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Intz screwed
United States FrostDeezAKA 
Ffs who will intz use for the minor then????????? Onviously this would have had to have gone through a while back but who is intz picking up????? Shit i hope they get fnx and win the major. KngV finishes his redemption plot, ex lg players prove they are ready for the big time, and fnx gets revenge for being kicked by his own org, keeps his meme going, and shows mibr what they missed
2019-01-12 15:27
France Nicolito 
- Felps +Destiny - Horvy +yeL
2019-01-12 15:28
YeL and destiny
2019-01-12 15:28
Denmark oskarsports 
irrelevant anyways
2019-01-12 15:28
mch | 
Brazil sindico 
INTZ already announced YeL and Destiny If Fnx wanted some kind of redemption he would have done it, but he can not. CSGO is no longer your priority
2019-01-12 15:30
France Nicolito 
no longer my priority? you don't even know me!
2019-01-12 15:32
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