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Brazil’s decline in cs
Denmark muggge 
Hey guys, Remember when brazil was non argueble number one nation in CSGO? I mean in terms of perfomance. What happened to their dominance in 2017
2019-01-15 16:52
Sweden Ivorn 
They kicked taco
2019-01-15 16:54
It's the only thing that saved them from sinking completely.
2019-01-16 12:58
Sweden Ivorn 
2019-01-16 12:58
No taco no br
2019-01-15 16:54
United States Shadow272 
They chose to add Americans And waste a whole year U don’t have to be smart To figure it out
2019-01-15 16:54
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
+1 Tarik was the problem, he underperformance the entire year with mibr
2019-01-15 16:56
And immortals implosion
2019-01-15 18:50
United States Shadow272 
yeah that was just fucked
2019-01-15 19:20
They were doing shit even before adding the NA scrubs, remember the WESG finals?
2019-01-16 12:59
United States Shadow272 
U know that so kept changing 5ths and it worked out Until they kicked him again
2019-01-16 13:41
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
hen, lucas and kng fucked up with immortals (top 4) sk(mibr) trying some gringos when they have really great players to pick (ksceratto, kng, yuri, destiny)
2019-01-15 16:55
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Destiny ? You for real?
2019-01-16 12:44
Fer, Fallen and Coldzera are the only good brazilian players. Players like nekiz, yel, destiny, kng etc are so fucking bad ^^
2019-01-16 12:58
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Their scene is a mess because it’s always the same players going back and forth, they don’t give opportunities for young newcomers anymore
2019-01-15 16:58
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
--->{felps yel destiny horvy xand kscerato} --->old players pick one
2019-01-15 17:02
>Yel >Young newcomer Pick one
2019-01-15 17:35
old strats + no coach = SK/MIBR stopped on the past.
2019-01-15 16:58
Brazil was only the non arguable #1 during PGL Krakow 2017 lol. Otherwise it was always sweden/denmark.
2019-01-15 16:59
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
What you mean with "non arguable #1" ? I really dont understand
2019-01-15 17:03
"non arguable" = there is no way to say that something is not true
2019-01-15 17:08
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
2019-01-15 17:11
Mongolia k0ng0 
A bunch of egoistic primadonnas who think they are Gang$$tas are the reason Brazil is no longer a top contender.
2019-01-15 17:03
its was a fluke
2019-01-15 17:09
every team has its peak and then declines. happens sadly. The thing with brazilians is they ALWAYS believe they are still at the top or somehow they'll manage to get back to the top. Little they know that the one thing that brings MIBR down is fallen-fer-coldzera core, coldzera still top5 best players IMO, but fallen and fer are absolute GARBAGE now, it happens wtf they can't accept it. Not every player can adapt year after year of evolving counter strike. Also, TACO, who got KICKED because of poor performance, comes back as a hero, because THEY BELIEVE if they get the 2017 team together again, they will play like 2017 again, PRETENDING there are no other great teams around that are 2x superior than 2017 SK lol. No one falls for fer aggressive style anymore, fallen is ULTRA outdated with the awp, he's still quality OFC, TACO LUL, can't even aim properly, felps still very good player but he hasnt played in tier1 events for a year now.... Of course my people dont understand that, they are blind to see, their nationalism drown their eyes in gold eras that will never comeback. Just like in football and other sports. THEY REALLY thought they were the strongest country in the world cup, with fagner, gabriel jesus, alisson and paulinho, laughable, at its best.
2019-01-15 17:17
Denmark muggge 
Hmm interesting I always thought taco was a level below the rest of the SK squad. I think he has learned a lot in Liquad
2019-01-15 17:21
They justify TACO's shitty performances because he has a "shitty role" the well known entry fragger role. I can list 10 players that are entry fraggers that has better stats than him and can kill AND give info, he just dies and give info so cold can refrag... Dupreeh is a prime example of it, he has always been an entry, and has always delivered great performances through his career. Formidable entry fragger, also prime rain and sunNy.
2019-01-15 17:24
Brazil Charizaldo 
tbh even stewie is better entry than TACO but I think MIBR situation is more about confidence and friendship than just better stats
2019-01-15 17:38
yes he is. Problem is pride. orgulho, too much of it to be humble and just accept that they are not top players anymore... If it doesnt work out this time around they can disband for real. at least now they have a coach lets see how zews will do.
2019-01-15 17:52
Brazil MadWell 
holy shit i agree
2019-01-15 20:46
we are very few.
2019-01-15 22:42
Brazil Charizaldo 
I don't think FalleN and fer aren't top players anymore, they just failed to adaptate yourselves to a new language, new teammates and a new routine.
2019-01-16 12:43
FalleN and fer are 100% fluent. I dont think english comm was the issue. Lets remember stewie2k was fer's idea.
2019-01-16 13:25
Brazil Charizaldo 
Speaking english is different of calling out in english inside the game. Sometimes you just forget what is the name of that spot and this ruins everything. But it's not only about this.
2019-01-16 13:35
I also don't expect any brazilian to understand this. Because they never will. Only people from outside of the country or brazilians extremely critical view can see that. For brazilians, everything is alright in this country, everything is OK. We are robbed in a daily basis with absurd system taxes and stuff like that but for them, this is wonderland.
2019-01-15 17:21
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
"PRETENDING there are no other great teams around that are 2x superior than 2017 SK lol" WRONG! It's completly impossible to compare top#1 teams in different years, it's other game, other meta, other updates.
2019-01-15 17:24
Who won 2017 major? Please remind me if they are not the top1 team rn...
2019-01-15 17:25
Gabriel Jesus is talented af and Alisson is top 3 in premier league, wtf. And what is your solution to brazillian scene? You made some good points on your post.
2019-01-15 17:41
Jesus is a good talent indeed, but Firmino at that time was already better. Alisson sucked ass before Klopp, Ederson already proven keeper in the UCL and overall better he just doesnt have Van Djik in front of him. Paulinho plays in China, needless to say more. My solution to BR scene is get rid of FalleN his mind is focused in other things such as family, business and making GA bigger. They need to take risks, get the new talents from brazil, kscerato and trk and put them alongside experienced players but still young like coldzera, steel and felps/kngv. It doesnt necessarily needs to be those players but i believe u got what I meant.
2019-01-15 17:44
Other notAbait 
FalleN probably makes the calls though, and i doubt that MiBR as a org will kick the "godfather of brazilian cs".
2019-01-15 18:32
+1 but IMO it is the correct thing to do if they want to make the team "competitive" again. They need some1 hungry for wins like they (fallen and co) were in the beginning.
2019-01-15 18:33
De Gea, Lloris, Leno, Kasper and Ederson are overall better than Alisson. Dont get me wrong he is solid, but overrated because of liverpool/klopp.
2019-01-15 18:10
You put Lloris in really? Alisson is way ahead of him (nowadays anyway)
2019-01-16 13:02
Alisson is overrated because Van Djik.
2019-01-16 13:20
best post hltv ever
2019-01-15 18:02
its just the truth my people can't understand. If you say such things here they call you anti-brazilian or retarded because you support a non-brazilian team, and many other names that i won't be posting here because i find them to be offensive.
2019-01-15 18:08
i'm brazilian abraço
2019-01-15 18:09
tmj my friend. btw you are called modinha lol
2019-01-15 18:11
Brazil ja1_ 
It's not that simple, it's easy to put the problem in Fallen's / Fer's back, it's just a poor analysis of the current CS PRO scene. You must look at the dominant play styles at the moment. When LG/SK were #1 their AIM/Surprise based play style got over every team out there. Nowadays Astralis and their extremely tactical and synchronized play style do the same. In 2018 MIBR tried to adapt to this new dominant play style, but the language barrier makes it almost impossible in a considerable time span. It was common to see Stewie in a position to give a boost for some position and a Brazilian ignoring it and vice-versa. To play solid as team like Astralis is, communication must be a sorted out thing and this wouldn't be seen in a Half american Lineup
2019-01-15 19:34
Well FaZe is aim-based team and they were pretty dominant in their first 6 months, they actually did good with stand-ins even getting 1 event bo5 from astralis with a 3-0 win... IMO comm is very important but thats not the reason why MiBR went from shit to worse. Because if you take a look, SK team started to go down when the lineup was still full BR, they won some events but not dominant like before. they got kicked off in the major by a struggling astralis if i remember correctly. CS:GO like every other online game is a evolving game and there will be always new best players and old players will get worse and worse and thats what is happening with fallen and fer, TACO has always been a decent player at best. coldzera is gifted, its another case. They need to understand that the time to stop is near and its time to START the change in the team, otherwise they'll suck ass until they turn into NIP. Just there for the fans.
2019-01-16 13:55
I think you are underrating FalleN a bit but overall yeah I agree. I remember brazillians back then in 2016 were saying that one reason why brazillian teams are more successful than NA teams is because they have more hunger etc. and have less money. Now with FalleN being rich as fuck he basically became NA and lost what LG made so successful. Funny IMO.
2019-01-16 13:46
100% agree man, he lost motivation and so did fer. its happens as I said before.
2019-01-16 13:49
Brazil leo1mibr 
looooool stfu kiddo
2019-01-16 14:08
Brazil MadWell 
cbble was banned thats why
2019-01-15 17:28
NiKo | 
France LauraS 
You think they would be contending for a top spot if cobble was in the comp pool?
2019-01-15 18:35
Brazil MadWell 
i don´t say that lose top 1, but lose important matches, like if today nuke is banned, astralis will certainly still at top 1, but liquid or navi will have more chances to win a grand final or another important playoff match.
2019-01-15 18:41
NiKo | 
France LauraS 
Very true. I'm really looking forward to seeing how their team will develop with a good Brazilian line-up. I hope the Brazilian scene will give more to their fans once again :)
2019-01-15 18:47
Brazil MadWell 
i hope so
2019-01-15 20:43
They became more and more puggy over time, and fell behind tactically and the meta. Now they are just too far behind.
2019-01-15 17:31
Immortals turned into LG, but without kNgv carrying they’re shit and kNgv is in INTZ, which is a horrible team. Losing a second good team, Brazil turned into a French scene, just recycling the same players over and over again. And they kicked TACO, doing prob the most stupid thing: listen the fans, specially if they’re Brazilians
2019-01-15 17:34
true, they kicked taco because of the fans and they signed taco again because of the fans lol
2019-01-15 17:53
Yeah, they think bringing the same shit players over and over again will work, tell this to French scene, lol.
2019-01-15 17:55
+1 bro
2019-01-15 18:00
IMO Astralis 2016 - tier2 mibr 2016 - tier1 french scene 2016 - tier1 Astralis 2017 - tier2 mibr 2017 - tier1(goat) french scene 2017 - disband Astralis 2018 - tier1 (prime) mibr 2018 - tier2 french scene 2018 - disband
2019-01-15 18:18
I would make a serious answer, but I just can’t.
2019-01-15 19:18
But Astralis won major in 2017. MiBR in 2018 tier3
2019-01-16 14:01
Brazil Charizaldo 
get rid of zews was the real problem for FalleN/fer/coldzera core
2019-01-15 17:40
Europe xSKYY 
they decided to go for kebabs and rice instead of tacos easy t2 move lel
2019-01-15 19:00
free is cry.
2019-01-15 21:36
mibr will probably improve this year. better comunication. more experienced.
2019-01-15 21:51
they still dominated in 2017 wtf
2019-01-15 22:43
Finland no_man 
idk if one good team = dominance but ok
2019-01-15 22:43
They were the best country in the world? Lol. One team had some wins for 2 years and they are the best country? ^^
2019-01-16 12:55
Immortals were really good in mid 2017 as well. Unfortunately, later that year they were struggling to arrive in the venues at events. :(
2019-01-16 13:01
It looks like they need baiter taco for cold
2019-01-16 12:59
Brazil's decline in everything, that's the true. hard to say this, but is the true
2019-01-16 13:26
fnx ******* fer's gf.
2019-01-16 13:27
Fallen static IGL without anything new Taco kicked from best team and picking up gringos 2nd best team imploding 3 times in a row (Immortals, 100T, NTC) Noone in the brasil scene has the work ethic of astralis.
2019-01-16 13:30
I think cbble being out of the map really hurt Brazilian teams and benefited Astralis who was always trash at it.
2019-01-16 14:02
No Dilma Rousseff, no major.
2019-01-16 14:12
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