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If you are bad you can AWP
Other xrist 
Do you agree?
2019-01-12 17:18
No, average awper is waste of money
2019-01-12 17:20
Other xrist 
most people can hold angles
2019-01-12 17:21
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
aka dev1ce
2019-01-12 17:22
Most people cant react I just see only 1 position where you could get free frags, banana on inferno
2019-01-12 17:22
Why dont u then?
2019-01-12 17:23
Other xrist 
I like to challenge myself with m4 and ak
2019-01-12 17:28
Why dont you go pro with awp if you think that it's really easy?
2019-01-12 17:29
Other xrist 
I am not saying there are not good awpers, but the average shitter is a better awper than rifler
2019-01-12 17:30
Then why is there more pro riflers than awpers?
2019-01-12 17:31
Other xrist 
stop talking about the 0,001%
2019-01-12 17:34
theres a good explanation for that actually lets say you’re a pro working yourself up from nothing. you notice all these tier 4 teams that consist of 4 riflers (1 igl) 1 awper and sometimes 2ndary awper the odds of you getting a team if you’re a rifler is much higher. not just that, but an awper obviously needs to be great with rifles too so everyone is a rifler to begin with (except bot jdm). so i would assume most awpers way back then became awpers out of necessity, when a team needed an awper. they have since trained themselves primarily to use the sniper instead.
2019-01-12 17:46
2019-01-12 17:29
i got 1750 hours and still cant make spray perfectly, but i suck with awp even more compared to rifles..
2019-01-12 17:35
Other xrist 
if you can't spray after 1750 hours you either have a shitty mouse/sensitivity or you have never actually tried to master the patterns
2019-01-12 17:38
i used very high sens till' 1400 hours right now mine is 1.25 | 800DPI and i want to change my mouse cause its too small for my hands((
2019-01-12 17:43
Petra | 
China wusif 
the average gold nova can master the awp proof: dev1ce
2019-01-12 17:35
remember that movie ratatouille the main message of that movie was that “Anyone can awp!”
2019-01-12 17:40
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