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Krimz or glaive
flusha | 
Poland MIBR_is_so_fckin_bad_LUL 
Krimz won vs guardian vs coldzera too time for best nvidia user in the world who will be 8th and who 9th?
2019-01-11 20:54
Krimz 8 Glave 9
2019-01-11 20:55
Krimz 9 Gla1ve 8
2019-01-11 20:56
Russia zbogus 
*best radar user
2019-01-11 20:57
Twistzz | 
North America Qu1rrel 
idk why krimz should even be in top 10... he had about a month where he was performing well and now he is insanely overhyped somehow
2019-01-11 20:58
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