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Czech Republic QuertyX 
This is a joke stat, right? When Xyp9x is the best clutcher in the game, but has 0.94 impact (clutches give economic advantage, resets, moral advantage etc.) Im not saying hes the best, but should be in top 5 definitly, if not the 1st spot
2019-01-10 15:59
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Impact rating is also opening kills, multi kills and more. Xyp9x all he can do is clutch and hide and survive.
2019-01-10 16:25
Belgium Chuckyyy 
The only thing he can do is clutch and throw nades That's why. Players like s1mple can do everything Xyp9x can't do
2019-01-10 16:28
ok, create your own rating calculation system in which xyp9x is top1 and make community use it
2019-01-10 16:32
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