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Pianists come here
Poland DefeN 
Is it hard to learn to play the piano (at a decent level at least) if I never even touched it before, and I'm 19 now? The only instrument I played was the flute when I was a kid XD
2019-01-11 22:05
not that hard, but it takes a decent amount of practice unless youre really talented
2019-01-11 22:07
lots of work or you could only play the black keys and make life easier
2019-01-11 22:08
Poland DefeN 
I'm not racist so I'm probably gonna be playing both colors
2019-01-11 22:21
no no you see im showing awareness for black keys
2019-01-11 22:20
ahahahah you are not racist lol
2019-01-11 23:43
Pretty sure that's not how it works
2019-01-11 22:22
oh i'm sorry did mozart literally come out of his grave in panama just to create an hltv account and prove my theory of music wrong
2019-01-11 22:26
So because I'm not a piano player I'm not allowed to have have basic music knowledge
2019-01-11 22:29
oh I'M SORRY did beethoven literally crawl out of fer's ear canal just to spend 20 years learning sign language so someone else could make an hltv account for him and debate whether or not a person is the greatest gift to music theory or not
2019-01-11 22:33
mozart was austrian!!
2019-01-11 22:32
2019-01-11 22:33
he was from austria!!!!!!!!!
2019-01-11 22:33
steve irwin and spunj too
2019-01-11 22:34
thats another austria tho
2019-01-11 22:35
stria mate, gday
2019-01-11 22:37
oi oio i
2019-01-11 22:38
snatchie | 
Europe Eldi74 
not that hard i never play on anything and i just started summer 2018 and already can do something
2019-01-11 22:28
from my own experience, i started learning a few months ago, and I never had played before, and I´m learning Bohemian Rhapsody really fast and easily so... If you have will to learn, then sure you can learn. Maybe start learning some basic musics with simple chords, chords in general. GL bro
2019-01-11 22:29
Ty bruh. First I'm gonna learn the basics and then try to play some easy songs that I like, then we'll see :D
2019-01-11 23:35
you´re welcome. Ok then, you got this dude
2019-01-12 17:46
The tone system is very easy to pick up on a piano compared to a string instrument. Example. All 7 church tone scales are built into the design of the piano. Pick any white key, and play the next 7 white key. Knowing this, you can fairly easily transpose the tones to another key.
2019-01-11 22:31
You could buy a piano like this: But probably hella expensive to buy a piano/a piano like this youtuber got, but i love this youtuber, such a chill channel. This persons piano is amazing, it lights up as well when he hits the piano keys. ^^ EDIT: Its called "LED piano" i think.
2019-01-11 22:34
If you want to learn it, learn it! I myself am 19 years old as well, and started to learn piano only a year ago as well, unless you're like 60 years old age won't matter that much. And sure, if you actually want to learn and you're not crazy talented, you'll have to be a bit patient and put in the hours, but believe me, with a bit of work and pleasure you can get very far, even just as a hobby pianist without a lot of talent. I recently read a book about playing music as a hobby, by this journalist that died in the 90s who was really pasionate about music, and he states that with half an hour or an hour of work a day, you can really become a good musician, and believe me, it's true.
2019-01-11 22:41
Don't listen to these guys who say that it is not that hard. If you want a decent lvl of piano playing, you have to sacrifice a lot of time and have a ot of talent also
2019-01-11 22:53
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Yes it is hard and you need a piano teacher for it.
2019-01-12 17:52
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