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A subjective top and Krimz
NEO | 
Yugoslavia sotomonte 
We've seen this last days a lot of topics related with the fact that Krimz is higher than some players in the hltv top 2018. My question is...why is everyone so annoyed because of that? I mean, it is a subjective list that is written by a group of journalists. You can agree or disagree with it and that's perfect but how can someone be furious with an opinion of some people? These days I read many topics calling Krimz a bot, hltv reporters retarded of even brainless to the people that agreed with the top. I undestand that if you are a fan of a player or of a team that you would like to see your players in the top. And I know as well that for some people the only opinion that is correct is theirs but...why so disrespect between us? We like the same game. Just enjoy the game and the competitive scene. Don't be so toxic please, be kind. We can argue without insulting each other.
2019-01-13 00:22
2019-01-13 00:23
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