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Romania znajder_1major_niko_0majors 
hello, im going to the gym and i want to lose some weight, i have 98 kg am I want to lose 18-20 kg. What should I eat and dont eat? What should I do and not to do?
2019-01-18 03:00
B0b | 
Argentina SpongeB0b Calculate your macros/daily needed on app, you need to have a kcals deficit at the beginning and some good workout + cardio, no secret. Quit junk food and high sugar ones tho
2019-01-18 03:04
it s there a difference between kcals and cals?
2019-01-18 03:05
Canada NabasKi 
1000cal = 1kcal
2019-01-18 03:10
B0b | 
Argentina SpongeB0b 
it's a just an easier way to say 1000+ cals, like let's say your daily needs is around 2.5 kcal (2500) then you'll need to down it to 2.3 - 2.2 kcal and your macros are the carbs, protein, fat. So, for cutting you get your carbs down and increase protein and good fats up. Really, download the app it's really useful and it calculates everything to you.
2019-01-18 03:13
ty m8, ly
2019-01-18 03:15
Turkey Mikeup 
Eating is about calories. You can eat everything that low calories. And you gotta run so much. Run forest run. Jump rope if you can. It burns a lot calories. If you become stubborn about going to gym. It already will be addictive and you will get this. I guarantee.
2019-01-18 03:07
Sweden shonk 
low-fat food, low in carbohydrates, dont eat baking and everything made up of sugar (i mean candies haha) if u will eat boiled chicken, vegetables and stuff like that u will see the result preety soon. Its really hard to stop eating everything, especially sugar, so dont worry.
2019-01-18 03:18
Eat less, feel hunger every day you will get used to eat. Eat chicken, rice, vegetables . Don't eat bread, cakes. Quit sugar 100% Went from 25% body fat to 18% in 2-3 months
2019-01-18 03:24
Indonesia tjoeroed 
2019-01-18 03:30
mcdonalds breakfast burgerking dinner kfc supper ez -30kg per week
2019-01-18 03:33
kidding, btw how tall a u? mb 18kg even much if you close to 2m
2019-01-18 03:35
2019-01-18 14:31
Switzerland Schwandi 
2019-01-18 14:32
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