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dev1ce first
NAF | 
Russia eternity1 
ok guys i changed my mind, and now i think that device should be first because of obvious reasons
2019-01-12 20:31
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
thanks for the update
2019-01-12 20:32
Expected from russian brain
2019-01-12 20:33
2019-01-12 20:38
2019-01-12 20:36
neo top 1 ofc taz top4
2019-01-12 20:39
If they put krimz and cold that high even though they didnt achieve a lot,they will surely put s1mple first
2019-01-12 20:54
S1mple, the highly incomplete madfragger. He should realize that CS.GO is 100% a team game before expecting to be no. 1. It would be a disgrace to put him as no. 1, pissing upon the teamplay aspect of CS.GO.
2019-01-12 20:56
You think hltv cares about this? They only look at ratings,MVPs and achievments,I highly doubt they consider stuff like this
2019-01-12 21:18
Did I say anything to remotely support that thought of yours, nope. You read too much between the lines. It will still be a major disgrace IMO. Having a super selfish player as no. 1 is sending all the wrong signals to up and coming players, who will not learn the team aspect of the game (a team aspect which clearly brought astralis a level or two above everyone else.)
2019-01-12 21:20
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
pro player wants to win events rather than just forgettable title like #1 in hltv. s1mple plays amazing because zeus decided they need to play around s1mple therefore giving s1mple more freedom. It's not like s1mple forces zeus to bait for him. It's a team decision. This was similar to what ex6 did with kennyS.
2019-01-13 08:27
It's a personal ranking, team achievements don't matter here. Can you read? The best players of 2018, not the best teams. So s1mple obviously should be #1.
2019-01-13 08:15
It's a mix, and has always been a mix. Can't you read?
2019-01-13 15:08
I read what you wrote and it's not even close to be true. Just an opinion of a forum worm, we all have one.
2019-01-13 15:14
Opinion.... ROFL If it was only stats you would see tier shit players as no. 1. Move on amoeba
2019-01-13 16:00
Not only stats, why did you assume that? You don't seem very intelligent.
2019-01-13 16:15
Oh, I can assure you I am way more intelligent than you assume. You don't seem very intelligent yourself, using smearing as a means of argumentation. I am merely mirroring your own behaviour, but in a mild way. But you may not be clever enough to figure that part out.
2019-01-13 21:13
So what your point is? You didn't say anything in that post except for countering everything I've said. So far only proving my point. I don't feel like replying ever more since it's a waste of time.
2019-01-14 04:50
Easy now mate, your life is not in danger, you don't have to bring forth that side of you for a simple discussion about opinions of understanding a subject which is unclear (the exact formulae, how much various parts weights is not known.) I do it myself from time to time, but I am not proud of it. When all comes to all, discussions are about sharing opinions, and possibly, not necessarily, reaching a common understanding. We don't have to put our ego into our beliefs. When we avoid it, we can have much more fruitful discussions. When we give the ego too much influence, we are basically in an altered physical state, which is not healthy, but can benefit if you truly need that extra energy when in physical danger. You basically shut down digestion to a certain degree and alike. Stressing is kind of the same, an altered physical and mental state. No hocus pocus voodoo stuff here. I am not trying to convince you, read it as I share an opinion which I genuinely believe in. I am not perfect, that's why I am so interested in this. I am trying to help myself (it is a very good thing to remind myself of if I am slipping into bad mood of any sort.)
2019-01-14 06:39
So, basically this entire post of yours is an attempt to sound smart yet I'm missing the entire point you tried to make once again. You just assumed I was thinking stats is the only criteria in the ranking that matters. That amused me. I think if we're talking about the personal ranking, achievements shouldn't have place in the deciding factors or do the smallest one. I don't deny accomplishment influence in the HLTV ranking but I've said even more times that this ranking is wrong from the basement up to the top. And your initial statement that said, "it would be a shame or disgrace to put s1mple on top 1 position" is plain laughable and wrong regardless of how I take this ranking. He might be top 1 and you will be straight outta window either way. No need to wag the tongue writing piles of text, stay on the matter.
2019-01-14 06:46
r/iamverysmart material right here.
2019-01-14 07:39
KennyS 2014?
2019-01-13 21:17
2019-01-14 04:50
s1mple isn't a bad team player, you just think he is because he was in 2015, and 2016,
2019-01-14 07:31
Yeah, first on the worst players list...
2019-01-12 21:00
Du er så sej at du som dansker står imod device. Totalt cool mand! Ironi kan forekomme....
2019-01-12 21:21
I just say that he is noskill, bad player. Nationality doesn't change anything. And it is an international site do speak english...
2019-01-13 00:13
I wonder how you would label yourself, if that is the label you put upon device?
2019-01-13 07:49
2019-01-12 21:02
this site is not pro-danish at all
2019-01-13 08:27
Japan Switchance 
jokes on you, top 1 is BnTeT
2019-01-13 08:34
Israel FRIsaac 
Yes, right after me
2019-01-14 06:42
Well you see s1mple shoots more people, he gets more first kills and he wins more clutches. He does this in a less functional team, and with a worse system. He is the most versatile player and can make a legitimate claim at being the best rilfer and best awper.(and best pistol round play, and best scout and best deagle.) His skill with pistols single handily turns navi in a super strong force buy team, there success in low econ buys has been a key point in there success this year, and they would not be good at forcebuys if they had someone with devices low econ abilities. Overall being good at shooting people isn't all of counter strike, but it is still a really fucking large part of counter strike, and s1mple is the best by far at shooting people,and he is still very good at all the other stuff to. Some people say he isn't a good teammate but they are just making shit up they don't actually know.
2019-01-14 07:38
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