :) And its close to Århus, Vejle, Skanderborg and Silkeborg
2019-01-06 13:52
Don't go to Jutland, Køge is a great city...
2019-01-06 14:19
Denmark Enggaard 
You best option would be Aarhus IMO, the suburbs arent that expensive and the language barrier will not be that big of an issue
2019-01-06 19:47
device | 
Denmark valt3rr 
Well if it was up to me i would pick a city like Hillerød og Silkeborg. They are borg Great cities and not that expensive :)
2019-01-06 19:53
lmao only kategat is is a nice city all other nordic places are irrelevant
2019-01-06 23:10
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
Some really shitty "advice" here. It basicly depends what you are looking for, but being a non Danish speaker, it will be much easier to find a job in Copenhagen than say Jylland or Fyn, and in that case Køge is ok. Its just around 30 mins from Copenhagen.
2019-01-06 23:15
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