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What Do You Believe? [strawpoll]
Switzerland sovereiign I'm just curious about this. Thanks for your vote.
2019-01-17 19:06
Switzerland sovereiign 
When you vote comment 'voted' so the thread remains seen. Otherwise I'll have to keep bumping it because once it leaves the front page it will be forgotten. Thanks
2019-01-17 19:09
Voted :)
2019-01-18 17:34
United States BubbleFlameszz 
2019-01-17 19:12
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
voted, what the hell is new age spirituality do i wanna know
2019-01-17 19:13
Switzerland sovereiign 
It started mostly in its modern form in the late 1800's by people who I will not name since I refuse to give them public notice. It's funny you haven't heard of it since it's the most promoted religion in the media and mainstream entertainment but mostly in a veiled and esoteric way. But even this isn't exactly true since it's very blatant in many cases as well. Most new-agers point to the Kabbalah and Zoroastrianism as their means for knowledge and inspiration. Many famous people have publicly endorsed Kabbalah the most famous of which is probably Madonna. But many many others are into it especially pop stars. The UN even has deep ties to new age spirituality with an actual branch devoted to its research and promotion.
2019-01-17 20:04
only retard believe in gods cus low iq axaaxaxaxxxaxax
2019-01-17 19:15
elemeNt | 
Mexico tscXvnx 
only retard with low iq totally denies the possibility of existence of any gods
2019-01-17 19:38
id prefer to believe in potential misconceptions of aliens to be gods rather than believe there's an omnipotent higher power tbh
2019-01-17 22:49
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I think the irony here is not respecting those who choose to stand by religion, therefore the "low-IQ" being your overall ignorance to disrespect that you choose to believe is "ret**dation". I don't believe in religion at all, yet people are allowed to live however they like without you referring to them as brain-damaged. They're good people, brilliant and unique alike yourself.
2019-01-18 02:38
wow now okay jonty you're being a bit too epic here 😎😎😎
2019-01-18 09:39
s1mple | 
United Kingdom ez4swag 
do you tip your fedora after every post you make? i can only imagine this is what you are like irl.
2019-01-20 02:18
Denmark potatomato 
I believe the old gods and the new
2019-01-17 19:17
f0rest and zywoo?
2019-01-17 19:44
Denmark potatomato 
Zeus and ropz
2019-01-17 20:02
i believe zeus slept with all female figures born in greece.
2019-01-17 19:19
Switzerland sovereiign 
The ancient Greek myths were esoteric stories meant to veil the truth in allegories to hide it from the profane masses who were unworthy of the truth since their natures were crude, debased, wicked, and slothful (their words, not mine). Plato and others wrote about this as did many of the early Christians (1st-3rd century) who were former pagans that had been initiated into the mystery schools and reveled their inner teachings.
2019-01-17 20:08
wait, i've read plato's republic 2 times and I haven't seen anything about their deities being mere "stories". they all believed in them right? or maybe republic is written that way because it's supposed to be in the form of a narrated debate between socrates and the sophists?
2019-01-17 20:47
Switzerland sovereiign 
Basically, they spoke about what they believed as truths in allegories without breaking character when it came to dealing with those they considered profane. They share them as if they believe them because they do believe what they represented and therefore it was not a lie to speak of them as real since what they represented was real and true to them. They never spoke openly to the profane/ignorant masses because they always considered it unwise to do so. There stance was only those who had proven their worth were permitted to know the mysteries of the universe. Pythagoras reportedly even made his students remain silent for 5 years before revealing the inner mysteries of his school. The thing you must keep in mind is most all these famous ancient philosophers had their own schools whose teachings were never made public and for anyone to achieve success in them they had to undergo very rigorous training and discipline before the mysteries were shared. There is even an ancient letter written by Alexander The Great to Aristotle where Alexander rebukes him for revealing too much in his public teachings and how he needed to stop because his power depended on this knowledge. So, it is important to distinguish between those who were initiated into the mystery schools and those who weren't. The way Greek, Roman, Babylonian, and Egyptian mythology is taught today is how it was taught to the masses back then. But everything I have said is well documented and many a source verifies it. And I don't mean modern sources but if you truly go back and start digging through their writings this theme comes up over and over again. And this wasn't just unique to the pagan schools but also exists within Christianity as there is a time in the Gospels when Christ was asked why he never spoke plainly to the people but always taught them through parables and allegories. Christ responded to his disciples saying "because it was not given to them to know the mysteries of God's kingdom because having eyes they see not, and ears they hear not, neither do they understand. Therefore I speak to them in parables". Also, the mystery schools are very much alive and well today. So, it's important to distinguish between the exoteric and the esoteric.
2019-01-17 21:10
Can't answer since I'm agnostic. I don't believe in God and I don't believe there is no god.
2019-01-17 20:06
Canada NabasKi 
Finally someone
2019-01-17 22:54
Czech Republic Rewask 
What if I believe in some kind of non-physical force having an affect on the Universe? And the 'spiritual' force does not have to be self-aware or even alive.
2019-01-17 20:07
Switzerland sovereiign 
I guess it is sort of like the theory of evolution, time, and chance coming together to create all things just as an aware God would but you've basically just eliminated the idea that something intelligent was behind the process. So the God would be the laws which govern the processes that created the world but it did so without knowing or of any consequence.
2019-01-17 20:12
Czech Republic Rewask 
Something like that yes. To make it simple I would say that there is a possibility that nature is a spiritual force without awareness of its doing. That's my point basically. Yeah it sounds very obscure, I know.
2019-01-17 20:14
Switzerland sovereiign 
2019-01-17 20:32
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
33 people are low iq people
2019-01-17 20:34
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
2019-01-17 22:50
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
I believe in the idea of Jesus and how he lived. Do sins day in and day out but have faith in good.
2019-01-17 22:50
Switzerland sovereiign 
The Bible says Jesus never committed a sin so how is it you say the opposite?
2019-01-17 23:58
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Jesus did party all day long with outsiders with a thief and people like that this can you read in the bible. Because Jesus believed "every black sheep he can lead to god is it worth to fight for. The good people already believed in God. There he had nothing to do. He lived a rockstar life. What do you think where comes the sentence "preaching water but drinking wine"
2019-01-18 01:20
Switzerland sovereiign 
I don't know where you got this view of the life of Christ but it's completely false. Jesus did not "party" or lead a "rockstar life". And the Bible never says "preaching water but drinking wine". The Bible says he preached to sinners and avoided those who thought they were righteous because they were really hypocrites but nowhere does it say he lived the life that sinners did.
2019-01-18 02:34
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
I don't know where you got your information but they are wrong. The Bible never said that quote yes but it is derived by it. He lived a life with sinners that is a difference. He saw their sins but he didn't care at all. He just said to them all day long how God sees this. And he joined a lot of parties and gatherings and He drunk a lot of wine. So he also enjoys it If you really think he was also a human. There always two parts about the bible that religious and the historical. You are totally on the religious path. But the last 300 years a lot of views have changed especially when you work historical on the bible. Theology is a complex study if you are openminded and not blinded by "Moses said this and it must be this way" even it is from a whole different time. I thought that is the difference between Islam and Christian that Christian more open-minded and take 2000 years old words and translate them into the year 2019.
2019-01-18 03:25
Switzerland sovereiign 
You have been completely deceived about what the Bible teaches and says about the life of Christ. I feel you have joined and/or are influenced by a new age church/teacher. There is so much wrong with the things you've said that it would require many words for me to fully expose all the errors. But I honestly don't have the will to undertake such a project at this time.
2019-01-18 17:33
United States Trump2020KAG 
Easiest straw poll of my life.
2019-01-18 01:25
Where is buddhism
2019-01-18 09:42
Switzerland sovereiign 
What would be a good description of Buddhism. I tried to phrase things in a way that covered all beliefs.
2019-01-18 17:25
Self enlightment i guess
2019-01-20 02:13
I believe in Slavic gods
2019-01-18 09:46
Estonia Mrkruvi 
No problem Mr medkit
2019-01-18 09:50
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