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Logitech G403 vs. Steelseries Rival 310
s1mple | 
India astaelian 
Both fit my hand size, and their sensors are excellent. I also love their shapes. I really can't decide. This will also be the first time I'm using a 'Gaming' Mouse. What to buy? inb4 search for forsaken mouse
2019-01-12 01:46
Zowie is too expensive here, so not an option.
2019-01-12 01:47
Kyrgyzstan npax 
G403. Best mouse you can get.
2019-01-12 03:58
g403 I guess, it has better buttons, if i remember correctly its lighter.
2019-01-12 01:50
Yeah. It's 2 grams lighter.
2019-01-12 01:50
United States SherlockOfHLTV 
G703 wireless > every other mouse ever
2019-01-12 03:06
United States n3h 
Gpro wireless better.
2019-01-12 04:05
Either or imo haven’t tried the g pro yet
2019-01-12 06:12
United States m1santhr0pe3 
by laptop and use trakcpad
2019-01-12 03:08
Rival 600 best!
2019-01-12 03:14
Sri Lanka Coman 
Rival 310 is a really good mouse. I had G403 before but I send it back because I didn't like it overall.
2019-01-12 03:52
Lebanon Delsol 
I still use my g403 and I Love it!!
2019-01-12 03:54
Canada Emperor1e 
Kinzu v1 for 10 years.
2019-01-12 04:12
Rival 310 is awesome. The best mouse I've ever used. I also bought QCK+ and I can highly recommend it. Had it for a while, everything works well, zero problems. Speed is good, the best sensor on the market so far makes a good job. The think is mouse is contoured for right handed person. That might be a problem for you if you rather have symmetrical one
2019-01-12 21:21
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