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United States WhiteMuricanB0Y 
It’s gonna be Patriots vs Saints I wanted Patriots vs Cowboys because there my 2 fav team but I’ll Ben ok with the Pats smacking the saints #TomBradyGoat #JulianEdelmenBestWideReciever #GronkBestTightEnd #BellichekBestCoach
2019-01-14 22:14
2019-01-14 22:14
Nobody care to that shit sport. Thats literally a pieceof shit
2019-01-15 15:05
2019-01-15 15:07
United Kingdom mitchellxd 
no he just has a brain
2019-01-16 05:27
Shut up England is my city
2019-01-16 14:29
hes right tho American Football is a boring ass sport
2019-01-16 14:30
2019-01-16 14:35
what do u mean ''how?'' its just super boring to watch
2019-01-16 15:52
How? What’s wrong with it?
2019-01-16 16:03
dude theres nothing particular wrong with it, its just the entire concept of it thats super boring to watch
2019-01-16 19:27
What do you mean, elaborate
2019-01-16 19:30
just shut up already what the fuck
2019-01-16 20:12
Sorry for asking questions
2019-01-17 00:20
United Kingdom mitchellxd 
just some doods running around like retards and throwing a ball, not much content and not entertaining.
2019-01-17 04:20
You could say the same thing about almost any sport your just a fucking retard
2019-01-17 04:57
United States flyflit 
LMAO got em
2019-01-17 05:00
United Kingdom mitchellxd 
Call me a retard but use the wrong form of you're OK dood
2019-01-17 20:11
Excuse me for not being grammatically correct when text Oh wait Idgaf retard
2019-01-17 23:23
>Football >Using hands Pick one. /Thread
2019-01-28 11:18
do u realize that its called football NOT BECAUSE the ball is supposed to be kicked by foot?
2019-01-28 11:20
2019-01-28 11:20
how is this a steal? both kinds of sports were developing aside each other (also rugby) in the 2nd half of 19th century
2019-01-28 11:22
Fine, I'm gonna start a game called CZ:GO, but it's actually just Pokémon Go, but only in Czechia. And it has no association with CS:GO. Dude idgaf. The sport is boring and lame, and it should be called Eggball.
2019-01-28 11:27
u are just another ignorant kid, who cant accept being wrong "word "FOOTBALL" originally referred to a variety of games in medieval Europe, which were played on foot.These sports were usually played by peasants, as opposed to the horse-riding sports more often enjoyed by aristocrats. In some cases, the word has been applied to games which involved carrying a ball and specifically banned kicking." I just wonder if someone like u can show himself being even more stupid and ignorant? how would u call other variations of football, like australian rules football or gaelic football or canadian football?
2019-01-28 11:34
8/8 my friend Listen, I can accept that I was wrong. But I do think the sport is boring. And I hate America. So in total: egg.
2019-01-28 11:39
You hate America for no reason
2019-01-28 14:27
America: Total Warfare /THREAD
2019-01-28 14:52
Probably pats rams but if belichek doesn’t cheat this year it should be chiefs rams. Rams defense should slow brees enough for LA O to run away with it. Pats Chiefs is 50/50 hard to bet against brady
2019-01-16 03:23
And the weather report for the game at arrowhead(cheifs stadium) is -5 to 20 f that’s Brady weather
2019-01-16 03:55
colder weather tends to hurt the pass game more than help it. And both teams have a legit run game. Like I said 50/50
2019-01-16 03:57
You don’t understand that the patriots are monsters in cold weather there stadium is in foxbourough and it’s cold up the and Bradys arm is more adjusted to cold weather and I think mahomes will choke also since the cheifs lost Kareem hunt I feel like the pats have a better run game with micheal and white
2019-01-16 04:00
Lithuania rohall 
i think lebron james will play well but i think kevin durant will stop him since hes got gronk by his side
2019-01-14 22:15
Wrong Spirt mate even tho your baiting
2019-01-14 22:17
Handegg in 2019
2019-01-14 22:16
2019-01-14 22:18
Lithuania rohall 
name says it
2019-01-14 22:42
2019-01-15 06:50
American Football is called football because the ball is a foot long. Football (soccer) is called football because the game is played on the feet rather than on horseback, in which the name was stolen from Australian Football.
2019-01-15 16:05
Lithuania rohall 
hence why soccer isnt soccer and its football, handegg can fuck off
2019-01-15 16:32
"Name says it" is wrong. You're implying that eu football is football because it's played with the foot and "handegg" isnt because its played with the hands. You're wrong 3rd worlder
2019-01-15 16:37
Lithuania rohall 
name says it cause hes white and from america, where the fuck does that imply anything about eu football
2019-01-15 16:41
Europe isnt white? lmao
2019-01-15 16:57
Lithuania rohall 
who said europe isnt white you twat LOL. fr making up shit for an argument good one
2019-01-15 17:00
"name says it cause hes white and from america" Fucking 3rd worlders are retarded lmao
2019-01-15 17:04
Lithuania rohall 
so saying that hes white and from america = europe isn't white.
2019-01-15 17:05
Lithuania rohall 
most retarded argument ive had in my life, expected from african union
2019-01-15 17:06
Yep, that's exactly what you said lmao
2019-01-15 17:10
Lithuania rohall 
already knew people from africa/na aren't the smartest but when you just take shit like that out of context and try to pull out an argument out of it is the stupidest shit lmao. dont worry tho i dont blame your brain
2019-01-15 17:13
Expected from white/american means you would expect the same response from a white eu, and you wouldn't. You're Lithuanian trying to insult other people's intelligence like they can't see your flag
2019-01-15 17:16
Lithuania rohall 
"Expected from white/american means you would expect the same response from a white eu, and you wouldn't." ???????
2019-01-15 17:17
Would. you. like. me. to. type. like. this. so. you. can. understand. better? Why join an English only forum if you can't speak English
2019-01-15 17:18
Lithuania rohall 
How about your dumbass learns to word sentences better if you're going to try to act smart
2019-01-15 17:22
The sentence is worded perfectly. You're mad that I didn't use baby words because you speak English on an elementary level.
2019-01-15 17:30
Lithuania rohall 
So where is this sophisticated vocab located for me not to be able to understand what was said if it was worded perfectly.
2019-01-15 17:39
Man you are retarded as hell
2019-01-15 17:07
3rd worlder mad
2019-01-15 17:10
American Eggball
2019-01-15 16:56
Lithuania rohall 
2019-01-15 17:06
Korea DadaDahyun 
Fuck Brady
2019-01-14 22:16
Mad cuz he is the goat?
2019-01-14 22:18
+1 coming from chargers fan
2019-01-15 01:09
LA chokers 😂😂 we killed y’all yesterday
2019-01-15 06:50
2019-01-15 16:06
2019-01-15 16:07
You don't play for the Patriots, you didn't win anything.
2019-01-15 16:18
I’m a fan tho
2019-01-15 19:29
Doesn’t mean you’re a part of the patriots. You’re a part of the fanbase
2019-01-16 00:05
It’s an American thing we saw we when we’re talking about our teams and fans can have an impact on the game so we are a part of the team
2019-01-16 01:46
Doesn't make you any less delusional
2019-01-16 03:13
How am I delusional
2019-01-16 03:52
Good point
2019-01-16 05:19
Thank you my fellow American
2019-01-16 14:28
"we" implies that you achieved the shit they have done. you didnt. so not "we". if they all go to jail you wouldnt say "we" went to jail.
2019-01-28 16:07
Fake football, shitty copy of two real sports. NA things.
2019-01-14 22:20
Real football what sports did it copy?
2019-01-14 22:22
Fake football cmon. It hurts your NA ego? Accept it.
2019-01-15 01:03
I’m literally asking a question
2019-01-15 06:50
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
he means soccer, the shittest sport of them all
2019-01-15 14:31
Soccer is a shitty sport
2019-01-15 14:34
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
rather watch paint dry than soccer
2019-01-15 14:35
Me too you Europeans have shitty sports
2019-01-15 15:06
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
true but handball is pretty good but still nba+nfl > anything here
2019-01-15 15:03
Yep USA sports are better I get it
2019-01-15 15:06
2019-01-14 23:44
idc just wanna see travis scott performing
2019-01-14 23:45
2019-01-15 06:51
i just want to hear sweet victory. pls make it happen
2019-01-14 23:46
2019-01-15 14:25
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19 
Scripted show lol
2019-01-14 23:52
If it was scripted the cowboys would have won a Super Bowl again already because they are America’s Team
2019-01-15 14:26
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19 
Too obv
2019-01-15 16:03
Actual retard
2019-01-15 16:06
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19 
yes you ure from na lul
2019-01-15 17:13
USA is better then all
2019-01-15 19:33
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19 
Then ? Fake american spotted Hahahahaha Go back to school kid
2019-01-15 21:15
How am I a fake American? Retard alert
2019-01-15 23:12
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19 
Then ? Helloooo
2019-01-15 23:57
Are you retarded?
2019-01-16 01:45
United States USAnumberone 
saints beating the 17-0 la rams LOLL rams patriots superbowl (although i want the saints to win) patriots dont stand a chance against the rams, noone does atm
2019-01-14 23:55
Your high the saints will crush the rams and then Pats vs Saints will be a good game with a dub for the pats
2019-01-15 14:26
Are you fakeflagging or do you just have a mental deficiency that doesn't allow you to speak English above a 3rd grade level?
2019-01-15 16:20
What I typed makes perfect sense
2019-01-15 19:29
United States USAnumberone 
it does make sense idk why he couldnt understand, although the rams will beat the saints (easily). saints barely beat the eagles (lol) and the rams havent struggled against a team in years.
2019-01-16 01:39
The eagles beat the rams on the way to the playoffs and after the first quarter the saints made light work of the eagles tbh also the saints already beat the rams once
2019-01-16 01:48
Europe dbanodbano 
>whitemuricanboy >most gridiron players are blacks blacked shit.
2019-01-14 23:59
United States gtmaniacmda 
but most quarterbacks are white... oh god it's slavery all over again!
2019-01-15 06:53
soccer is owned by blacks blacks own sports.
2019-01-15 06:58
Europe dbanodbano 
Lionel Messi and Cristiano is most skilled than any blacks including brazilians..
2019-01-28 11:12
Ok but overall blacks > other inferior race.Thats why french won.
2019-01-29 03:57
Europe dbanodbano 
any african countries have 0 WC. WC in russia is worst. many teams was throw games 2006, 2010, 2014 won by whites..
2019-01-29 09:20
Ukraine gungrave 
i hope for rams va chiefs and game like they have in season. epic shit
2019-01-15 00:05
Saints will crush the rams and pats will crush and expose Patrick mahomes
2019-01-15 14:27
Denmark Smackdaddy 
That was the best offense game ive seen in ages Just cuz of that game, im rooting for both teams :)
2019-01-15 15:00
Wasn't too bad of a defensive game either, think there was like 7 turnovers or something iirc
2019-01-15 16:22
Whats this thing? I mean i know its NFL or something but why is it "super", a final or smth?
2019-01-15 00:09
The Grand finals
2019-01-15 14:28
Aha ok, when is it i wanna watch
2019-01-15 14:33
February 3
2019-01-15 14:35
If you'll watch American stream (not sure about others) just be ready to see more ads than actual gametime.
2019-01-15 14:43
They will prob stream it on tv, they usually do i think
2019-01-15 15:06
Ugly sport
2019-01-15 00:12
2019-01-15 14:28
im not nhl better
2019-01-15 14:38
NHL is for pussies
2019-01-15 15:02
2019-01-15 15:02
Football harder
2019-01-15 15:06
who cares real football is called "soccer" in your country
2019-01-15 00:14
Actually in our country it’s called football
2019-01-15 14:28
Europe potatomato 
Cereal Bowl > Super Bowl
2019-01-15 01:09
2019-01-15 14:29
2019-01-15 01:09
Yes that’s we’re i live
2019-01-15 14:29
I arent think that
2019-01-16 03:21
2019-01-16 03:53
United States tzuyuXX 
Chiefs vs Saints ez
2019-01-15 01:18
You spelled Patriots wrong
2019-01-15 14:29
I am a Patriots fan but Patrick Mahomes is so good so idk and it's at Arrowhead Stadium
2019-01-15 06:59
We beat him once we’ll do it again and he will choke like Lamar Jackson
2019-01-15 14:33
I hope you’re right, but it’ll be tough
2019-01-15 15:01
Ez for the goat
2019-01-15 15:03
Handegg is the most boring sport to watch.. would rather watch ice hockey and I hate ice hockey
2019-01-15 07:04
How is boring? Also Football*
2019-01-15 14:33
Rugby is more boring. Only passing the ball to players behind you smh
2019-01-16 03:22
"soccer: "we too retarded to use hand, 10 fingers 2 arms too complicated uh"
2019-01-16 20:16
hmm, i think that´s acurate. Nice baguete english btw
2019-01-16 20:55
that's soccer player's english btw.
2019-01-16 20:56
Browns superbowl next season for sure.
2019-01-15 14:28
They will be cold for sure
2019-01-15 14:33
mch | 
Brazil xandecaoo 
Saints wiil beat Mr. Mahomes =)
2019-01-15 14:36
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
No LGB no SuperBowl
2019-01-15 14:38
Australia _Se7en 
Is this Tom Brady's last season?
2019-01-15 14:44
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
maybe if he wins... if not i think he will wait until he wins next year😂
2019-01-15 14:56
He said earlier he might play until 45 years old if he can.
2019-01-15 16:30
Germany thebestchen 
Kansas vs saints final.... kansas wins with 1-6 points ahead
2019-01-15 14:45
No he’s still got it
2019-01-15 15:03
tampa bay buccaneers champions 4sure
2019-01-15 14:53
Cinncinatti bengals*
2019-01-15 15:04
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
if brees throws another interception after 14 seconds its gonna be Rams vs Kansas otherwise Saints vs Kansas with the NFC team winning in both matchups
2019-01-15 14:55
Yeah but after the first quarter it was as saints show But if Alshon Jeffries would have caught that pass I think the eagles woulda won
2019-01-15 15:05
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
i dont think the rams will be as shit as the eagles and would have scored more than 20 points with ez yep mr i have the best hands in the nfl :D
2019-01-15 16:54
If the eagles would have kept up half the momentum they brought in the first quarter they woulda won
2019-01-15 19:31
true... but yeah i dont wanna complain as broncos and saints fan :D
2019-01-15 19:46
2019-01-15 23:10
2019-01-15 16:23
Germany pr9ud 
Hoping for the Chiefs to beat the Patriots. For me Patriots are boring though i have to admit that brady and the pats are consistent as fuck and brady has some Magic in his hands
2019-01-15 16:25
jks | 
Hungary NemesisR 
As a patriots fan not so much chance against chiefs...
2019-01-15 16:34
Europe tweekzter 
I hope the Rams make it to the superbowl.
2019-01-15 16:46
Europe dbanodbano 
Every nba and giridon players should eat my shit. never watched any sports in usa. never pay tickets for this us-afrikan crap.
2019-01-15 16:50
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
here in germany you can watch 2 NFL games every sunday in the free tv on Pro7Maxx + 1 match on stream via the internet (pre season) from the playoffs on you can see every match on Pro7Maxx and Pro7
2019-01-15 16:57
Macau ImaDeadFly 
2019-01-15 16:53
i like this sport but Its still bot FOOTBALL
2019-01-15 16:56
I don't know if the Patriots will be able to keep up with Mahomes at Arrowhead
2019-01-15 16:59
The Super Bowl is nothing but good snack food
2019-01-15 16:59
Foot - ball foot how can a sport be called so if most of the time is played with hands?
2019-01-15 17:09
Azerbaijan StayDent 
2019-01-15 17:20
NAF | 
United States EZIBP 
they run with their feet
2019-01-16 05:44
how can a sport be called so if the ball isn't even a ball? it's an egg
2019-01-28 11:31
France LanaRhoades 
Who cares , shitty sport
2019-01-15 19:36
Czech Republic Rewask 
I think Brady will carry, but maybe Messi can do some miracles, also the Crosby-Lebron combo is really strong.
2019-01-15 19:38
Poland sitarskee 
is it like a huge bowl? or what
2019-01-15 19:41
African Union de_lite 
Superb Owl
2019-01-16 00:09
Germany mosstt 
hoping for chiefs vs saints mahomes is playing like a future hof but the chiefs' defense definitely gotta step up
2019-01-16 00:18
super bowl..that`s the huge continuous advertising programm with these stupid breaks showing random guys playing american football right?
2019-01-16 00:22
United States GoldEar13 
Bandwagon smh
2019-01-16 01:59
nt, chiefs are unstoppable. dont like either team but pat mahomes will spread patriot's cheeks. saints chiefs will be a good game tho
2019-01-16 02:04
I don't watch sports, only anime.
2019-01-16 02:06
United States ImFat 
+1 rip the boys
2019-01-16 02:24
chiefs vs rams
2019-01-16 02:27
Chiefs vs rams Chiefs to win superbowl
2019-01-16 03:21
2019-01-16 03:53
NAF | 
United States EZIBP 
2019-01-16 05:43
Bwills | 
United States hdz` 
JE11 #1
2019-01-16 05:44
Nobody gives a **** about fake football. It is just a burger thing and they think it has a global appeal. It does not. Just like Baseball. Each year they crown their "world champion" and each year less than 3 countries are even participating.
2019-01-16 14:40
It’s not our fault we are literally a million times better then everyone at the big three sports
2019-01-17 00:22
Big three sports ? what's that?
2019-01-28 11:33
Football baseball basketball literally every nation on earth would get raped on those 3
2019-01-28 14:28
oh shit haha i legit forgot basketball existed :D
2019-01-28 14:51
Flag checks out
2019-01-28 15:16
But we have something called Jutland Basketball, in which we won the world championship last night. Also a sport I don't give a shit about
2019-01-28 16:01
lmao ikr
2019-01-28 11:33
Germany mrrwombat 
Why so butthurt? Football is a great sport. If you don´t like it, just don´t watch it xD
2019-01-28 16:07
Is that why in the next 5 years there will be a team in europe? And they play games in london with sold out crowds every year? Yup no global appeal.
2019-01-28 16:15
Just like the NFL Europe... What a success that was.
2019-01-28 20:13
Pakistan d1ckweed 
Hopefully Pats smack the Chiefs first, and then face the Saints. Let's go Bill and Tom!
2019-01-16 15:54
Amen Brother
2019-01-17 00:21
Brazil rodrigo0079 
Pats can't even win against Chiefs. Will be easy for Saints this year
2019-01-16 15:57
Pats will destroy the cheifs and expose Pat Mahomes
2019-01-17 00:21
Last year superbowl was the best game I ever saw. I'm not sure I want to see a lower quality superbowl
2019-01-16 20:14
2016 Super Bowl was better
2019-01-17 00:21
God | 
Luxembourg fossii 
Only American sporting event I watch
2019-01-17 04:41
2019-01-17 04:59
Brazil davidS_ 
American soccer is boring
2019-01-28 11:13
Germany mrrwombat 
Sadly the Saints got robbed
2019-01-28 11:20
American football is slow shit rugby, v boring
2019-01-28 11:25
2019-01-28 11:26
2019-01-28 16:04
Sweden 4yxD 
Id say its crap but i mean, i have basically never watched it, i dont understand it, maybe its super entertaining for you, but for me, nah.
2019-01-28 16:20
watching rugby in 2019 or whatever this shit sport name is xdd SOCCER ( REAL FOOTBALL) > ALL SPORTS DEAL WITH IT SHIIT AMERICANS
2019-01-29 04:04
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