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[+18] Rate Polish Grill
Other reastenissexyboi 
What do you guys think of her she has a massive ass she is only 18 aswell:
2019-01-13 00:41
2019-01-13 00:43
she is my grampa
2019-01-13 00:45
2019-01-13 00:46
5/10. Cuz hogging the fucking squat rack every day.
2019-01-13 00:46
Good then she can get bigger ass
2019-01-13 00:47
But I want to use the squat rack, but it's taking everyday by a stupid grill like her.
2019-01-13 00:50
Go to a gym where their is more than one squat rack then
2019-01-13 00:50
My gym has 4, but always full of girls pumping ass.
2019-01-13 00:51
and take ten minute breaks in between reps to look at their phones.
2019-01-13 00:52
Just stare at their asses then thats what i do past time then they go
2019-01-13 00:55
ugly gold digger
2019-01-13 00:46
She is not golddigger
2019-01-13 00:47
2019-01-13 01:30
If she was in your bed then you wouldn't be saying gold digger to her you would be fuck
2019-01-13 02:07
she could beat my ass so 2/10
2019-01-13 00:48
She is not a bitch so you won't get your ass beat so you should be alright
2019-01-13 00:49
brazilian shemale, i aren't click dis
2019-01-13 00:49
Wtf she is not even brazilian and shemale she is polish i know her
2019-01-13 00:50
tabseN | 
Germany NatsuS 
This photo shows her inner truth. And it is ugly like anyone else.
2019-01-13 00:53
Poland bialyJ 
I guess you never see non german girl
2019-01-13 02:10
fuck that bitch once then throw her out. dumb ass bitch
2019-01-13 02:10
give me name
2019-01-13 02:27
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