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KRIMZ > coldzero
Ukraine Donbass_Warrior 
LUL ez top 9 for KRIMZ cry is free haters, you'll see it
2019-01-12 01:24
KRIMZ is the biggest bot most undeserved
2019-01-12 01:25
s1mple top 2 (after dev1ce) is undeserved, NiKo should be #2
2019-01-12 01:27
felps | 
Brazil Tetzel 
S1mple #1 I do not like him very much, but this is undeniable.
2019-01-12 01:30
S1mple #1 no doubt.
2019-01-12 01:58
Krimz is not gonna be in top20 man
2019-01-12 01:31
coldzera | 
Brazil tavin 
Nah, #9 or #8
2019-01-12 01:33
even coldzero fans agree that krimz is better
2019-01-12 01:35
Brazil Mirekz 
stats say otherwise tho also krimz only played 90 maps at big events while coldzera played 140, they had pretty much the same rating in 2018, but krimz played way less maps
2019-01-12 01:39
Russia zbogus 
ehm, trophies?
2019-01-12 01:40
Brazil Mirekz 
how many thophies krimz got tho?
2019-01-12 01:40
more than cold
2019-01-12 01:46
2019-01-12 01:49
Albania lxxl2 
How many people bait for cold?
2019-01-12 02:36
3. IEM Katowice 2018 WESG 2017 PLG Grand Slam Abu Dhabi
2019-01-12 03:25
Brazil Mirekz 
taking into account t3 events xd
2019-01-12 03:37
Error 404 coldzera's tier 1 win in 2018 not found. You got to admit that the events SK/mibr won this year is tier 2 events and no tier 1 event win while Fnatic won a big event and is relevant reason for krimz to be higher than coldzera in the rankings. Btw individual stats of krimz is better than coldzera. (Rating is irrelevant. I only count ADR, KPR and Impact)
2019-01-12 03:52
Brazil Mirekz 
rating 2.0 takins into account all the things that you said above so how the fuck rating is irrelevant? also like i said krimz will probably be at 9, but that doesn't mean he is better or worse, since he played way less maps than coldzera at big events, 50 less maps, who is to say that he would keep his rating if he played the same amount of maps than the other top 10 players.
2019-01-12 04:21
The only reason overall rating is irrelevant is because the fact that other irrelevant stats that is put inside their rating such as AWP KPR. Cold plays awp while krimz don't and when you put in stats like that into overall rating, it will not be fair. Surviving stats is also irrelevant as the player can just save every round and have higher rating than the other player. That is why if we want to compare individual with another individual, we only need ADR, KPR and Impact. If you see the past hltv ranking, they don't care about how many maps the player play in a year. They only look at the stats and right now you can see that Krimz stats is better than coldzera individually. So no matter if Krimz go in top 20 or not, he still have a good year and it is nice to see him coming back to form and congrats to cold for being top 10.
2019-01-12 05:01
Brazil Mirekz 
lmao what a bunch of bullshit u just said, by your logic if a player play 2 events at the beggning of the year and gets a boosted rating in these two events then never play another event in the rest of the year he should be ranked top 10
2019-01-12 05:06
Russia zbogus 
krimz actually played in a lot of big events, although a lot of success comes from the beginning of the year, at least he has some success, does coldzera, no
2019-01-12 08:56
Well it is up to you on how you interpret my words but all I'm gonna say is that 90+ maps in big events shows that he has been to lots of big events too this year and I understand it isn't as much as coldzera's amount of maps. They keep going to either quarter finals or bomb out of the group for the majority of the year. Considering the amount of maps he play and the team he's in shows that Krimz is capable to keep his level even though the team wasn't at its best. Believe me I don't even think Krimz deserve top 20 this year but after looking at his consistency, I actually think he deserves this, the same to Coldzera. Both of them deserves a spot in top 20 no matter in what position they are.
2019-01-12 09:39
Brazil Mirekz 
the thing is, Krimz is the only player in the top 10 that has almost half of the maps played in big events than the other players in the top 10
2019-01-13 17:00
Myanmar xdcc 
Katowice > WESG > Zotac(cold) > PLG > Moche XL(cold)/Adrenaline (cold) Katowice alone was better than everything coldzera won in 2018.
2019-01-12 04:02
Brazil Mirekz 
all t3 events
2019-01-12 04:19
Russia zbogus 
katowice tier 3 event? ok, it looks like you ran out of arguments
2019-01-12 08:57
0/8 have a nice day
2019-01-12 09:03
All time stats lul
2019-01-12 01:51
Brazil Mirekz 
just change to 2018 and read what i said
2019-01-12 01:51
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
krimz still had better kpr, apr, impact and opening kills per round, plus more trophies
2019-01-12 02:07
Brazil Mirekz 
yea but the rating was the same 1.16, also like i said krimz played 90 maps while coldzera played 140, 50 maps difference, the more maps you play the harder is to keep a high rating krimz will probably be 9th tho
2019-01-12 02:27
coldzera | 
Brazil tavin 
Nah, I just said that he will be in the list
2019-01-12 01:38
krimz 9 place)
2019-01-12 05:15
Reported. How can KRiMZ be better than xypn9x??? twitzz???? guardian??? whoever thinks krimz is in top20 is either baiting or braindead /close
2019-01-12 02:08
due to stats krimz better than twistzz, so who knows
2019-01-12 02:30
Albania lxxl2 
Tgwr1s made a tweet about players who almost made it into the top 20, and KRIMZ was’t on there. Everybody would agree KRIMZ>valde, so he must be in the top 20.
2019-01-12 02:35
well, cant deny, thats a good point.
2019-01-12 03:19
Albania lxxl2 
I don’t really think KRIMZ was a top 10 player, but he must be according to HLTV.
2019-01-12 03:22
Europe p1peb0mb 
because krimz was a top 4 player half the year and still a top 20 player in remaining year.
2019-01-12 09:21
top8 mb, 9 can be gla1ve
2019-01-12 02:28
krimz is bad
2019-01-12 03:57
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
If valde made top 20 ktimz can top
2019-01-12 09:05
2019-01-12 09:27
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