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GeT_RiGhT | 
North America B0bbutttoast 
Why is it okay for girls to deem sex a determining factor in a relationship, but its not okay for guys too? For instance. A guy says "I don't really like her but she gives good head" and he's a huge asswipe A girl says "Its a bad relationship but its good dick" and its fine I legitimately hear girls say things similar to that second one like twice a week on average, and no one bats an eye. But if a guy ever said something like the first one people would go for his throat. Like if a guy even brings up sex as a factor in a relationship he gets shit on, but if a girl shits on a guy for not fucking her right he's a dick. TL:DR; Read it stupid dumb idiot hltv pls don't delete its an honest question no hate speech here :)
2019-01-10 06:45
Ignore the third to last line i'm half asleep and its aids
2019-01-10 06:46
idk from my experience, people don't really react that poorly to guys deeming sex a determining factor. I mean to some it probably seems kind of trashy to stay in a poor/toxic relationship just for the sex, but I think most people understand that it applies to both guys and girls
2019-01-10 08:45
It’s called double standards
2019-01-10 06:48
2019-01-10 06:49
which is actually the same
2019-01-10 06:49
I mean yeah, but why does no one give a shit?
2019-01-10 06:50
Idk, ask twitter
2019-01-10 06:51
Edit: re thought that post and decided i didn't want to be banned. Would rather not hear the nice ladies on the opposing sides opinions :)
2019-01-10 06:54
Girls are tender creatures, we had a deal ever since the world began, we protect them, treat them like legends and giving everything we have just to grab the juicy fruits the nature gave them. We won't survive from one another so I think it's fair they can play whatever you want, we should conquer them but once we did, we're the leaders of the tribe. They follow us since then.
2019-01-10 06:50
This post started off strong but the end there makes you look straight up incel
2019-01-10 06:51
You can't always be on the white side, life is pain and happiness. Know the way fool. The faster you'll get this, the better for you.
2019-01-10 08:21
2019-01-11 05:27
Opinion of the underage has no weight.
2019-01-12 10:57
2019-01-12 20:01
2019-01-11 05:49
Other flynttt 
so u mad cuz a girl dumped u cause u cant giver her the sexual attention that she needs or i am missing something?
2019-01-10 06:53
Nah i'm a huge virgin, its just an observation
2019-01-10 06:54
Other flynttt 
observation about relationships by a huge virgin ok
2019-01-10 06:56
Yes unbias if you ask me omegalul
2019-01-10 06:56
Where I come from, it's okay to say, for both ladies and gents. I think it's always fair to acknowledge a physical pleasure and the fact that it does not necessarily include feelings other than physical feelings. Unless you're keeping someone on the hook for sex, while they're in love with you, of course. That's not fair.
2019-01-10 08:30
I guess maybe it just happens to be a thing where i'm from, but I personally think its shitty from either side.
2019-01-11 05:29
I guess, yes, you could use a different formulation.. Not "i don't like her, but she gives good head", but maybe prefer "I'm not sure this is actually going anywhere, but we're having great sex". Maybe?
2019-01-11 12:12
Yeah the context of the sentence definitely changes how much of an asshat you are. If someone said that I wouldn't bat an eye, but they generally don't try at all to sugar coat it.
2019-01-11 21:37
Yep, if it's only sex then both parties should be aware of it.
2019-01-12 11:06
United States gtmaniacmda 
never heard anything like this, sounds like a social media thing (I don't use social media)
2019-01-11 06:00
2019-01-11 12:13
I don't use social media at all either, HLTV is the closest I get. It literally hear people say stuff like this around once a week.
2019-01-11 21:37
Hahaha, classic.
2019-01-11 12:23
Europe LawUysal 
Dick is important
2019-01-11 16:11
Because double standards
2019-01-12 11:07
n0thing | 
United Kingdom v0x1k 
if she takes it up the ass shes a keeper
2019-01-12 11:16
India EosTheMG 
Feminism and gender equality at its best level of hypocrisy
2019-01-12 11:19
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