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How does KJAERBYE feel
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
2019-01-06 17:10
Sweden ScineLy1 
Are peoples full retarted? they would kick him , so he just left the team.
2019-01-06 17:11
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
He himself left Astralis without telling about it
2019-01-06 17:17
2019-01-06 17:24
He sucked badly on CT side
2019-01-06 17:25
NBK- | 
Europe S01ID 
To clarify the matters, astralis never expected him to leave. It was said in a interview that kajerbyes departure came as a surprise to glave because they thought they would fix the issues instead of doing roster changes like any other teams out there.
2019-01-07 01:28
2019-01-06 17:12
Slovenia kivoJ 
He feels very good. He listened to his heart, saved his honor and left like a man right on top. Having fun in North now. Respect for the boy.
2019-01-06 17:12
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
Almost agree I don't think it is bad, but he is probably very sad
2019-01-06 17:20
He'll be fine, North is not a cardbox neath the bridge.
2019-01-07 00:55
Brazil VeryMibrGuy 
Huge respect indeed.
2019-01-07 01:24
and then there is also you who sits in their mommas basement, wasting a bunch of hours on a clip nobody is going to watch
2019-01-06 17:14
device | 
Mexico SiulKrad 
Kjaerbye MVP Eleague Major 2017 <3
2019-01-06 17:15
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
Indeed. The good old days :)
2019-01-06 17:22
I think he's fine
2019-01-06 17:17
Sweden ThorinEk 
Let me guess, You made the video...
2019-01-06 17:20
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
2019-01-06 17:21
Sweden ThorinEk 
I stand corrected.
2019-01-06 17:23
he left because he didn t want to travel that much anymore and wanted to stay more with familly,notg because he tought north will be a better team or because of money stop this shit
2019-01-06 17:23
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
I don't think it is bad, Kjaerbye is a good guy and player but he is probably very sad
2019-01-06 17:25
yes ofc its kinda sad when you leave a team which wasnt even top 5 when you left,and suddendly become best team in csgo history
2019-01-06 17:43
Other Mukade 
I think he’s fine. Playing in a decent team Making great money and having fun with friends That said, if he wouldve stayed we can’t say astralis wouldve had the same succes
2019-01-06 17:24
somehow when magisk joined the team,gla1ve xyp9x became from 0 to hero,star players and absoluty god aim .
2019-01-06 17:44
he probably earns a fuckton in north, hes gonna wash away his tears with champagne and eat caviar
2019-01-06 17:27
He has nice salary in North. He is fine and still 20y old.
2019-01-06 17:28
Palestine Baitor69 
2019-01-06 17:29
They wouldnt achieve half of it with Kjarbye. It would have to be: - Dupreeh +Magisk Then they would win some events, cause Kjaerbye likes Dupreeh role.
2019-01-07 01:18
Nah bro let's be honest 1 minute, with Device in the team they would win with literally any Danish lineup, he's just that good.
2019-01-07 02:32
2019-01-07 02:38
Probably sleeping on a matress full of dollar bills
2019-01-07 01:19
Japan Cute_Loli 
Bot player getting paid 10 k a month to play on free to play game OMEGALUL He doesnt care xD
2019-01-07 02:00
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
I say KJAER you say:
2019-01-07 02:10
2019-01-07 02:30
they were all horrible on him, when he left gla1ve was happy as fuck and tweeted im so motivated and astralis are all acting like they are innocent, ofc he wanna leave if he is not getting the respect he deserves
2019-01-07 02:18
Kjaerbye is cheat coder of the Astralis guys and gets cut from their earnings plus he also playing in another team making money this way 200 IQ plays.
2019-01-07 02:30
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