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Top countries ranked [historically]
kennyS | 
Sweden captaingurgo 
Sweden(no need to explain let's face it) France. Until 2018, there was always one or even two french teams on the top 10. We also have stars like KennyS, Shox, ScreaM, Zywoo Denmark No need to explain really but the reason I put them below France is cuz france had been on top for a longer period of time CIS current NaVi, old NaVi, Gambit winning the major, S1mple, Dosia, Mir, Electronic, Hobbit, AdreN, Mou, Brazil (no explanation needed) back to back majors, top 1 player in the world for two consecutive years in a row, one of the best IGLs, Canada/US Current TL, old TL with S1mple, C9 winning the major, old C9 with n0thing and shroud, complexity reaching top 8 in london
2019-01-13 01:29
byali | 
Poland byalo 
What about germans with anime profile. They buy deagle on ct pistol and kill 5 guys instantly while shaking their mouse to make it look like a triggerbot cause they are just too good
2019-01-13 01:35
Albania lxxl2 
I would put Poland after those countries, due to how consistent VP were.
2019-01-13 01:38
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