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Gym stats/height/weight
United Kingdom kirathekiller 
What is your height/weight and gym stats? Height: 178cm Weight before gym: 62kg Weight now: 70kg currently 11 months in starting gym Bench: exactly 100kg x1 which I finally tried yesterday, 75kg 5x5 Deadlift : 120kg never tried higher (only started deadlifting recently, I do 90kg 5x5 atm) Squat: max I've done 100kg, didn't try higher (no i don't have chicken legs) Pullups - max I've done is 12 in a row a few months in, probably could do around 15ish if I tried now + Any other exercises u do and your stats on them + Anything else u wanna add like how consistently you've been going gym, how long, what you been doing before gym. For me I was mostly in front of the computer but was athletic in sports.
2019-01-15 19:48
Brazil HateSmithzz 
guys im 7k xp away from 99 hp any1 wanna come to my party
2019-01-15 19:48
2019-01-15 19:49
ill be there in 5
2019-01-15 19:50
Also add your age! I'm 17 right now
2019-01-15 19:50
100% you did not bench 100 kg and 100% you are not doing full ROM pull-ups.
2019-01-15 20:03
Netherlands phann 
2019-01-15 20:05
Yeah I do dude, I touch the chest and lock my arms out fully at the top ROM. this applied to every 1 RPM I've done on the bench. I've never done a single rep without the bar touching my chest since like 2 months in lol. I lift my ass off the chair sometimes though. i realised the rom was for the pullups , I did that around 62 kg bodyweight full ROM! why are both hard to believe may i ask ?
2019-01-15 20:21
just talking from experience, 90% of gym goers are doing shitty kipping pull-ups and then claim they can do 10 +reps. From dead hang to chin above bar, no kipping, I do not believe you can do more than 10.
2019-01-15 20:26
I could do more than 10 before i even started gym. I understand since I have seen some pretty bad pull up forms, but I always go from deadhang to chin above the bar. My friend when I started gym was a big fan of bodyweight exercises especially the pullup (he can do around 18 in a row) which when we first started we always did together.
2019-01-15 20:39
Tunisia edgg 
dont forget he was about 65kg when he did the pullups, that's a massive advantage
2019-01-15 23:27
World Waray 
181cm 70kg before and 87kg atm been lifting for 4 years in terms on 1rm my bench is 150, squat 175 and deadlift around 210
2019-01-15 20:06
Your benchpress is sick! how long did it take you to get 200kg deadlift?
2019-01-15 20:23
Finland Version5 
Age 17 Weight 70kg Height 175 13 months at the gym (3 months ago) Bench 60kg (outdated) Deadlift 100kg Squat - Pullups 5-8 Sports before : Floorball Gaming 1-5 hours/day
2019-01-15 20:11
Your weight to height is really good my frend
2019-01-15 20:48
Finland Version5 
Thank you!
2019-01-15 20:51
World ///fuck 
Why dont you squat? Its almost the best excercise you can do.
2019-01-15 23:19
age 17 height 178 weight before gym (22 months ago): 61kg (i was 15,5 years when started) weight now : 74kg (in the morning) paused bench: 75 kg x6 havent tried one rep max for non paused deadlift: max i've done was 130 kg for 6 reps almost a year ago dont do it anymore, only romanian deadlift squat: i dont do it for strenght but i have done 110 kg for like 5 reps a year ago pullups: i can probably do like 12 or 13
2019-01-15 20:20
Nice, I would like to be 75kg by the time I'm 19. how long have you been going to the gym?
2019-01-15 20:26
great! its always nice to have a goal of weight in mind. myn is 78 by july. in march it will be 2 years, but i started really skinny, i didnt have the strenght to do bench with just the bar. wait, but you just want to get 5kg in 2 years?
2019-01-15 20:28
yeah it's a goal xdd when i started I didn't even think I could get above 65kg+ bodyweight let alone 70, it took me like a 2 months to be consistently 65kg. I just lowball myself when it comes it setting goals for weight since I don't count my calories most of the time, I try to eat 3 times a day chicken and rice but a lot of the times I don't eat enough at all or I eat a lot. of course I would love to be like 80kg but yeah thats a dream !
2019-01-15 20:49
no need to eat that many times chicken and rice men, just eat healthy foods like oatmeal, tuna etc.. a good trick is to eat a lot of pasta, it has a lot of calories and doesn't even fill you up ahah xD i would suggest you to track your calories for like 1 month just so you could see how you should be eating, and then you can leave that shit and you will have a better idea on what to eat
2019-01-15 21:34
yeah thanks bro i will definitely try that for next month, i have to funds now to sort all my eating now as well...just have to stop being lazy,have to start doing things properly now xdd
2019-01-15 21:55
yea do it! good luck
2019-01-15 22:41
you bench press 100 and squat 100 but only deadlift 120 something doesnt add up here + your 70kg im smelling bullshit on this one
2019-01-15 21:58
bench press is like my main exercise, I start almost every gym session doing bench press 5x5 and test my 1rpm quite often. Also I didn't start doing squats until around maybe 4-5 months in, and deadlifts I only recently just started doing proper sets. If I started all 3 exercises at the same time they would obviously be in ratio but I didn't which is why they're really underdeveloped compared to my bench.
2019-01-15 22:30
good stats for a midget
2019-01-15 22:02
I graduated high school like 6 months ago and weighed 210 pounds with the height of 6'2, Now I'm 6'3 and weigh 180 pounds. Just tons of pushups each day got me into good shape with calorie counting. My motivation was that I felt fat as hell compared to my roommates in college lol.
2019-01-15 22:05
6'3 at 180 pounds is fkin sick genetics. Now get back to 210 without looking fat lol.
2019-01-15 23:14
67 kg 1.73 I don't go gym I have a pull ups bar in house and for now it's all ill do (I need to increase my arms my chest and I don't have strength enough) Pull ups: 7 The other things I didn't do
2019-01-15 22:13
United Kingdom dovey 
Age 17 Weight 82kg Squat-190x2 (200x1 but spotter helped a lil) Bench 105x2 Deadlift 170x3 Don't usually max out.
2019-01-15 22:32
United Kingdom tomtmh 
why is your deadlift so shit compared to your bench?
2019-01-15 22:33
I never done deadlifts properly. My first proper deadlift set I done this month 5x5
2019-01-15 22:42
United Kingdom tomtmh 
ah okay, keep doing them hopefully the weight builds up fast
2019-01-15 22:47
United Kingdom dovey 
2019-01-16 16:26
Serbia K4bby 
Age 17 Weight 92kg Height 188cm Been in gym for 0 seconds I plan to start going to gym when I lose a bit more weight. I've lost 8 kilos for 2 months.
2019-01-15 22:36
love these guys who has better bench than deadlift and squat haha, i will tell you who you are, you're the guy who doesnt train for real just make chest/shoulders 2x per week and sometimes in a free time you will make back or legs, also 100kg at squat - not chicken legs? i doubt but ok Normally you would have much more kilograms at squats and especially deadlift than at bench
2019-01-15 22:36
nahhhhhh man, my body is quite proportional, I have good calves and decent legs and for back I done pullups, T-bar and the other various back exercises instead of the deadlift. This was because at my old gym, which was a University gym they had 2 areas where u could deadlift and 99% of the time it would already be used and it was in front of everyone so I didn't have the confidence to do it.
2019-01-15 22:42
World ///fuck 
It's called disco working out in sweden, only training chest and biceps lol. #beachbody#chickenlegs
2019-01-15 23:22
its called like that everywhere and his results at 3 the most important exercises just prove it lul
2019-01-15 23:23
Afghanistan DakKiii 
179 been going 2.5 months, weight before 62 now 65 Bench 40 kg 5x5, never one rep Deadlift 80kg 1x5 OHP 25kg 5x5 (i started off 27.5 kg but now im lower ? xdDdDDd?) Squat 50 kg 5x5 (im tryna not get big legs tho, eastern body types ideal for the girls im into l o l) star sign: capricorn shoe size 9 uk right handed hair type: straight/wavy long on top two block hair cut eyes : left -3 right -1 hotel: trivago fave brand: balenciaga calorie intake: 3k a day previous relationships: 1 languages spoken: 5 football position: cm table tennis paddle hold: chinese pen hold dumbell curl: 10 kg
2019-01-15 22:39
nice you forgot about penis size
2019-01-15 22:43
Afghanistan DakKiii 
some stuff are better left unsaid fam ;-;
2019-01-15 22:44
Europe MyNameIsWho 
+1 for fav brand
2019-01-16 16:30
age 23 186cm 91kg lifting year and a half bench 110x1 squat 130x1 deadlift 180x1
2019-01-15 23:24
France HYPNO5 
age 17 178cm 84kg squat 150Kg bench 110Kg
2019-01-16 16:29
Nice dude. how long u been training?
2019-01-16 23:34
France HYPNO5 
1 year and a half , but 6 months were cutting so i couldve got better numbers if i had bulked for 18 months straight
2019-01-17 19:03
Age 28 height 173cm before gym 46kg currently 78kg best 1RM's - bench 135kg DL 220kg Squat 215kg high bar , 225 low bar Pullups I've done 50, also can do 1 arm both sides and ~15 muscle ups I trained since I was 17 so that's 11 years, spent about 8 years getting bigger, did some powerlifting etc. I trained a minimum of 4 times a week, often up to 6 times and focused a lot on leg development because I was good at it. I can give tips as I reached nearly 3x BW high bar squat unequipped which is considered world class. The last 3 years I do olympic weightlifting and am a BWL (national federation) qualified coach. My lifts are C+J 125kg, snatch 105kg. edit: I had a lot of injuries over the years too including serious ones, anyone with injuries AMA
2019-01-16 23:56
your pullups are actually insane, especially that you can do 1 arm pullups, been wanting to do that for a while now. Do you recommend any exercises I can do to help reaching a 1 arm pullup? I've always half assed my squats because I usually get gassed, even though I have good cardio. For me they seem to take up a lot of energy doing them which is why I really don't like the exercise. would u mind sharing any tips for doing squats ?
2019-01-17 11:52
France HYPNO5 
squats are brutal . theres no way around .
2019-01-17 19:04
Height: 175cm Weight: 70kg - currently 1 week in the gym Age: 18 Bench: 75x1 Deadlift : - Squat: 100x1 Pullups - 8-9 + Push-ups: 40 no weight - 20 w/ 12.5 kg + Dips: 15 + Football 5-14 years + Gaming 14-17 + On and off calisthenics 15-17 + Muay Thai/Kickboxing 17-now Not looking to get huge, just planning to bulk up a bit and then cut but solely for the looks; planning to compete in amateur (and then hopefully semi-pro at least :D) kickboxing.
2019-01-17 13:20
I've wanted to start some martial arts for looong time but there's not many good ones in the UK, most of them are Krav Maga around my area. I've always wanted to do wrestling but the gyms close to me that incorporate them are MMA gyms. I'm doing some basic boxing sessions right now and hopefully start doing Muay Thai fully soon. How long is it going to take you to start competing in amateur level?
2019-01-18 14:30
Good on ya m8, martial arts are a wonderful sport. Not sure really, the gym i'm in atm opened like a few months ago (the only one in my vicinity) and doesn't have the licence to go to real tournaments. I'm most likely gonna be moving to a bigger town when i go to college, and with it, a better gym. So yeah, in my case probably gonna take 6-7 more months at least.
2019-01-19 19:12
rain | 
gym are for insecure small pe pees
2019-01-17 19:08
Lithuania Sedge 
1.91 m 186 kg 31 deadlift 500kg bench over 300
2019-01-17 19:13
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