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Faceit multiple acc
Thorin | 
Germany wolverinesucks 
Just wondering, i have been getting many low level premades on faceit lately who are either new accounts or obvious smurfs with 200 hrs. They are usually premade like 1 guy lvl 5-6 and then 2 others lvl 2-3 who are clearly too good to be in that level. I dont mind their skill but it messes up the mm because my level 3 players are actually level 3 and the match is either tryhard carry or lose 16-5. Its also so consuming trying to stop my low level players from tilting or going silent on comms. So yea in this regard, i know there is some sort of policy about multiple accounts on faceit. Is there any kind of report i can make for people having multiple accounts? Is it worth it? Does it work? Have you guys had similar issues?
2019-01-11 21:49
Denmark Niicism 
2019-01-11 22:01
TLDR can i report people on faceit for having multiple accounts and being obvious smurfs ruining the mm system?
2019-01-11 21:52
Sweden 1iber 
Yea, as i remember they ban for having multi-acc
2019-01-11 21:56
how can i report those accounts? What info do i have to provide?
2019-01-11 21:59
Sweden 1iber 
To be honest, i dont know, try to ask support about it
2019-01-11 22:03
Romania Ganlock 
you can have multiple account if you deactivate your older account
2019-01-11 22:08
Sweden 1iber 
I dont think many players do it, but it could be
2019-01-11 22:11
its just the fourth time i get a bunch of premades who have 100 hrs so i just flipped... It sucks to play like that man, they are probably boosting their friend who is just going to go up to level 8-9 and get rekt for like 10 matches and ruin their games too. Just dumb and pointless.
2019-01-11 22:14
Sweden 1iber 
I know how is it to get enemies like that, gl in next games
2019-01-11 22:18
Ukraine treeex 
send ticker to support with proofs like same nicknames (give them links) , try to ask them to check ip on this accounts , if its same 90% that he will get ban
2019-01-11 22:13
thank you bro.
2019-01-11 22:14
bump :(
2019-01-11 21:54
United States m1santhr0pe3 
easy solution dont play with faceit level 3 players
2019-01-11 21:55
its not in my hand, i just queued with my friend, we are both level 6. We got 1 lvl4 and 2 level 3 in our team. The opposite team had 1 level 6 2 lvl5 and 2 lvl 3. Our lvl 3 players sucked, their level 3 players were top fragging.
2019-01-11 21:58
United States m1santhr0pe3 
well that sucks its near impossible to prove someone is smurfing even for valve for faceit it would be literally impossible considering they dont have access to enough info
2019-01-11 22:00
if it is a 100 hr account doing well in faceit level 6 it cant possibly be a main account right?
2019-01-11 22:03
United States m1santhr0pe3 
maybe things that could happen: someone lost access to main account (eg. hacked/stolen) and made alt to play on someone was really good in another fps or cs1.6/source and they just started playing CS or someone could just be really good to start, some of my friends where horrible when they first started but some other where decent when they started so
2019-01-11 22:07
yeah i guess... thats why i made the thread anyway in order to clarify what the options are and if it is even worth it. Thanks for your replies though!
2019-01-11 22:10
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Prem accounts / names / addresses / payments / IP range / MAC addresses / terminal name Plenty of stuff to cross reference
2019-01-12 02:47
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
now you know how faceit works!! gl and hf!
2019-01-11 21:57
you're lucky then you'll start to cry when u get queued against 3 lvl 10's with 2,5k-3k elo with 2 lvl 1-3 premades +40/-10elo (spoiler lvl 1/3 will carry , my team is getting sweet -40elo) faceit response ty jacke
2019-01-11 22:27
oh god. this should be a freaking war crime wtf. THIS IS CYBERBULLYING
2019-01-12 02:31
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
I’ve dealt with Jake before, he’s an absolute clown, gets nothing done and can’t even read.
2019-01-12 02:48
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