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CS:GO what happened to the frame rate guys?
CIS jeloneq7 
I recently noticed a very noticeable hit to my fps, and I know many streamers did aswell. WTH VOLVO? PLZ FIX. Any ideas how to fix? Do you have the same issue?
2019-01-14 22:40
Germany spankygengod 
I had the same problem with a strong PC and did the following: 1. Open "regedit" (search in windows menu) 2. Press F3 and search for 51dea550-bb38-4bc4-991b-eacf37be5ec8 3. Change the value of the files "Valuemin" and "Valuemax" to 0 4. Reboot Since then it runs truly smooth as fuck. Method was posted on twitter, when FalleN had problems on LAN. Solution is from a FACEIT admin.
2019-01-14 22:48
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