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biggest heart pro player?
forsaken | 
Other Anima_Vesta 
For me GTR
2019-01-12 02:05
2019-01-12 02:08
Brazil Malve 
2019-01-12 02:13
2019-01-12 03:02
2019-01-12 02:21
name checks out
2019-01-12 05:10
Did your nationalistic mind completely forget how he fucked over people in the past, showing very little "heart" in those situations?
2019-01-12 02:26
for example?
2019-01-12 02:42
> fucked over LG org > fucked over fnx behind his back > fucked over people like steel, lucas1, hen1 > fucked over tarik, stewie, ynk > scamming his fans by selling $3 mice for $70 yeah dude what a nice guy
2019-01-12 14:07
Now i know that you dont know bolhinhas about br scene The player already said that only fallen Didnt wanted to change the Org, but the other players of the team did, about lucas and hen1 fer wasnt fallen agiam, fer said that hen1 and lucas Didnt have the levem and he Didnt want to play with him anymore, and said he would leave if they Didnt change the lane, Fer never wanted the twins, but Fallen keeps them for the team for almost 2 yeas even with angaist fer will. Again with fnx the problema started with fer. About tarik stewie and YNk coldzera das about to leave the team because he Didnt wanted american roster So Fallen has a team, this cases wasnt Fallen Fauth, Fer is playing with fallen until they started, só he has alot of influencie in decisions, and after all change players is not about heart, is business, in a company, is some people din dedicate or dont show the skils to be in a top levem company, with a bit Salary like that, the Boss need to do something, and that dont make him a bad guy, is business and everyome know it.
2019-01-12 17:50
Brazil Apol0_1705 
I don't think FalleN is an angel like you are saying, he has the fault in some situations, but he is a very good guy, he helped a lot of people and he is helping the brazilian scene
2019-01-12 17:53
Im not saying hes an angel, im only explaning the situations that he put, Fer already explained in a video about the twins, he said that he told fallen that he would leave if Didnt change players
2019-01-12 17:56
Brazil Apol0_1705 
I understood, my friend But i'm saying that he has the fault in some situations, he isn't the "supergood heart" in the scene He is a good guy that thinks big and wants to be in the top
2019-01-12 18:00
Of course if he accepted the things he have fauth, but for me that not a problem at all, because is business, the orgs are he’s work, if some player are not performing in the level they need, they cant Jeep the player just because like him, that Won’t make him a good guy, to keep players that dont fit on the team, that just would make him stupid, because coupé ruin all the work he did to reach the top, they would end like VP.
2019-01-12 18:06
Brazil Apol0_1705 
I understand dude
2019-01-12 18:10
Please learn basic English that was painful to read.
2019-01-12 17:55
2019-01-12 17:57
Brazil Apol0_1705 
2019-01-12 17:58
Dude, i was writing in my Phone and very fast, than sometimes my IPhone word broker changed the words and i Didnt notice, and some agreement mistakes can happen in those situations
2019-01-12 18:00
Brazil Apol0_1705 
it was not that hard to understand mate, don't worry
2019-01-12 18:01
thats good enough
2019-01-13 00:02
Hobbit top1 not up for debate
2019-01-12 02:35
it is KRiMZ.
2019-01-12 02:09
2019-01-12 02:33
2019-01-12 02:34
Portugal mrsc 
firefighter AND a doctor at the same time? got my entire respect
2019-01-12 02:51
Canada Surzz 
gtr or pasha
2019-01-12 02:11
Pasha FalleN Felps Christopher Alesund Get right TAZ and NEO i guess dupreeh
2019-01-12 02:12
Asia SiduLooty 
dupreeh dosnet look like a nice guy tbf
2019-01-12 17:53
lol... peter is the coolest guy ever
2019-01-13 00:42
taz? lol im fine with the rest
2019-01-12 17:58
+1 for NEO
2019-01-12 23:02
Palestine Baitor69 
Pasha, GTR, FalleN, Cromen
2019-01-12 02:14
United States m1santhr0pe3 
papabiceps gtr s1mple (heart for the game)
2019-01-12 02:16
2019-01-12 02:20
Hiko, GTR, Dupreeh Now I want to come up with two more to make full team of nice guys. Help me :D
2019-01-12 02:27
Germany GiiGa88 
pasha and flusha
2019-01-12 02:31
Lmao flusha
2019-01-12 02:35
Germany GiiGa88 
tell me why not?
2019-01-12 03:09
Very talented but cheating scandal/suspicion and not extra emotional individual. That’s what I think of what I consider “Heart”
2019-01-12 05:08
Brazil Apol0_1705 
Flusha helped LG with money when they needed
2019-01-12 17:54
Oh icic
2019-01-12 23:01
2019-01-12 02:35
LOL, I should fucking help myself.... Look at my fanthingy.. My final team of nice guys: Hiko GTR Dupreeh Pasha Friberg No IGL, they will start each round standing in a circle discussing tactics for 30 seconds, as the nice guys they are :D
2019-01-12 02:56
Germany GiiGa88 
2019-01-12 02:31
Tarik. He is the nicest player around, that shouldn't even be a contest. And lol at people mentioning northern europrean players. Most of them are as cold as their weather.
2019-01-12 02:34
Brazil xpn :) 
Get right
2019-01-12 02:46
Why is everyone saying 3-faced fallen???
2019-01-12 02:46
fer | 
Brazil jmarcelo 
he did a live stream where people donated close to $4500 and he gave it all to Bravado cause they need it to stay in the scene, also if it wasn't for FalleN, the CS scene in Brazil would probably be non existent, and whether u like it or not, Brazilians are a pretty big part of the CS community...
2019-01-12 03:45
u mean flusha?
2019-01-12 04:43
Brazil Apol0_1705 
Yes, Flusha helped the brazilian scene a lot by donating LG the money that they needed But FalleN created GamersClub and is helping the brazilian scene in many different ways, creating tournaments and giving space to new guys in the scene
2019-01-12 17:56
autimatic | 
Europe MpK_ 
no flusha no brazil majors
2019-01-12 17:57
Brazil Apol0_1705 
Yes, probably not, Flusha was very important to our scene
2019-01-12 17:58
and still idiots from your country calls him "cheater" or "fat noob" not a real hate but truth
2019-01-13 00:30
Brazil Apol0_1705 
This guys are just rude and ungrateful Don't worry dude, we aren't really rude people and we are very friendly and funny people But like every other place in the world, there are some idiots that fuck up everything creating a bad mood around brazilians
2019-01-13 00:41
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
Gtr, forest, gob, tabsen, magisk (i enjoy his IG)
2019-01-12 02:46
Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen. But this is a CS forum so probably Pasha.
2019-01-12 02:58
Flusha paid for luminosity to attend their first big event avent. Imagine donating to some brs so they can end your era. If thats not a big heart I don't know what is
2019-01-12 03:03
It was not even a spit for him just to fix his cheater opinion which is truth. Its like philanthropists who make world wars (the ones who paid to hitler) but they are good men and help ppl officially ^^ its like 0.00001$ for you ;)
2019-01-12 03:35
Flusha Cheating Pick 1
2019-01-12 03:36
Retarded fanboy swede Retarded fanboy swede pick 1
2019-01-12 03:39
Why don't you post with your flag pussy, ashamed of your country?
2019-01-12 03:48
I'm globetrotter from earth and born in Poland if You need to know.Ofc Im not ashamed of my country I'm proud of it. However I would be ashamed to be Swede and too afraid to walk on my own country street and let muslims rape my women and let them take over my whole country from inside. Try to touch Polish woman in Poland even in muslim group ;-) We are waiting still. You won't survive for long, there are a lot of bad ppl here but we got our honor which Swedish ppl don't own. They just eat rotten fish and let their women be scared to get out of home and their men scared to go with them. And I know it not from propaganda but from my friend living in Sweden. Wait is your sister with arab dick already ? :| No toxicity tho I wish you all the best and to Your country but last few years show Swedes have no balls. Sad but truth. Anyway I wish u grow balls before they takeover Your country or they already did? However Poland gonna be one of last countries they will but sure thing is world's end is closer than farther. Whatever You answer to me inside You know it's pure truth. Think about it. And I'm not one of hltv kids. Real words. Don't be mad just fight for Your country did Scandinavians forget their roots? Warriors that's how i remember them. I hope you didn't forget your roots. Fight to the end and don't let em have it easy at least. Show heart.
2019-01-12 04:50
Brazil Apol0_1705 
omegalul, what is your problem?
2019-01-12 17:57
Take this message real no hatred bless You bro <3 My message brings more than You will ever hear in mass media they wanna You weak. Wake up brother. Good luck , take Your men and don't let them touch Your women. Your ancestry turning in their graves.
2019-01-12 04:53
Poland Este 
2019-01-12 03:08
Brazil FaustinhoSa 
2019-01-12 03:40
Brazil m16r_0 
2019-01-12 03:40
Brazil VeryNewfagGuy 
Whoever has Chagas disease is the winner, so its probably a brazilian
2019-01-12 05:18
my nigga f0rest
2019-01-12 17:54
2019-01-13 00:10
here we go
2019-01-13 00:19
Germany Fuzegamer18 
GeT_RiGhT and Pasha
2019-01-12 17:54
2019-01-13 00:19
Europe R2D2s 
2019-01-12 17:55
jmqa | 
Finland FinTz 
FalleN or Pasha
2019-01-12 18:02
M2.. Gtr
2019-01-12 18:03
2019-01-12 18:04
Toxic | 
Croatia notBCko 
Probably hiko, he is huge.
2019-01-12 18:07
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
GTR ? This dude disgusts me
2019-01-12 18:09
2019-01-12 18:10
Singapore Ndev0r 
agreed, GTR
2019-01-12 18:10
Canada Bucket0 
Styko Steel (br) Pasha Friberg Hiko GTR
2019-01-12 18:14
FalleN TaZ
2019-01-12 23:08
Poland Obolenski 
Guys fom old G5 and their friends in pro scene you can see here who is who
2019-01-12 23:11
Pasha or Fallen Fallen with the whole friendly approach to everyone and everywhere, + helping out Bravado Pasha is just pasha, nothing bad with him except he can have bad games but we all love papito
2019-01-13 00:15
Brazil kaiknux 
Flusha, gtr, fallen
2019-01-13 00:27
S1mple, because he carry bot Zews, bot Edward and Bot flamie
2019-01-13 00:36
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