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best player at his best
ZywOo | 
Poland Arknes 
olofmeister 2k15 coldzera 2k16 s1mple 2k18 (maybe) no one can beat them when their were in the best form, especially olof and coldzera
2019-01-14 23:30
Netherlands Removed 
Tabsen (2019) Gob B (Inifity ^2)
2019-01-14 23:31
Panama Cyain10 
That's the same as just saying infinity
2019-01-14 23:33
Netherlands Removed 
No it's not
2019-01-14 23:34
2019-01-15 01:35
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
I like fer 1st 2017 very much aswell and shox 1st half 2016 too (even if shox is a little bitch he was still great player)
2019-01-14 23:32
ZywOo 2019/20 EZPZ
2019-01-14 23:35
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
Shox second part of 2013, early 2014 ( came very close to this form in 2016 ) is imo the most skilled player out of anyone at their peaks, and a top 3 player overall out of anyone's peak. His ceiling isnt outdated as we saw in 2016 where the level of competition was higher than in 2013/ 14 and in 2016 when he peaked he was considered the best player in the world. S1mple 2018, just a complete player with every weapon, insane reflex, clutching, decision making aim... Kennys late 2014- Best player with the awp of all time at his peak, not only csgo but source and 1.6 too. This awping was simply a class above. Those 3 for me
2019-01-14 23:37
True shox late 2013 was very good, but IMO f0rest early 2013 peak was still higher and more impressive so I'd give it to f0rest.
2019-01-15 00:10
2019-01-14 23:38
United States codgun 
imo, olof and fnatic were a much more dominant team but s1mple is simply much better than olof as an individual player. I think s1mple won't be the best next year as we get more and more of these insane players and I really do think they get better with each player.
2019-01-14 23:39
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
the skill ceilings have already been reached mostly. All of these players have over 10k hours in cs ( with 1.6/ source ) You cant improve your aim forever. The aim level has been the same now as in 2014. Overall team play, utility usage and meta changes are the fluctuations.
2019-01-14 23:44
United States codgun 
There is more to individual success than aim and even then I don't think we've seen the best aimer of all time yet.
2019-01-15 01:03
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
yes but if we see someone new it will be just his higher ceiling. Im just saying that the players arent improving since a long ago, many have gotten worse and that the overall aim level of the t1 scene is the same.
2019-01-15 01:30
Other khorkalba 
In terms of performance: 2014 GTR/Flusha 2015 Flusha 2016 Coldzera 2017 Coldzera In terms of highest skill peak: Shox S1mple f0rest In terms of ability to exploit OP weapons: 2014 KennyS/JW 2015 Olof
2019-01-14 23:42
Switzerland meme_jesus 
S1mple has the highest skill ceiling out of these players.
2019-01-14 23:42
fer 2k17 coldzera 2016 coldzera 2018 s1mple 2019 2015 flusha 2014 kennyS
2019-01-14 23:43
overall: f0rest
2019-01-14 23:45
2018 forsaken
2019-01-14 23:46
felps | 
Brazil 9WaNn 
Felps 2019 :D
2019-01-14 23:47
I think it's gotta be shox. The guy was absolutely insane 2013/14 and in 2016 during his peak.
2019-01-15 00:03
f0rest was damn insane as well, very consistent (still is actually). But I've seen shox pull off some crazy things. I have to admit I am abit biased about it though.
2019-01-15 00:18
United Kingdom GlobalPCGamer 
Surprised to see nobody mentioning NiKo. When he's on his best form he can easily drop 30 and even 40 bombs
2019-01-15 00:05
As you have already noticed, hltv gives statistics only on top tournaments and this is what I found. Device has earned this year to take the top 1. Simple is one of the coolest players of the cs go, but it is still difficult to jump over your head when all your teammates have kda a minimum of 1.1 in 2018, which is not the case with the simple team. The filter at 6 months was taken due to the illness of the device at the beginning of the year. With love, your Google translator.
2019-01-15 01:42
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