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GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
United States aust9n 
Serious answers only pleeease... I'm trying to increase my FPS in CSGO. Here are my specs: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad Core RAM/Memory: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 2GB Motherboard: ASUS/GIGABYTE (Intel H110) BenQ XL2540 24.5 inch; 240hz Win10 64bit I get about 150-200 FPS, sometimes as low as 120, but never consistently 200... average around 150-160 FPS. What do I need to upgrade to get to 250 - 300 FPS consistently? Should I upgrade my GPU/Graphics Card from my GTX 950 to something like a GTX 1080 to acheive this? Or do I need to upgrade my CPU? If I need to upgrade CPU, I'm guessing I need to upgrade my Motherboard? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated <3
2019-01-16 21:19
Also, whatever your suggestion is, please let me know specifically what I should upgrade/change and what brand, etc. Thanks!
2019-01-16 21:20
If on a budget GPU : gtx 1060 6gb CPU : I7 8700k If you have 2k dollars to spare GPU : gtx 1080 ti CPU : I9-9900K
2019-01-17 01:05
Europe Vallon2 
Difference between that i7 and the i9 is like what... 3 fps? Maybe 5? For a hefty price difference and a massive cooling headache? Not worth at all.
2019-01-17 02:21
most likely the socket for the i9 and i7 will be the same for a after market cooler so that shouldnt be a problem
2019-01-17 02:55
2019-01-19 15:40
I had a 6900K oc'd to 4.1 GHz and my i9 9900K increased my FPS by around 15-20% from what my tests are showing. This is with a 1080Ti.
2019-01-21 17:54
Europe Vallon2 
6900k =/= 9700k Every benchmark out there shows i7-9700k is almost equal to 9900k. Difference is 1-3 fps. Idk what kind of tests you were running, but the i9 is a dumb buy unless you have money to blow.
2019-01-21 21:45
My motherboard died, and my 6900K was bottlenecking my game performance. It was about the same price to buy an i9 and mobo as it was to buy one x99 mobo.
2019-01-22 17:12
i9 is overpriced
2019-01-19 05:55
I mean if they have the money go ahead and buy it. But i agree with you its over priced i'd personally go with I7.
2019-01-19 15:40
i7 8700k/i7 8086k is the best price/performance chip imo.
2019-01-20 12:22
i9 for more fps?? hahahah what a waste of money it will give you like 5 FPS more. With the setup OP already has I think he is missing drivers etc or because it should be able to do 250 fps average EASY
2019-01-20 16:24
jesus i was saying i9 if he has money. I would buy i7 too but if someone is rich then but i9 lol.
2019-01-20 17:15
Australia Moonayyy 
wtf 1060 and 8700k, are you out of your mind??? ALWAYS PAIR AN I7 WITH A 70 OR 80 CARD!
2019-01-21 10:34
You don't need a bloody 6gb gpu for cs, 4gb is more than enough.
2019-01-21 11:13
I recently bought I5 9600k. With my gtx1060 3 gb csgo runs on 200-400 fps. I used to have I5 2500s and it runned on 100-200 fps, so cpu makes a difference. Your card is relatively weak, I think that might be a case for you. If I were you I would buy rtx2070/gtx1080, cause your cpu is decent
2019-01-20 16:22
thx filip, its on my list. i'm just going to go ahead and upgrade to either the Intel Core i3-8350K 6 Core 4.0 GHz or the Intel Core i5-9600K 6 Cores 4.6 GHz (what you mentioned you just bought) for my CPU and then upgrade my GPU to either the EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming, 4GB or the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, 6GB.
2019-01-20 18:04
Russia karmadon 
what is your settings in csgo/nvidia settings? your card can easy as fuck can show around 250fps,cuz i have ati hd6670(from 2012) and this card doing 150 fps on low settings 1280x960. if u wanna upgrade, get new motherboard and buy ryzen 2600(in march coming up ryzen 3xxx,better perfomance on 20-30%) or if you buy r5 2600, upgrade RAM to 16gb 2x8, boost clock to 3200mhz and try to get some life pleasure xd ez guide
2019-01-21 11:02
I also use 1280x960 with 240hz refresh. I have all my nvidia settings on performance and my csgo settings on medium. but if you can will you PM me and tell me what my nvidia settings should be in terms of Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, Texture Filerting, etc.? Thanks man.
2019-01-21 21:13
United States hhkb 
2019-01-16 21:20
Thank you! So what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:27
Netherlands Younesd 
I5 8600k is a beast
2019-01-16 21:31
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
ryzen 5 2600 better and cheaper
2019-01-17 00:32
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
it's performing worse in cs
2019-01-17 00:39
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
Tbh if you can’t play with 60fps u are a bot anyways
2019-01-17 00:49
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
what does that have anything to do with ryzen performing worse in cs compared to intel?
2019-01-17 00:51
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
Just wanted to throw it in He doesn’t have to upgrade
2019-01-17 00:52
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
that's like saying one should play cs on 800x600 just to get 500 fps, no matter how shit it looks like as long as it's smooth you dont need to upgrade anything
2019-01-17 00:55
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
Im playing on 800x600 and still have to lock it to 60fps because I would get fps Drops else :(
2019-01-17 00:58
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
thought that you had 2600 since you were talking about it, I have it and it performs pretty much like an older i5 sandy bridge even if i overclock it to 4.1 ghz
2019-01-17 01:00
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
A friend uses it and I’m grading up my to it should be shipped tomorrow
2019-01-17 01:06
why would anyone play with 60fps in 2019?
2019-01-17 03:48
Bcs it’s better than 200fps
2019-01-17 08:32
in what way?
2019-01-17 20:36
it shows that you are a real man and no pussy that needs 200 fps and still gets only 15 kills
2019-01-17 21:57
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
Monkey cant afford a proper pc XD
2019-01-20 11:24
xd funny retard im fakeflagging and i have a proper pc
2019-01-20 12:13
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
2019-01-20 12:18
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
You dont have
2019-01-20 12:18
and why would you know?
2019-01-20 12:20
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
Monkey favela
2019-01-20 12:20
Denmark Khronov 
"Im playing on 800x600 and still have to lock it to 60fps because I would get fps Drops else :(" What proper pc pentium 4? Favela lol
2019-01-20 12:31
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
XD ty for being NOT an idiot
2019-01-20 12:41
#85 retard
2019-01-20 14:58
2019-01-20 14:58
gpu, to be frank it's a piece of shit. your cpu is fine
2019-01-16 21:22
Thank you! So what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:27
Thank you! So what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:44
bro did you try to max Overclock your GPU? google GTX950 safe max overclock
2019-01-17 13:49
That's not how overclocking works. Every card clocks to different speeds. Just watch an overclocking tutorial and do it properly to make sure it runs stable. It's actually really easy.
2019-01-19 05:59
We're talking about CSGO here lad. That cpu is more garbage in this case.
2019-01-21 11:27
150-200 fps on 5v5?
2019-01-16 21:23
Yep - MAX - average more like 120-130 FPS tho
2019-01-16 21:27
it has something to be wrong with ur software or hdd, ur cpu should be getting much more than that as i had same fps with i5-750 and radeon 6870
2019-01-16 21:27
What should I try? Appreciate your help.
2019-01-16 21:28
Clean ur computer with malwarebytes and ccleaner first for sure, try reinstalling the game and set right starting parameters, update gpu drivers. If that won't help u should try defragmentating ur HDD. It's not your's hardware fault. edit: also check for gpu and cpu temperatures
2019-01-16 21:31
also use lowest settings and 4:3
2019-01-17 13:37
What resolution and settings are you playing on? I have a i5 7400 that should be almost the same as i5 6500 and I have a 1050 ti. I have 200+ on the new maps and almost 300 on the old ones.
2019-01-16 21:24
1280x960 4:3
2019-01-16 21:26
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
Try changing it if you can, gained like 50 becuz some stupid res
2019-01-16 21:45
Romania Cuntstantin 
get 1060, they are pretty cheap atm, you will see some gains in fps, 40-50 maybe with that resolution, plus you'll be able to play most new games at decent settings that cpu is good enough for now, upgrade in like 1-2 years
2019-01-16 23:08
Brazil user2740 
fuck 1060 is expensive to me (here)
2019-01-16 23:20
Romania Cuntstantin 
just about 4 months ago prices were still fucked here in Europe too, maybe it's gonna take longer but they gon drop there too
2019-01-17 00:07
Brazil HaiduHilario 
RX 580 8gb is cheaper and better in brazil atm.
2019-01-17 00:39
Brazil Vitor_IS 
580 4gb is cheaper than the 570 for some reason and the only difference between the 580 4gb and 8gb is the amount of v-ram, (and the 4gb is like 100 reais less) but yea, both 570 and 580 are much better options than a 1060 the only bad thing is that the amd cards have a higher power draw
2019-01-17 06:57
Brazil HaiduHilario 
They do indeed but recently AMD's software has been making their GPUS age better than NVIDIA's. When they first announced the 1060 it was above the rx580, now AMD's card has got the edge.
2019-01-19 05:32
Brazil HaiduHilario 
About 580 cheaper than 570 it varies from the brand and place you're buying. Most of the times 570 is going to be cheaper ofc but mostly never enough to make it worth over 580
2019-01-19 05:35
Brazil Vitor_IS 
i'm pretty sure the cheapest 580 still better than the most expensive 570.. for even less but still, yea, some 570 are cheaper than some 580, sometimes about 150 reais cheaper.. which may be a good choice, cuz i think the difference between these cards shouldn't worth 150 reais..
2019-01-19 09:42
Saying rx 580 is 'MUCH' better than gtx 1060 is straight out lie. I'm only considering 1060 6GB version here. Saying it about 570 might be early warning signs ofstarting mental illness
2019-01-21 11:09
Brazil Vitor_IS 
i said the rx 580 is a much better OPTION than the 1060, cuz it is much cheaper (around 100~130 dollars difference here) and it has basically the same performance (it's even better in some games)
2019-01-21 20:27
GPU upgrade would give you 0 more FPS. Only CPU will improve it. In fact you could use a 5+ years old GPU and the FPS would be the same!
2019-01-16 21:24
Thank you! So what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:26
Your budget?
2019-01-16 21:29
Not cheap but not astronomical - I have money
2019-01-16 21:30
I need a number ;) The thing is, you could get 2nd hand hardware and put a better CPU on this motherboard. But I'd just get a rather cheap, new CPU, mobo and RAM. Do you play only CS:GO?
2019-01-16 21:33 This is roughly the FPS you should get with your setup. If you don't something is wrong and I'd start with basically resetting your PC completely.
2019-01-16 21:38
I only play CSGO, yes. I'm willing to spend like $800-$1000 for new CPU, GPU and Motherboard.
2019-01-16 22:13
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
ryzen 5 2600 it cheaper and better than i5 8600k
2019-01-17 00:35
What type of motherboard would I need for that?
2019-01-17 00:36
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
Am4 Socket
2019-01-17 00:38
Just here to warn you that, while great in other games, AMD struggles with CSGO. If you only play CSGO ur better off getting an 8th gen Intel, even if they're abit more expensive than their AMD counterparts. But start off with checking your software for mistakes, because you're not getting the FPS you should be having. Easiest would be resetting your Windows completely if you're up for that.
2019-01-17 02:12
Thx - I dont plan on getting AMD cause ive heard the same. Gonna get the Intel Core i7-9700K 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz Turbo Unlocked.
2019-01-17 02:20
That's a great choice. It's a really good CPU, good luck with it :D
2019-01-17 02:21
Then you also need a new motherboard, new RAM and maybe a new power supply.
2019-01-17 10:10
id recommend the i7 8700k and a gtx 1060 which will leave you like 500 dollars for a mb and cooler reference Link:
2019-01-17 02:59
you are retarded
2019-01-16 21:30
No, you are. You have no clue what you are talking about. His GPU does NOT impact his CS:GO performance. It's well enough for it. CS:GO relies on single core performance. My i5 2500K from 2011 manages 300fps+ at 5.0ghz.
2019-01-16 21:30
North America noahB_ 
you actually dont know what ur talking about, yes csgo is more cpu intensive, but gpu 100% does impact performance, especially with the res he plays at (1280x960), upgrading his cpu will 100% improve performance
2019-01-17 00:57
You talk about GPU, then CPU and your comment doesn't make sense. Better GPU wouldn't improve peformance, better CPU would. That's exactly what I said. Especially low resolution is eveb more dependent on CPU.
2019-01-17 10:09
Brazil Vitor_IS 
LMAO what are you talking about dude lol he has a 6th gen i5 quad core, do you really think that this processor is bottlenecking his 950 2gb? LOL obviously csgo uses more of the cpu, but upgrading that 950 to a 1060 3/6gb or an rx580 would give him MUCH MORE fps
2019-01-17 07:01
Nope, I simply said that the GPU peformance is irrelevant in this case as it's way enough and doesn't give additional fps. It all comes down to core performance of CPU and some shitty GPU that does the job. Gtx 950 does that job perfectly fine. Also, low resolution is even more CPU dependent.
2019-01-17 10:06
United States Roseberg 
2019-01-16 21:27
Appreciate it - what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:27
United States Roseberg 
mobo - z370 or b360 cpu- i7 8 or 9th gen k cpu
2019-01-16 21:55
2019-01-16 22:13
Argentina roulettesoad 
upgrade cpu for csgo
2019-01-16 21:28
Appreciate it - what CPU do you suggest I get and will I need to upgrade the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you suggest?
2019-01-16 21:29
i5 8600k - z370 motherboard and ddr4 RAM (Q4'17) if you want the latest it's i5 9600k + z390 and ddr4 ram or wait til ryzen 5 3-series release, I think it will be pretty damn good cpu in the future.
2019-01-16 21:31
Thank you for suggestions!!!
2019-01-16 21:31
Thorin | 
Europe jam1e^ 
even the ryzen 5 2 series is kinda fire. i upgraded to a 5 2600 like 2 weeks ago and i never go below 250 on maps like mirage and cache. it feels so amazing
2019-01-16 22:59
yes I do like the new ryzen honestly, the multitasking and gaming is crazy. Fps-wise ryzen does perform slightly less than intels, which is understandable due to ryzen is still new, not every game is optimized for it yet but I can see in the future that it will change alot and I will for sure build a ryzen-build IF i were supposed to get a totally new pc
2019-01-17 00:24
Upgrade the GPU to a 1060 with 6gb of VRAM CPU is fine
2019-01-16 21:35
Bullshit. Would make 0 difference. GTX 950 is way enough. Also I used GTX 960 before, upgraded to 1060 and 0 fps increase. It's all about single core performance.
2019-01-16 21:36
totally agree, I had i5 4590k with gtx 750ti , had 300fps capped(could get around 400ish at max) changed to gtx 1060 6gb(fps 300 capped could output more than 750ti but not that much of a different in csgo. in other games obviously better. I got i7 4790k for literally 40% off the original price on black friday, now we talking about increased fps like atleast 150-300fps more from the previous i had. (though im able to cap it at 400fps instead of 300.
2019-01-16 21:42
Exactly. If you want high FPS in CS:GO get an i5/i7 or one of the newer i3s with the "k" version, overclock them close to 5GHZ and you will have 400fps+. That's all.
2019-01-16 21:44
D0cC | 
Netherlands JimboR 
I didn't have thks. I had a 750 ti and while then about 300-330 fps. And now with 1070 ti 300-500 fps. Same res, everything the same as before
2019-01-20 11:29
Germany s1mplyclever 
yeah cpu is really good actually its the gpu bottlenecking get a gtx 1060 6gig
2019-01-16 21:36
2019-01-16 21:36
Czech Republic seal2145 
Well depends on your resolution too i play on 1920x1080 and the jump from 750ti to 1060 3gb was definitely about 20% fps boost on average fps also jumped on my current r5 2400g igpu to rx 580 about the same % boost, on fullHD you should be able to get a decent fps boost. And in smokes? instead of 60fps it jumped to 150+ that was the biggest difference, but even on dm from like idk 150-300 i had like 200-350 on fullHD when i went from 750ti to 1060 or same here with my current ryzen setup
2019-01-16 23:29
CPU obviously Also I can recommend you this guide It improved my fps a lot and made my game feel a lot smoother
2019-01-16 21:39
really appreciate it buddy
2019-01-16 22:14
you need to download more ram actually
2019-01-16 21:44
what do you mean download more RAM? thx
2019-01-16 22:15
get baited
2019-01-17 06:08
Indonesia Exodd 
2019-01-21 11:16
CPU is fine, maybe a 1060 6gb would do the job
2019-01-16 21:47
Get a i5-8600k it can even support a 2080ti for the future
2019-01-16 21:51
CPU, ignore everyone who says GPU.
2019-01-16 21:55
Myanmar xdcc 
You said GPU in your sentence. How do I proceed?
2019-01-16 22:14
Belgium 69Savage 
+1 I too am at a loss.
2019-01-17 01:46
yep, agree - 99% of people tell me I need to upgrade CPU not GPU because CS is a CPU intensive game. Any suggest on type of CPU and motherboard?
2019-01-16 22:16
An Intel, high clock speed. Csgo uses 3 cores max, this means CPUs with a lot of cores are wasted on csgo.
2019-01-16 22:55
950 is overkill for cs go if you play low settings
2019-01-16 22:16
Yeah I think I just need to upgrade the CPU for better FPS not the GTX 950 GPU.
2019-01-16 22:16
upgrading gpu wont make any difference in frames. best value would be i3 8100 or if you got bigger budget an i3 8350k. you can buy i3 8400, but it will have 50% load at max since cs go cant make use of 6 cores. i3 8350k at 4.5-4.8 ghz would give you +200 all the time.
2019-01-16 22:22
thx thats what im hearing
2019-01-16 23:11
Cpu would be the best choice in this case if you ONLY play CS:GO. I went from a GTX 660 to a GTX 1060 6GB and there was no difference in fps at csgo ( maybe like 15-20 fps difference max) but in other games it was a huge jump. I'm still using a 3570K at 4.5 ghz and i get around 250-300 fps on most maps. So get a newer cpu and try to get a "K" version which you can overclock. CS:GO will get a huge boost from it
2019-01-16 22:25
i3 9350kf is around the corner. it should be good value without igpu.
2019-01-16 23:12
Finland vetu104 
How much is your gpu usage when playing? If it's over 80%, you may be better off upgrading your graphics card. CPU upgrade would be very costly for you, as for any meaningful gains, you would need an unlocked intel cpu, good cooling (>50$) and a motherboard with a robust vrm (>180$). For overclocking. Stock speeds with any cpu won't give you much fps boost over your current setup.
2019-01-16 22:27
>8GBs of ram in 2019 >kek >2133 mhz ram >kek > 240 hz monitor XDD Sell cpu ram and mobo and buy ryzen 5 2600+Msi B450-A mobo+ 16 GBs of at least 3000 mhz ram. It should be fine then
2019-01-16 23:01
16 gb of ram doesnt make any difference
2019-01-17 01:09
hahahahahahahaahaha ur retarded if u think ram is a problem
2019-01-17 06:13
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
It actually might hold it back a bit, especially since its 2133only
2019-01-17 07:10
Netherlands rajino 
the first real good response there.... this 8gb 2133mhz is actually really really shit. and ur gpu sucks also. before my upgrade i had an i5-6400 with 16GB 2800mhz with an 780GTX and i had around 200fps constant.
2019-01-20 16:31
Unlike mrowkpio is saying, 8gb ddr4 is more than enough to play cs. You need to upgrade your CPU+motherboard, I don't know your budget but the i7 7700k is pretty good. BTW, I would give a try to overclock on your graphics card.
2019-01-16 23:03
yep, I knew it had nothing to do with RAM, my RAM is plenty to play CS. Like almost everyone here (the ones that clearly know what they are talking about), I need to upgrade my CPU. Thanks!
2019-01-16 23:13
i 7770k is too expensive
2019-01-16 23:13
Which one would you suggest then? Keep in mind that the new 8th gen motherboards are expensive
2019-01-17 12:45
i would only recommend i7700k if he already had an z-board. his platform is dead and there isnt any cpu that would give him a good boost with that h-board. best he can do is is getting a z370 board with a 6/4 core cpu makes 300 euro. thats is not only cheaper than an i7 7700k but also open for future upgrades.
2019-01-17 12:49
Then what about the i5 8600k? Seems pretty nutty for csgo and has a great OC capability.
2019-01-18 16:49
adds another 100 euro and i dont think he cares about games other than cs.
2019-01-18 18:20
In every other situation you should upgrade GPU but if you only play cs (especially on low settings) you might get more fps by upgrading your CPU
2019-01-16 23:14
+! thats what im seeing. thanks.
2019-01-16 23:25
Brazil nyz 
2019-01-17 13:39
Albania LaviX06 
6500 is decent , if u have a chance to upgrade , then go for a used gtx 1070ti they go pretty decent price for product
2019-01-16 23:17
Brazil user2740 
people saying about cool components, and me with a common laptop that can't run +30 fps in csgo br mode even with 640x480
2019-01-16 23:23
flag checks out
2019-01-17 06:19
Brazil user2740 
but I will buy a new pc february
2019-01-17 16:30
Canada NMX_ 
I'd say GPU since your CPU could probably still hold another new GPU but I'd say perhaps going for both a new GPU and CPU since the newer GPU would probably be bottlenecked by the older core i5.
2019-01-16 23:26
dont think so a 6500 is pretty decent.
2019-01-17 01:15
Canada NMX_ 
ya it is decent therefor u upgrade the gpu so u would actually see improvements in framerate. a new cpu at this stage wont help him that much if at all.
2019-01-17 01:41
stop talking if u dont know jack shit cs is cpu based my friend is playing with i7 and 750 ti and he gets 350 fps u need to upgrade cpu bro
2019-01-17 01:45
Canada NMX_ 
core i5's on average are better at gaming given most games can barely take advantage of more than 4 cores. it wont matter if CS is cpu based if his GPU cannot keep up. its like expecting a cpu upgrade from an i7 970 to an i7 6700k would improve fps with your r9 270x or gtx 750. cs being cpu based means that it would improve performance more so than other games assuming it can get that improvement in performance anyway via a better graphics card. most i7's are still really good for source engine. the i7 980 from a decade ago can still run the game with high frame rate when pared with a good gpu like a 1050ti. the ONLY time you would need to upgrade your cpu for csgo is if you are either: a) coming from the core 2 quad era of cpus or the low i3s and i5s of the time. b) considering streaming or recording which required more cpu cores for little performance impact. c) your cpu dies. d) your core i7 still cant keep up with your 240 hz monitor due to a cpu bottleneck (a good example of a cpu bottleneck would be a core i7 960 paired with a GTX 1080), in that case you probably only need to buy a 4700k from the used market to negate this problem. my friend decided to upgrade his cpu from a core i5 to a core i7, had to buy a new motherboard and ram due to the different architecture and socket, and did not see very much improvement in performance because he is GPU bottlenecked with the 1050ti. this did not just apply to CS but to other games that are more GPU intensive such as pubg. if i did not know jack shit, i probably wouldn't understand what a bottleneck even is in a system (CPU, GPU, or being a moron and putting CS and OS on ur hard drive).
2019-01-17 06:02
dont u understand? he has i5 6500 right now and is getting shit fps im talking about source engine only (cs), not any other game u are not technically wrong, but go watch some benchmarks on utube..
2019-01-17 06:35
Canada NMX_ 
Again you aren't wrong either but a GTX 950 is comparable (in terms of benchmarks) to a 660 Ti and a 1050 so would have to think that he would need to upgrade both his CPU and GPU. But I suggested upgrading his CPU since he is GPU bottle necked and he would probably get more of a boost in framerate than upgrading his CPU despite it being source engine. I'd say maybe upgrade to a 6700k and overclock it and move to a 1050 Ti or a 1060 since his i5 has no official overclock support. That's the advice I can give. I don't think his i5 has hyperthreading so if there is any performance increase, it would be through hyperthreading on a core i7 which CS likes but the GPU is also what plays in part of the FPS he gets. Or just wait for source 2 lul
2019-01-17 20:11
Other alexis4096 
Cpu, in my case i have the i7-6700k with a 1060 6gb and i got between 300-400 fps Imo the i7-6700k its a very good cpu
2019-01-17 01:12
if u want god tier fps, the minimum u can go is i5-8400
2019-01-17 01:44
So should I choose 8400 or spend some more and go for 8600k? Differences on benchmarks between those 2 are not big but I know nothing about pcs and might be wrong
2019-01-18 16:44
i5-8400 is equal to last gen i7, very good cpu, and gets point for fps-per-dollar it has 6 cores, one of the best cpus out there 8600k is 8400 but even better, but its more expensive and has lower fps-per-dollar score if u wanna go for 8600k u have to buy z370 motherboards which are a bit more expensive in my opinion if u can afford it, save more and go for it, but u are not lossing much going for 8400 watch benchmarks on youtube, type like this: "i5-8400 vs i5-8600k gaming benchmarks" compare the price and decide
2019-01-18 19:04
Thanks man, I will look into it
2019-01-19 08:17
Belgium 69Savage 
csgo: cpu other games: gpu
2019-01-17 01:45
Brazil xpn :) 
I9 9900k Rtx 2080ti = 1 million fps Serious now Take a ryzen 2700x or i5 9600k with the new rtx 2060 you will be great, 400+ all time 350 usd - rtx 2060 250 - 2700x and 9600k
2019-01-17 02:01
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
2019-01-17 07:24
Canada NMX_ 
or wait for the 1160 that is the 2060 without ray tracing lul
2019-01-17 20:12
Brazil xpn :) 
1160, do u mean 1060?
2019-01-17 20:40
Canada NMX_ 
rumors are that nvidia are releasing the gtx 1160 which is an rtx 2060 without the raytracing, reducing the overall price. to me, i see no point of having ray tracing on a mid range gpu THIS early especially since raytracing can't even run at 60fps for 1080p ULTRA. i felt like nvidia should have waited another generation to even release rtx on the higher end gpus, slowely implementing them on the mid range gpus while the low end gpus lack the feature for a while for cost savings.
2019-01-18 04:07
Brazil xpn :) 
Hmmm , i didnt know that, for sure ray tracing on 2060 and 2070 its not worthing at moment
2019-01-18 13:29
Canada NMX_ 
not at all lol
2019-01-20 00:55
Europe Vallon2 
The game is more CPU-intensive, so that'd be your best bet. However, that GTX950 will bottleneck any good CPU you get... you're better off saving up and upgrading both.
2019-01-17 02:23
thats the plan... upgrade to Intel Core i7-9700K 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz Turbo Unlocked and then a GTX 1080 Ti
2019-01-17 03:26
Brazil nyz 
this cpu is overkill for cs:go if you don't wanna spend much money.
2019-01-17 13:37
what cpu would you recommend?
2019-01-17 13:46
Brazil nyz 
if you don't wanna change your motherboard, a i5-8600k. but I'd recommend an AM4 socket motherboard, then get a Ryzen 5 2600, it's cheaper, uses much less cpu and it's better for anything else.
2019-01-17 13:52
on i5-760 & hd7770 i get same as u , imo u should upgrade gpu and u can overclock cpu aswell. formating your hdd will give u a lot too
2019-01-17 02:30
Your gpu is holding your system down i go for new gpu
2019-01-17 02:52
sarna | 
Poland xDEUCE 
I've got the same PC like you, only motherboard is different(Gigabyte B-150M) and I get same fps like u and deathmatch is unplayable. On the other hand I know a guy with a GTX 650, with some i7 OC'ed to 4.3ghz and he's not getting below 200 FPS. So if u got money make sure to upgrade to a decent CPU then oc it and you should be gucci with fps ;)
2019-01-17 03:39
Colombia AlejoBuh 
i5 9600k
2019-01-17 04:04
upgrade CPU i went from a 950 to a 1060TI its a cheap upgrade but i went from 90-130 fps to 180-220 with the upgrade.
2019-01-17 06:15
Israel Ilay654 
I got a i5-8600k with rtx 2070 (water cooled CPU) and I get around 300 FPS 144hz. Before I had a i5-8600k with a 2gb 960 and I got around 200 FPS, before that i had 960 with i5-4460 and I got around 100 fps. Each part basically gave me 100 FPS hopefully that helps
2019-01-17 06:51
M8 ur pc is enough for csgo why do u even need to get above 200fps Buy gtx 1070 or 1060 anyway..
2019-01-17 07:08
Brazil Vitor_IS 
gpu obviously, even if you upgrade to an i9 9900k, you won't get much more fps this 950 is the bottleneck here, try to get an rx580 or a 1060 (the 3gb version is better if you're only gonna play cs, cuz the game barely uses video memory, and the 3gb is cheaper) but if you really want to upgrade the cpu and don't want to change the motherboard, get a newer gen i5, like 8th or 9th gen (an i5 is fine for cs, it already has 6 cores and everything, u don't need an i7 for cs) BUT if you consider changing the motherboard, i would suggest you to get a ryzen 5 2600, it has a performance of an i5 8400, but 6 more threads and it won't be at 90% usage while gaming (it'll be at 40~50% probably), and it has a good stock cooler if you're not going to overclock. (yea, u can overclock it, get a b350 or b450 motherboard for it) you can also wait till middle of the year when amd is gonna release the new lineup of ryzens, the 3th gen (along with new gpus, with much better price to performance as well). we'll have much better price to performance options, more cores, higher clocks, less power draw, etc. in 2019, amd is a MUCH BETTER option than intel. search about that a bit before buying anything.
2019-01-17 07:10
Brazil Vitor_IS 
read it all fella, it's worth but if u really have thousands of dollars to spend and don't really care about price to performance, just buy the newest i9 and 1080ti.. or a 2080 idk
2019-01-17 07:13
Brazil nyz 
if he plays on low settings the 950 won't bottleneck his cpu, it's more than enough for what he wants.
2019-01-17 13:32
Ryzen uses less of processor usage and have the same fps but much more cheaper. For multi-tasking is unbeatable (while you play you may be with other programs opened) I recommend a Ryzen 5 1600, but if u wanna fuck with all and have Money to it, pick a Ryzen 7 2700 (8 cores 3.2GHz) For GPU a RX 580 8GB or GTX 1060 3GB as already cited it's suficiente, but if u want something more powerful a GTX 1070 Ti will give you a huge success for sometime. Changing the motherboard to am4 (amd socket) maybe will give to you good things, the new Ryzen 3000 will be released in the mid of this year i think. It's soo cheap and powerful.
2019-01-17 07:25
Brazil nyz 
if you play on low settings a new gpu will be irrelevant, your current one is enough. If you don't wanna change your motherboard, get a i5-8600k, but I'd suggest an AM4 motherboard, then get a Ryzen 5 2600x. the i5 has better single core performance but the cpu usage is too high, whereas the ryzen barely uses 40% when running cs:go. you can also overclock for even better results. I recommend you getting faster RAM as well
2019-01-17 13:35
Single core performance is the key for csgo, because Source is based on a dual core system.
2019-01-18 16:51
not entirely true. multi core performance makes a decent impact on framerate stability. your cpu isn't just running csgo.exe without any background programs either, even when you strip windows of most of the bloatware services.
2019-01-26 05:36
Ikr, but I was talking about recent CPU, with more than 2 cores. Imagine this: if you have two CPUs with the same specs (4 example, 2 hexa core with 12 threads) and you only play csgo, always go to the one who as the best single core performance. That's what I wanted to say.
2019-01-26 10:20
GPU!. but for other games like battlefield V you wil start loosing fps beacause of a poor cpu. and that is very frustrating.
2019-01-17 13:40
It's the opposite.
2019-01-18 16:50
What? Omg. U rly are going to make me post a proof here: The same gpu. Different cpus. Look at the results at: 4:38 Then look at the results at 13:56 Caralho portuga.
2019-01-18 17:09
You confirmed what I said. He needs a CPU, not a gpu
2019-01-18 17:58
(facepalm). yes. we been saying the same shit. sorry then.
2019-01-18 22:00
no problem cara
2019-01-19 03:12
cpu for only cs for others gpu for sure
2019-01-17 20:13
You have a good computer, maybe you did not set up windows, the video card and the game correctly?
2019-01-18 04:14
Israel soprendo 
Your CPU is good enough, go for a GPU upgrade. I recommend the Radeon RX 570.
2019-01-18 17:13
I 2nd that. Only not so sure a higher FPS will really change anything with it never going below 100 I'd say all is good. Instead I would suggest putting the money aside as a reserve, or maybe experiment with different mice and keyboards.
2019-01-18 22:08
You should avoid bottlenecks, hence not investing in e.g. 1080 and keeping the cpu. I have been extremely satisfied with this budget combination, running for about a year, always staying above 270 fps (fps_max 300): i3 8350K, clocked at 4,5 Ghz, and GTX 1060 6gb dual OC.
2019-01-18 18:40
CPU man. If you upgrade only gpu, you will get max +20 fps may be
2019-01-19 06:04
CPU, with GPU what you can do is turn up the settings and nothing will change. With a CPU you turn down the setting and much more fps (I mean with a better CPU than GPU)
2019-01-19 08:20
at least 4 gb gpu but cpu is more important for cs
2019-01-19 09:43
Sweden ThorinEk 
upgrade cpu
2019-01-19 09:51
Finland xore1 
you need like 300+ fps if u play on 240hz
2019-01-19 09:54
Germany hatrez 
Your CPU is good enough for consistent 200 FPS. Bottleneck is obviously the GPU here. Get a cheap 980 or 980Ti if your PSU can supply your system with enough power. Or go for a GTX 1060 6Gb around 180-200€
2019-01-19 15:44
ive r9 270x and a i5 8400 and i get like 250+ on any map 5v5 i think your gpu bottlenecks
2019-01-19 15:48
so much bla bla bla for something that obvious. Clearly the CPU but u want a better GPU as well to have it well balanced. ryzen 2600 and a 590 maybe? or a 1060 6gb. but for the same socketu already got, I dunno, no good deal available I'm afraid. a smart Mod with a heart should end this time waster of a topic please! therefore I recommend to /close.
2019-01-19 19:08
i basically had the same specs. cpu wasn't good but it wasn't terrible. but 2gb 950 i also had, make sure to get a new graphics card with at least 6gb, trust me
2019-01-20 12:16
Netherlands rajino 
+1 his gpu+memory is shit
2019-01-20 16:32
Europe Galize 
try to optimise your pc because i'm on a laptop from 2015 and i have 220 FPS average so optimise him
2019-01-20 15:02
You got all drivers etc? Because I have 300 fps on average and my CPU and GPU is older than yours!
2019-01-20 16:24
older core i on good boards with good ram and some OC are often faster than stock newer midrange ones. that 950 is also easily beaten by higher end cards of previous generations, because source is still DX9 and benefits most from raw power, not newer technology.
2019-01-21 10:53
I would probably update the GPU, under 200$ budget u should get the RX570 and around 400$ budget get the RTX2060 :()
2019-01-20 16:26
Netherlands rajino 
everybody talking about upgrading ur cpu+gpu but it will hold back anyway with 2133mhz of ram speed
2019-01-20 16:32
RAM is still fine if it is dual channel. Even when I still used DDR3-1600, I got 200-300 FPS with a good OC on my i5 2500K and 1060/1070. his system overall is a bit of a problem, because that board forces him to use expensive DDR4 while not allowing CPU overlocking at all
2019-01-21 16:53
Netherlands rajino 
yeah but when u start to upgrade the board. u will need to take the cpu also and then the bottleneck will be the memory. specially with ryzen ur memory is very important. i made a lot of systems and memory gives u a slight boost/smooths it out more.
2019-01-22 21:25
Bangladesh Ev1l Japan 
both but first i7 and then gpu at least 1070gtx
2019-01-20 18:06
tf bro, It's counterstrike not Rainbow six 7
2019-01-21 11:11
Bangladesh Ev1l Japan 
ye but if you need 300 constant fps on 128tick you have to invest
2019-01-21 11:57
It doesn't make a difference, i've seen it myself, 4gb is enough even on max settings, cs uses atleast 3gb max even with 240 hz, it doesn't change much. 4gb is enough, and most pros play low settings + low resolution, unless you're playing csgo 4k which no one does, you don't need 6gb gpu.
2019-01-21 15:34
Bangladesh Ev1l Japan 
its about mhz not gb
2019-01-21 16:24
1000mhz = 1gb lul.....
2019-01-21 17:35
if you don't want to switch mainboards and can only afford to upgrade one part, just get a better GPU (980/1060/1070). that alone will give you much more value in terms of overall FPS stability, especially on newer maps around lots of smokes+molly, depending on your res/detail setting. but in the long run, you will need to upgrade that CPU also, because almost any i7 (even an older one when overclocked) is better than that 6500 on a shit board. Hell, my i5 2500K @ 4.5GHz with DDR3-2400 is probably better.
2019-01-21 10:49
GPU : gtx 1060 6gb CPU : I7 8700k
2019-01-21 10:52
Whats your resolution? Also if it's not native I'd get CPU upgrade
2019-01-21 11:10
Finland no_man 
6500 is a sick cpu wtf
2019-01-21 11:59
1) I have also GTX950 but worse CPU and my FPS is 200-350, occasionally dropping to around 150. It's pretty bad on 20 players DM where game becomes unplayable. It seems that you are not getting 100% of your hardware due to invalid settings. Yet I'm also considering upgrade my PC entirely. 2) CS:GO is usually bottlenecking on sound generation which is calculated on CPU and that's why you can consider upgrading CPU. Don't listen to others suggesting GPU if this is mostly for CS:GO. For other games yes, GPU is not fulfilling nowadays requirements. 3) Your CPU is on LGA 1151 socket so you can upgrade it without changing motherboard and memory to Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz. You will double you CPU performance: You can start from this upgrade and see how it goes and if you still don't feel smoothness in CS:GO then consider GPU upgrade, but I think you will be fine (btw. check your motherboard spec if it supports this CPU for sure before purchasing).
2019-01-21 12:57
United States EZ_4_NA 
Definitely upgrade the cpu first as you don’t want a really good gpu with a low tier cpu becuase the gpu will not be able to perform super well ;)
2019-01-21 16:27
CIS L3g 
Imho u must upgrade ur cpu
2019-01-21 16:29
Hungary Shiron212 
I think it's the GPU, buy an RX 570 or a 580
2019-01-21 16:54
Just get a better gpu. A 950 is a terrible card. Doesn’t matter what people say. It’s very bad. Your cpu is fine. You can get over 250 fps. Just really depends on the settings you play
2019-01-21 16:56
Just chuck a 1060 6gb in there and see how she goes, they're pretty cheap right now and I wouldn't bother with anything else until you're ready for a new pc. If you're wondering about CPU's though, have a look at the compatibility for your motherboard, you list it as ASUS/GIGABYTE. It's one or the other, find the model number, go to their website and find it, look at the CPU support. Be aware you may need to flash the BIOS for some CPU's but that's very easy nowadays via USB with a download from the manufacturers website.
2019-01-21 17:47
Just to add, I gained FPS and longevity on my old I7 3770 system just by putting a good cooler on it, turns out it was just running hot in the summer and thermal throttling.
2019-01-21 17:50
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
<message deleted>
2019-01-22 17:14
first of i would advise you to stop listening to hltv for hardware upgrade changes like EVER anyway, your pc is good for cs and you should be getting more, maybe it just got bloated so i would advise you to put fresh windows and wipe the hard clean if you can the other thing is your memory, if you have only 1 stick of ram that is bad because it need to run in dual channel so get another memory stick, or change 1x8gb for 2x4gb now you could overclock the 6500 but they are not known to be the greatest overclockers and your mb is bad for oc the best thing would be to update the bios and see how much higher the ram clocks can get (but srsly if they are not 2sticks of ram get that solved first and it would potentially explain the "low" fps)
2019-01-22 17:37
don't even think about OC with that board and a non-K i5... RAM is fine as long as it is dual channel. CPU should be good enough for 200+ avg FPS. GPU should also be enough but depends on settings and res. a 970, 1060 or 980 can easily do the job for CSGO.
2019-01-26 05:50
I also have an i5 6500 with a 1060 6gb and 8 gb ddr4 ram and i get on 250 consistently on all maps and minimum 200 when thre's a molly and smoke, thats sometimes only, most of the time smokes dont affect it at all. i play on 4:3 1024x768 all low
2019-01-26 06:18
@Aust9n As someone who's been playing CS for over 15 years, here's my input. I'm currently running CSGO medium/high settings 4:3 AR 1920x1440 with 240hz monitor I'm pulling 450-499 FPS. My build: - i7-9700k OC to 5.2Ghz - STAY AWAY from AMD of you're planning on gaming ONLY! (Sorry AMD fanboys but on every gaming benchmark Intel > AMD ;) - GTX 1080ti - 16gb DDR4 3200hz FWIT, I've tested to see how CPU intensive CSGO is so I pulling out my 1080ti and used Mobo integrated GPU for CSGO. I was getting consistent 400 fps+. If you have not built the PC yet here's my suggestion: For a $1000 budget I'd go with: CPU - Either i5 9600 or i7 9700 (only 5-10fps difference in source gaming) GPU - RTX 2060 ($350) in case you plan on playing any GPU intensive games in the future. Also future proofs your GPU at Very High settings for at least 4-5 years. Yes, RTX 2060 performs ~10% better than GTX 1070ti for the same price. Mobo - Any Z390 (around $130-160) RAM: DDR4 3000 hz-3200hz (~5 fps difference in Source games) $120 = ~$1050
2019-01-29 21:18
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