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What Envy should do with Karrigan
World Snazzzy 
Envy recently raised $20 million dollars in funding, meaning that this is money that can be used to overhaul their CS:GO roster, which I think they should do and think they are planning on doing since they put the funds into getting Karrigan for the minor/major. These are players that I think would be reasonable for Envy to add, and I think this would be a solid team. For this I'm just going to assume Envy do not miraculously do very well at the minor/major, and also will assume Envy will stay as an NA core, as hastr0 stated this is a reason they dropped the French roster. Karrigan - IGL - Don't need to say much here. One of the best IGLs in the world (even if FaZe disagrees lol), and a great starting piece for any international team. I think he has a good mindset to put together a team with balanced roles that can succeed, even with less talent in NA. Nifty - AWP - Nifty is second not for skill (even though I think he is skilled) but because he is already signed with Envy and is a solid AWPer. Although many people think that he is over hyped, and I agree that this is sort of true, one thing that is rarely brought up is that has usually been forced to IGL in his teams. I think that he has a lot of potential that we have seen in bursts throughout his career, and I would love to see if he will flourish under an IGL like Karrigan. Tarik - Entry - Tarik I think is an easy pick up for almost any NA team right now. Aside from his personal brand that can be enticing for an organization to be behind, he is very skilled, has a lot of experience for someone who is only 22. He has also proven that he can play a number of roles including entry, lurk, AWP, etc. I think he would be a great piece for Karrigan to utilize into any scenario. The only issue is that he definitely deserves to be on a top 10 team and I am not sure he would join a new project like this unless he really was out of options. Relyks - Lurker - This is more of a placeholder player, ideally if this team does decent enough Envy could entice a better NA player to make the move over. I could of picked someone like autimatic, who I think would be amazing instead, but I'm going to assume he would not leave C9 to jump ship to a new project, which is why I went with Relyks as a placeholder, as he is looking for a team after being dropped from eUnited. I struggled to find a solid NA player that would realistically join basically a brand new team, and I think Relyks is a serviceable player that can do his role well enough. I also think since he has been at the bottom of pro league basically his whole career that working with karrigan would be good for him to learn. hAdji - 2nd Entry - This is the only other EU import I chose for the team in order to make it an NA core. I originally had the idea to do this write up because I thought about how hAdji would be an interesting player to join Envy if they rebuilt their roster because he was very solid, and showed in Imperial that he could speak on an English speaking team and still perform. I think he is the best player of the "new generation" of French pros (other than Zywoo) and he did not get a fair chance on a top 30 team. I would like to see him get some experience under a real IGL in Karrigan, as he only worked with Happy when he was not doing as well calling. So ultimately the roster would be - Karrigan - Tarik - Nifty - Relyks - hAdji I think this roster has a good mix of skill, experience, role balance, and little to no personality conflicts. All of the players make sense in the context of the CS pro scene and I think these are all reasonable players for Envy to be able to add with their funding (most of the funding would be to buy out tarik, however).
2019-01-05 17:38
why not amanek...?
2019-01-05 17:38
Oh shit forgot about him. That would be good too
2019-01-05 17:39
yea and he is free agent
2019-01-05 17:39
I chose hadji originally just because he has history with the org
2019-01-05 17:42
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