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Germany kwishA 
If you don't like the genre, that's fine. Looking for constructive criticism in order to improve.
2019-01-13 17:48
Sounds good, but whatever that is in the beginning sounds a bit cranky/high pitched
2019-01-13 17:50
yeah it's a common vox. I felt like it needed some more. gonna leave it out in the future i guess. Thanks bro.
2019-01-13 17:51
Die in hell, you're a messiah of the devil himself! Curse, curse, curse.
2019-01-13 17:51
2019-01-13 17:52
What's the genre, the style of your boombox?
2019-01-13 17:52
haha i guess it's like hiphop/trap
2019-01-13 17:53
Straight away from the hitting. Anyone can do those loops and poops, real talent appears in the hand made music. Show me what you can. Guitar, bass, drums, keys? Vocals? That's where it's at. Leave your playground and try to make real music.
2019-01-13 17:54
i can kinda play the piano. I made a melody with chords in f# minor and then i chopped it up and added effects. If you don't like it. That's fine.
2019-01-13 17:55
F#m in what octave? I always feared that key, I have a lowey voice and unless it's a low A, I may struggle. I'd gladly rate your piano work but until then, enjoy your rates from bystanders.
2019-01-13 17:57
can't remember anymore sorry bro. And thanks for your feedback.
2019-01-13 17:58
2019-01-13 18:06
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