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Study in german language question
Denmark bracco 
So the thing is that I really want to study international management (in german language). The university application deadline is like in 2 months and I have to decide whether to chose normal management or the international one. But now the interesting part. I know only basics of the german language and have never learned it in school before. I am willing to study hard, but is it doable? Is there any hope? What would you recommend? May sound really stupid but i am desperate :D
2019-01-12 01:02
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
ofc it is possible, u can learn decent german in like half a year Id say (decent enough for studying)
2019-01-12 01:04
byali | 
Poland byalo 
No it isnt
2019-01-12 01:07
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
lmao so how would you know? there is fkcn migrants that learn decent german in 3months (those who try)
2019-01-12 01:55
byali | 
Poland byalo 
You know nothing you little nobody. Stop trying to act big on the internet.
2019-01-12 01:59
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
so because you couldnt make it its not possible, I see. Well sucks for you
2019-01-12 02:08
2019-01-12 14:16
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
dude german is a really easy language, fairly similar to english and swedish, so specially for a dane it will be fairly easy
2019-01-12 02:08
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
true, german is one of the easiest to learn languages (but hard to master because it has some random elements that arent logical)
2019-01-12 02:17
Kyrgyzstan Anschluss 
>German >not logical My life has just been changed from on
2019-01-12 07:38
German cases (Kasus) are horrible to learn for foreigners.
2019-01-12 14:20
byali | 
Poland byalo 
I came here at age 13 and needed 1 year for the basic language and 2-3 years more to do it. If you wanna stufy abroad go for the UK allthough its a shit country they have some good colleges (leeds for engineering, oxford and cambridge if your parents have a lot of money) and a linguafranca as a langage. Also considering some lectures are hard to understand as a native speaker I would recommend studying in denmark and doing your master abroad
2019-01-12 01:08
thanks for your opinion, i technically have 6 months to learn
2019-01-12 01:10
byali | 
Poland byalo 
If you dont have any other duties (uni, work) it can be possible to learn basic german but doubt it would be helpful for your performance at uni. My high school friends who studied international management all studied in germany and did a master in america singapure or netherlands. But because the first 2 semesters are really stressful anyways would recommend doing it in danish
2019-01-12 01:13
Comparing Slavic language against danish language lmao
2019-01-12 14:17
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
easy, i learnt it first
2019-01-12 01:08
Germany Roflcopter234 
2019-01-12 01:12
Germany RobiDable 
+1 lmao
2019-01-12 13:38
I think if you already know the basics then you definitely can get to a good level in two months.
2019-01-12 01:17
Tough, but should be doable if you really apply yourself and learning languages isn't like your kryptonite. Start by study German where you can - for instance watch German children's TV-programs, take your summer holiday in Germany and so (it is a great country so loss in doing your vacation there).
2019-01-12 01:28
German is easy to learn. So go for it. But honestly? It is way better to be really good at English than German in pretty much every situation unless you specifically want a job in Germany.
2019-01-12 02:00
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
+1 this
2019-01-12 02:12
Germany Chris Walker 
As a Dane it should be pretty easy.
2019-01-12 02:14
I started my study International Business and Languages which includes the german language for me as well. The uni started with the level of german that I (should've) been thaught in high school, except that I'd never had german in high school. Currently in my 2nd year and doing pretty good so I think you should just go for it
2019-01-12 09:51
Why don't you want to study at CBS? I think learning German is pretty challenging, especially the cases. And if you're studying International Management, you might as well study in an English speaking track, whether in Germany, Denmark or elsewhere.
2019-01-12 14:25
I as a german have to say that it's probably one of the hardest ones to learn. But ofc it's doable if you put enough effort in it.
2019-01-12 15:49
shit language imo
2019-01-12 15:51
german so easy lol
2019-01-12 15:57
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