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Armenia Imissexoptic 
is there any platforms that relative to faceit,esea where you can 5v5 on their servers?
2019-01-12 11:07
Kyrgyzstan npax 
2019-01-12 11:09
why not faceit
2019-01-12 11:10
i literally lost my account on faceit im going into queue faceit says connect with your actual account but i am actually connecting with my steam acc i sent them a ticket about this didnt got respond
2019-01-12 11:14
Denmark KFB4 
Best CS:GO player from Armenia?
2019-01-12 11:27
xD maybe
2019-01-12 11:28
Spain N0Love 
Don't know but what's wrong with those?
2019-01-12 11:12
i dont wanna pay to esea either im only playing on weekend holidays
2019-01-12 11:14
Spain N0Love 
That's my case as well, only playing like once a week that's why I moved back to MM not worth to pay for 128 servers.
2019-01-12 11:18
mm is so fucked i noted every cheater, its got to the point where there is over 20 accs in last 2 weeks none of them got banned
2019-01-12 11:20
Slovakia Jurko_Power127 
CEVO? IDk man.
2019-01-12 11:15
2019-01-12 11:40
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