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CIS Minor unnecessary??
United States SmokeCriminalYip 
CIS teams are shit, they are too small of an area to deserver minors... If they get minor, Austrasia should got a minor
2019-01-16 22:31
NA minor is wasted spot axaxaxaxaxax
2019-01-16 22:32
2019-01-17 03:43
shox | 
Denmark dev2ce 
2019-01-17 05:43
“Na minor” dude its na + sa + africa lol
2019-01-17 03:44
2019-01-17 03:44
Libya Eruptor 
They actually have NA closed qualifiers as well as SA ones. The question is: why does Luminosity do in NA qualifiers?
2019-01-17 16:22
They live on NA.
2019-01-17 17:35
Libya Eruptor 
Following this logic, why can't, let's say, Heroic move to China and participate in Asian minor qualifiers?
2019-01-17 17:39
if they start to live on China, they can participate on Asian qualifiers, or they dont?
2019-01-17 17:41
Libya Eruptor 
I mean, if that's how it works, why nobody did this? Compared to Europe, Asia has much less competition, so we'd actually have the strongest teams on majors
2019-01-17 17:44
because asia doesn't have a high level cs, and isn't all about majors.
2019-01-17 17:45
Libya Eruptor 
Well, most of tier1 tournaments stiil have qualifiers. Maybe am retarded, but it still doesn't make sense to me
2019-01-17 17:48
bro, if its like u said, MIBR, Luminosity, INTZ, FURIA, it will be playing here on BR. Just like Bravado, they can play on China if they want, but they want a better level, and they go for NA.
2019-01-17 18:07
United States BLNDSPT 
2019-01-17 15:55
2019-01-17 17:46
Norway Lubek 
Go eat burger
2019-01-16 22:32
2019-01-17 03:43
United Kingdom SherlockOfHLTV 
Before cs I didn’t know CIS existed
2019-01-17 03:45
+1 ALTHOUGH I DID, that area is small AF
2019-01-17 03:45
0/8 for that
2019-01-17 16:00
Russia zbogus 
expected from na education
2019-01-17 16:13
0/8, yet CIS area is only 4 mil square km smaller than North Americas size
2019-01-17 16:16
Twistzz | 
Russia Roneee 
NA geography btw
2019-01-17 04:22
I was 8 and playing css We don’t study where irrelevant countries like Serbia or Bosnia in the 2nd grade
2019-01-17 04:34
Lithuania JamesBong420 
Are you 10 now or something
2019-01-17 04:49
2019-01-17 04:51
10 years ago but k
2019-01-17 06:51
you dont study these countries but you study about hamburgers nice one america
2019-01-17 07:11
Tbh I haven’t eaten a burger in 12 years
2019-01-17 07:27
Estonia [sudden] 
I haven't eaten a burger in 15 years
2019-01-17 07:36
I agree burgers are disgusting
2019-01-17 15:52
Estonia [sudden] 
omg I forgot, 3 years ago I ate 1 hamburger, but didn't have any other food and I was hungry
2019-01-17 19:04
LOL noob i ate a big mac meal, fries, mcnuggets, garlic dip, large diet coke with double cheese burger 2 weeks ago
2019-01-17 16:15
2019-01-17 18:04
Serbia and Bosnia not in CIS region english sorry
2019-01-17 07:21
They’re somewhere near there
2019-01-17 07:28
Finland is closer to the CIS region, than both those countries.
2019-01-17 07:31
2019-01-17 16:15
SS | 
Germany Ducarius 
Even germany is closer to cis
2019-01-17 16:34
Eastern Europe
2019-01-17 18:03
SS | 
Germany Ducarius 
Yeah and you still dont know what CIS is if you count Serbia and Bosnia :D
2019-01-17 16:33
I wasn’t specifically talking about cis in that comment Just said I don’t speak about country’s with no influence or power whatsoever compared to places like Russia
2019-01-17 16:51
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
"country's" LMAO NA education doesn't even speak perfect English
2019-01-17 17:42
Autocorrect my friend
2019-01-17 18:02
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Said every1 who doesn't speak perfect English
2019-01-17 18:03
Norway NoregNik 
You're so uneducated that it's actually amazing. I mean... you're American after all, which is expected from you. Uneducated, ignorant and stupid.
2019-01-17 17:29
I’m afraid, you have been baited my friend
2019-01-17 18:03
Norway NoregNik 
Yeah "baiting" just to get out of the situation.
2019-01-17 18:44
me neither lmao
2019-01-17 07:50
gla1ve | 
Iceland mary69 
LMAO +999
2019-01-17 07:58
I love watching the CIS minor. Every major cycle there is always one or two new Russian plays who pop-up and turn out to be gods. Russia has a pretty big player-base but for whatever reason it never materializes into actual T1 CS teams. However, kinda wished they merged the CIS & Asian minors, e.g., Asia+NA CIS+EU.
2019-01-17 04:44
Italy InSuu 
2019-01-17 04:57
He's talking about CIS minor. Na`Vi have never played minors.
2019-01-17 16:17
Zeus | 
Latvia shtx 
2014... ESL Katowice... NaVi was taking part in CIS minors...
2019-01-17 17:16
Valve added minors in 2016.
2019-01-17 17:31
Minors were introduced in 2015, before MLG 2016.
2019-01-17 17:34
Good little fella! And though I agree with the most comments, I feel proud when somebody speaks good of it.
2019-01-17 05:00
hooch | 
Russia c0ldl3ss 
Their problems is lack of IGL,just bunch of good aimers. Sad tbh =/
2019-01-17 08:02
yea and cuz they are russians they wont ever achieve anything
2019-01-17 16:16
hooch | 
Russia c0ldl3ss 
that's a little bit harsh,don't u think?
2019-01-17 16:20
Russia skipster 
Dosia 1 major ENCE 0 major cry is free
2019-01-17 16:23
gambit not russian
2019-01-17 16:24
Russia skipster 
i mentioned dosia not gambit, fatass
2019-01-17 16:26
say top500 finn
2019-01-17 17:51
Estonia LKWD 
How is gambit not a russian org? Created from a russian LoL team (Moscow 5) by a russian (Konstantin "groove" Pikiner) who is now the CEO of Gambit Esports.
2019-01-17 18:03
Italy InSuu 
??? Reply needs to have actual content
2019-01-17 18:37
what is cis minor? some sort constellation?
2019-01-17 05:46
Yes it is in the Dog Shit Nebula, in the Trashteamian arm of the Milky Way
2019-01-17 16:25
Then the eu minor would be even harder
2019-01-17 06:54
s1mple | 
Russia foggy54 
I agree with topic starter, there should be a uniited EU+CIS minor for 16 teams and 4 spots for Major.
2019-01-17 07:07
2019-01-17 15:56
Austrasia? R u retard?
2019-01-17 07:23
google autist
2019-01-17 15:53
They already have one (in Europe minor)
2019-01-17 16:11
Your mom is unnecessary.
2019-01-17 07:30
NA minor with TeamOne that almost lost to OldGuysClub, pretty deserved spot lul
2019-01-17 07:40
OGC lost cuz they forfeited
2019-01-17 07:46
They lost it already
2019-01-17 08:05
Turkey CS omegalul
2019-01-17 15:53
i was talking about team1 not ogc. Also im fan of ogc too. Dont need to be triggered mr burger
2019-01-17 16:56
Cis minor teams achieved more than NA minor teams tbh. Gambit, Vega, spirit, qbf and avangar is going to be the next. The Asian minor is much worse, but the fact that they spots at the minor helps developing the scene
2019-01-17 07:55
2019-01-17 15:54
c9 didn't excatly come from the minors... Even if they had participated in a few due to some slumps, they've been in the top15 for years.
2019-01-17 16:58
but the cis is not the continent... they should compete in the asian or european minors like they do in all the other tournaments
2019-01-17 16:16
the eu minor is stacked enough this way, they would never have the chance to show their potential. The CIS scene has been pretty isolated from eu in CS' history, mostly because language and communication has a much bigger role than in normal sports
2019-01-17 17:00
who cares??? they are a part of europe and asia, so they should play there... there is no need for a cis minor.... they are not isolated. as i said they are playing all the other european tournaments... and please don't come with some european minor is too stacked shit. whats next? a scandinavian minor? or a balkan minor?
2019-01-17 17:08
and why the fuck do you mind if they have a separate minor or not? Their teams have gone far so they deserve it. You can't deny that it's exciting to watch that cis team that does better than people expect them to do at every major. And in many cases there are cis qualifiers for other tournaments too.
2019-01-17 17:25
because it does not make any sense to host a cis minor.... jeez
2019-01-17 17:27
Russia fan_of_n0rth 
nt burgers lul
2019-01-17 07:59
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
Nt burgar
2019-01-17 08:03
too small xddddd russia is part of cis, na dumbass
2019-01-17 16:03
Ukraine JShepard 
right, poor federation and poor-CIS don't deserve its own minor
2019-01-17 16:04
+1 flag checks out
2019-01-17 16:08
Russia zbogus 
second best minor but ok
2019-01-17 16:15
why dont they play the european or asian minor?
2019-01-17 16:15
Ukraine RunningNAil 
If we count Ukraine as a part of CIS Gambit - PGL Krakow Major champions Na'Vi - 3 second places in Majors Flipsid3 - Making it into playoffs many time Vega So, yes CIS is really weak cs region, wasted spot I know this is probably bait, at least I hope so
2019-01-17 16:21
2019-01-17 17:07
imo CIS and Asian minors should be combined
2019-01-17 16:28
CIS players aren't shit at all. Many skilled players with lots of potential who deserve their chances to play in big matches to finally get recognized by better teams and orgs. And their teams aren't shit as well and they have already proven themselves.
2019-01-17 16:31
but yet they should play in the european or asian minor
2019-01-17 17:07
2019-01-17 16:34
Agree but NA minor even worse
2019-01-17 16:35
NA minor hahahaaha :D
2019-01-17 16:48
KK | 
Hungary icbad 
2019-01-17 16:57
CIS cs is a big trash
2019-01-17 17:41
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