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Ukraine (volodia) 
Nice. I hate when my random teammate says to me "nice" after my kill, when this kill isn't the last one in that exact round he said "nice". "Nice" makes you to drop focus, lose control, lower your confidence in what you do next. It makes you way too early in the feeling having already satisfied.
2019-01-13 03:43
Europe pencilvester 
Its ok..if you get an opening kill...its he says nice
2019-01-13 03:52
2019-01-13 03:52
Congratulations on your 1000th comment!
2019-01-13 03:54
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
i had arount 100 in may 2018 now i have 2k so sad
2019-01-13 04:53
2019-01-13 03:55
I always say nice whenever I'm in a competitive match. Whenever one of my teammates get a kill, I always let out a nice enthusiastic "nice". I feel like it is crucial to keeping our team's chemistry at a high level and to prevent us from getting frustrated. Even when someone does something as simple as throwing flashbangs or smokes, it doesn't hurt to let out a "nice". Sometimes a teammate will buy an AWP, and I want them to be encouraged with it, so I scream at them "NICE!". So far, not many people have gotten frustrated at me for it, and I feel my team's are better off because of it. After every game of competitive I friend every person that I played with, and if they accept my friend request, I like to send them a Steam message that just says "nice", so they know that they did a nice job. Even if people don't accept my request, I still want to let them know that they did nice, so I'll go leave a comment on their profile just saying "nice". All in all, please don't judge those who say "nice", we have the best intentions. Nice.
2019-01-13 03:59
Ukraine (volodia) 
You say "nice" in the same moment as my opponent made a footstep. Nice.
2019-01-13 04:01
Lmao +1
2019-01-13 04:25
ur getting salty that a teammate was giving you encouragement, i'd love to have teammates that are that supportive every game
2019-01-13 04:02
Ukraine (volodia) 
That teammate says "nice" in the same moment as my opponent made a footstep. Nice.
2019-01-13 04:03
Cambodia Libtard 
2019-01-13 04:05
That's why I use chat especially in 3vX or 2vX
2019-01-13 04:07
Ukraine (volodia) 
You write messages in that chat, you make me read them. I lose focus. Nice.
2019-01-13 04:13
So you're one of those guys Flag checks out
2019-01-13 04:15
Ukraine (volodia) 
One of who?
2019-01-13 15:55
United States xiquo 
2019-01-13 04:08
Thank you for sharing your opinion
2019-01-13 15:58
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2019-01-13 16:01
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