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SmithZz | 
Belgium Chuckyyyyy 
If he left Envyus to go international in 2016, i bet he would have been at least top 5 every year
2019-01-10 23:06
Belgium 69Savage 
Probably yes, but glory is not everything.
2019-01-10 23:07
It really doesn't seem like he had fun playing in French teams the last 2/3 years, idk why he didn't leave for a better team and move away from the kid attitudes of the French scene
2019-01-10 23:10
United States Samsquanch_ 
The answer to this question is s1mple His englando confidence isn’t high enough to be able to communicate effectively with an English speaking team Annnnnnd I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even speak languages from neighboring French countries either...not well enough at least So...he’s stuck in the FR scene until he’s motivated enough to learn another language
2019-01-10 23:14
Man, his English is good enough to play in an English-speaking team.
2019-01-10 23:15
Albania lxxl2 
kennyS' London speak is very bad, even for a French person, but CS doesn't really require that much eloquence.
2019-01-10 23:23
I fucking want him to be atleast top 10 in 2019, fuck cmon kenny top #20 would have been decent xd so he would have stayed from 2013 :( gl kenny hope he wins big in 2019
2019-01-10 23:08
2019-01-12 20:05
It's because Shox takes care of his needs, his sexual needs.
2019-01-10 23:12
Nt SmithZz is shox's girlfriend, he would never cheat on him
2019-01-10 23:13
United States Samsquanch_ 
+1 Also Reported
2019-01-10 23:15
why :(
2019-01-10 23:16
There's a difference between a sniper playing for his teammates and the teammates playing for the sniper. I'm co-leading, organizing every defaults, our "bomb site taking", nades, etc .. I'm going first when it's tough eco/buy round, and I'm throwing the nades when we do specific tactics. In the pistol round I'm buying the smokes and flashes. Anyway life is tough sometimes but I'm getting paid very well. I don't care about having 30 frags, 1.50 rating, I don't care having fragmovie about me, I want to win. And you know what? I've been winning since 10 years with all of my teams. I'm not here because I'm shox' best friend. Shox got kicked a couple of times and I've always followed him coz' I like playing with him, we see the game the same way and we have the same work ethic. No disrepect, today we have the best team ever, IG / Outgame. Still a young team but proud of what we've done so far.
2019-01-13 11:43
Turkmenistan 0racle 
yeah you would think seeing inferior players above him in the top 20 would trigger him but he doesnt seem to care
2019-01-10 23:13
after shox could make a team w smithzz in 2018 we should just look at the french scene as if it was dead
2019-01-10 23:13
I hope the actual line-up of G2 will show good CS at Katowice. They've been showing good things recently
2019-01-10 23:19
Hungary OwlOfMoist 
They have the best firepower rn that the organisation of G2 has seen but IDK about tactics
2019-01-12 20:07
Not sure
2019-01-10 23:13
I'm sure. Look at how he carried those bots, the only reason he's not playing well right now is because he lost motivation
2019-01-10 23:42
He could lose motivation after dominating 1 year as well,its really hard to predict stuff like that.
2019-01-10 23:46
Things like that only happen in the French scene my friend
2019-01-10 23:48
bro look at my threads man
2019-01-12 20:06
2019-01-13 11:42
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