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Gillette video
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv . Any thoughts?I personaly think this video has racism and sexism agenda in it. White men -toxic black men-good . I guess time to avoid Procter & Gamble products. Anyway it seems my beard will stay for little bit longer bois.
2019-01-16 09:26
Norway ILoveKimPetras 
2019-01-16 09:27
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
soy boy?
2019-01-16 09:27
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
2019-01-16 09:37
2019-01-17 07:30
2019-01-17 07:53
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
2019-01-17 13:28
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
typical scandinavian soyboy
2019-01-17 13:28
Hi bandera how are u doink?
2019-01-17 14:03
Belarus @Bitly 
2019-01-16 09:28
Yes. Change to a saftey razor and save money in the process!
2019-01-17 13:21
Poland Fanowskyy 
Naaaah they show both races as good at the end Black and White, so i think it isin't meant to be Racist.
2019-01-16 09:29
Poland Fanowskyy 
and i actually like the advert.
2019-01-16 09:30
Norway ILoveKimPetras 
Where is yellow one
2019-01-16 09:31
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
yes,but it does look to me that most of the video they show white people actually are toxic masculinity ,while black men seems good and doing great job being fathers ,while most fatherless households are coming from black people smh .....
2019-01-16 09:33
Poland Fanowskyy 
You know how the Media is nowadays, they would show less Black Men and for SJWs they would be literally the new Hitler, i think they just didin't want any backlash.
2019-01-16 09:35
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Well they got it anyways haha
2019-01-16 09:37
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
probably you are right,but it's still leaves a bad taste in my mouth :/ and still got even higher backlash XD
2019-01-16 09:42
They show a small amount of equality but it’s heavily biased towards black men better better than white men
2019-01-16 10:46
Stupid snowflake Flag checks out
2019-01-17 07:05
Poland Fanowskyy 
Of course i'm a Stupid snowflake! Just because i don't agree that the Ad is Racist of course i'm a Left Wing Libtard you know? Maybe STFU and worry about real problems like the Muslims in Europe??? but naaah you just worry about Negros like they are the biggest problem we have, I can say from experience that the Blacks atleast work, unlike most of the Muslims that come to Europe.
2019-01-17 09:23
Making white race looking like a problem is the biggest problem
2019-01-17 13:15
Poland Fanowskyy 
They aren't even showing the white race as a problem here, if anything this ad is more sexist than racist, but Pepole like you get triggered because of ads and cry about it on the Internet... now who's the Special Snowflake here???
2019-01-17 13:19
2019-01-17 13:29
Poland Fanowskyy 
Ok best reply ever -_-, sorry but i have no time for Idiots like you.
2019-01-17 13:30
you are weird.
2019-01-16 09:30
I wouldn't mind it if there was similar ads/campagins that criticized womens behavior and encouraged them to change since at least then it would be equal treatment. If I look at the ad objectively it isn't that bad since it encourages better behavior but the problem is that it ONLY focuses on men and the same goes for other campaigns.
2019-01-16 09:39
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
+1 to that,but imagine if they set tampon commercial and adds all that lying, manipulative, superficial, narcissistic, gold diggers and tell all women are like that ,but only small amount is not , there would be uproar.
2019-01-16 09:46
Exactly, that campaign would go terribly and that's why they avoid doing those. Women are generally more easily offended and the majority of them would dislike an ad targeted at them negatively even if it was for the better, were as for an ad targeted at men is much more common and the majority tends not to take an offence to it so it can be smart marketing.
2019-01-16 09:48
Soy boi?
2019-01-16 09:40
Sweden bigmanshaq 
not clicking probably bait
2019-01-16 09:41
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
no bait i promise ,i am one of few people in HLTV who rarely visiting it and don't spend their free time wasting other people time with baiting them
2019-01-16 09:43
Sweden bigmanshaq 
ok gonna watch it papi
2019-01-16 09:55
worst video i ever saw
2019-01-16 09:55
You fucking morons. This has nothing to do with black & white but again, another stupid fucking propaganda anti male movement going on. This ad is directed at soyboys, who for one can't even grow a fucking beard. Read between the lines you stupid cucks and harden the fuck up.
2019-01-16 10:04
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
i know that.its sexist and at same time racist too . its easier to sell this propaganda if white male is leading a charge with toxic masculinity. And that's why i called Kim soy boy too because its directed towards them and don't find this offensive at all
2019-01-16 10:10
It's a shaving brand. What was wrong with the female holding the freshly shaven man's face like all their other ads? A few year ago they had Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods & Roger Federer. Talk about changing tune. All for their bottom line. They don't believe in anything they put in that ad.
2019-01-16 10:12
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
Yeah old videos were great,but these days all you can see is this sexism propaganda or political at every corner -reason why i actually stop watching TV at first place .
2019-01-16 10:34
Couldn't agree more my friend.
2019-01-16 10:42
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
will watch it once i've finished beating up my wife
2019-01-16 10:13
and since when the fuck is 'bullying' a man thing? Go fuck yourself Gillette.
2019-01-16 10:16
Hungary Griffisz 
2019-01-16 10:22
Greece deST) 
Wtf is this autism video anw
2019-01-16 10:19
Estonia teremartin 
video is meaning gay ?
2019-01-16 10:24
Switzerland Tangyre 
it's obviously very left leaning and misandric
2019-01-16 10:29
I mean it's a good message I just don't get why the fuck Gilette is making this ad like what the fuck do they have to do with social justice lmao
2019-01-16 10:37
It’s fucking racist and it’s sexist as fuck as well. Imagine if someone created an advert that showed all the negative stereotypes amount women (especially black women who are by way the biggest and top dawg for violence and aggression amount females)... BS. Everyone boycott
2019-01-16 10:48
Just boycott this trash dudes.
2019-01-16 11:41
Getting triggered by an ad, expected from snowflakes
2019-01-16 11:45
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
meanwhile in germany men like to get pegged ,abused and are pussies overall. I look down on you guys. Sorry
2019-01-16 12:10
And I look down on people getting offended by everything :^)
2019-01-16 12:26
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
well if you think attacking men is right thing to do and make them sissies like half of your country is,then i guess fair point. Anyway its pointless to argue with guy who has never changed his tires on car, hold axe in hand for woodcutting or chainsaw and everything has given on hand by someone else.I feel sorry for your country women . Peace out my sissie friend. p.s this is pure brainwashing and then you wonder what germany has become ...
2019-01-16 12:41
Funnily enough my familiy actually owns a small forest, so I can asure you that I do chop wood every winter, and changning tires is really not that hard, the majority of people do it by themselve. And they didnt attack men, if you never bullied somone or sexually harrased or watever you shouldnt be offended by that commercial.
2019-01-16 15:28
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
i am not really that offended,i just don't like how they showed it actually. I see a point they tried to make a cross ,but they really made it look really bad. + not having any AD about women toxicity for a decade does not help either . These kind a videos coming out every year and its getting tired of it. #metoo #heforshe and so on .....
2019-01-16 15:23
You're kinda really dumb.
2019-01-16 11:48
It was a good message, I don't understand this huge hate on them (the only reason I could imagine is #31)
2019-01-16 11:53 Oldfags will remember this li'l YTMND beauty right here. =8]
2019-01-16 12:28
Finland tetuan 
Catcalling isnt a thing here so I dont care too much. I think how they made all the white dudes catcall instead of black dudes is that sparked all the controversy.
2019-01-16 12:33
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
not sure either .Searched definition in google and found out "To whistle or yell something sexually suggestive to a stranger, usually in passing. " but in the video guy did not even do that ,but wanted to go to her in public and start conversation with her . Well they teach you to make a move first ,but how you do that,when even if you approach her to start conversation is not allowed .I guess that's toxic masculinity lol
2019-01-16 12:51
pure racism...
2019-01-16 12:34
Chile strong221 
great video :D
2019-01-16 12:38
Gillette the best cisgender soy boy can get.
2019-01-16 12:48
isaac butterfield on yt talked about this
2019-01-16 12:56
Finland Emvi 
My favorite part is when the white man finds a white woman attractive and tries to approach her, the black homie comes outta nowhere and goes "NOT COOL". Absolute art, totally woke
2019-01-16 13:06
:D lolled
2019-01-17 10:59 Just boycott Gillette
2019-01-16 13:21
2019-01-16 15:21
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
2019-01-16 20:58
2019-01-17 07:46
United Kingdom KieranFR 
Imagine willingly watching a 1:50 ad
2019-01-16 15:24
United States BLNDSPT 
I heard about it, didn't watch it till now. This is a stupid advert. It paints men as indoctrinated, unassuming, and oblivious and the only way to cure it is through lots of sexual assault cases. Most of the big ones in the news have been baseless anyways, so my question is just...why? I get the counter-argument that this is just an ad saying "Don't be objectifying losers", but 80% of men aren't. Almost all men I know aren't. All adult males I've grown up around never were. So why we need to paint men as less than they are is just beyond me. Absolutely ridiculous.
2019-01-16 20:57
the moment when a guy wants to talk to a girl and somebody says 'not cool' LMAO soon you will be sued just by looking at the girls
2019-01-16 20:58
United Kingdom jellywank 
Do you have a brain deficiency or is it bait? pick one
2019-01-16 21:04
Its not rasism just quinsidence if i pronounce it correct
2019-01-17 07:26
United States ImFat 
Poorly executed but has good intentions, not as bad as people say it is, but could have been 10x better. More than likely it doesn’t address women bullying/sexual assault because it is a men’s brand trying to speak to its much larger men user base. There is nothing wrong with trying to address sexual assault and bullying, it’s just that they (a shaving company) did it wrong and are trying to push themselves into something they don’t need to be apart of. tl;dr misunderstood, and now apart of a hate bandwagon.
2019-01-17 07:33
Sunde | 
World sfu 
Gillette sucks anyway, so...
2019-01-17 07:40
Asia BurjAlArab 
Fuck sexism, you're all pussys...
2019-01-17 10:59
Croatia feelsbadmane 
2019-01-17 13:17
I don't think they have ever had an ad that got so much attention, you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity and they will be cashing in.
2019-01-17 13:24
Boys will be boys.
2019-01-17 13:29
They're just saying you should be a good man and raise your kids with the right values. They're saying that the men presented by the media is not us. Wouldn't be so personal about it. Be a good man
2019-01-17 13:30
Brazil lindembergb 
white people problems
2019-01-17 14:05
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