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Best things to do in NYC
tarik | 
United States OKOptimistic 
I am going to NYC by myself for the first time to visit my sister so for any New Yorkers or NYC tourists what would you recommend to do. I went on TripAdvisor and listed the basic cliche NYC things I plan to do: 1. Empire State Building 2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 3. 9/11 Memorial & One World Trade Center & Oculus 4. Walk around Central Park 5. Grand Central Terminal 6. Statue of Liberty 7. Grand Central Terminal 8. St. Patrick's Cathedral 9. Brooklyn Bridge 10. Eat lots of Pizza and go to Jewish Deli Is there anything else you would recommend?
2019-01-12 10:14
no there ain't anything else to do that city boring as hell
2019-01-12 10:15
Damn is it really?
2019-01-12 10:16
idk tbh never been there xd but I'm also not planning to cuz it looks boring as hell to me
2019-01-12 10:17
yeah it seems very touristy no places to party but if you are interested in city history or educational stuff it looks pretty interesting
2019-01-12 10:18
haha how?? Is there acc any old architecture in NYC?
2019-01-12 10:33
ummmmm yeah, Empire State, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Terminal. And there is this new Terminal building called the Oculus it looks pretty cool
2019-01-12 10:35
ye but they were all built around the beginning of the 20th century, there is not really any ''old'' architecture in the city which I personally like way better. But hey, everyone has their own taste so I won't judge :)
2019-01-12 10:37
I mean duuhh compared to Europe but these are like the oldest and most historically significant buildings in America
2019-01-12 10:38
Ye true I guess, but still, for a few hundred dollars you can travel to europe these days, I would really recommend it if you like architecture :)
2019-01-12 10:43
This is pretty random but which is better, Seattle or NYC?
2019-01-12 10:17
I've never been to either but nyc is considered the most touristy city in the USA. If you don't find new york interesting i doubt you would like seattle
2019-01-12 10:19
1) ESL One NY 2) Brooklyn homeless help&care center 3) Brighton Beach (go visit my russian cousin)
2019-01-12 10:27
why would you recommend a homeless shelter you think I am Mother Theresa?
2019-01-12 10:30
because I'm low-price HLTV baiter
2019-01-12 14:24
Finland JAarnio 
I visited NYC for 2 weeks in 2013. It was a beautiful city and the skyscrapers looked so huge irl. Wtc memorial is a must visit place and Times Square at night time! Enjoy your stay in there :)
2019-01-12 10:38
Thanks I wish I could visit Finland or any Scandinavian country but I don't think thats gonna happen in my lifetime :(
2019-01-12 10:40
Finland JAarnio 
Why not? How old are you? Just save money and travel and make your dreams happen :) Btw if you want to visit Finland, dont come at the wintertime. In summer we have +25 degrees celsius and at the winter -25
2019-01-12 10:44
I am 18 but I don't see myself getting anything more than a part time job/fast food joint
2019-01-12 10:46
Finland JAarnio 
Why so unsure about yourself? I used to think that about myself and i worked at a shitty construction site carrying concrete sacks. Now i have my own company and it just started to make profit :) if i can do it so can you
2019-01-12 10:50
nice i bet you have to smart to start your own business though
2019-01-12 10:58
stay at ur hotel
2019-01-12 10:52
thanks for the tip
2019-01-12 10:58
Go with to ferry to Staten Island it's free and kind of a nice trip for maybe 40 minutes
2019-01-12 14:37
Thanks for recommendation
2019-01-12 20:36
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